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  1. Time is running out, but at least we have Lar~Mia in HQ.

  2. Akrus

  3. That beard brings me nostalgia for ク リ シ ュ ナ Ⅱ
  4. Akrus

    Sounds amazing!
  5. Akrus

    Sounds good 👀
  6. I hate the outfit but I love the song.
  7. Their first single will be released on July 23 on digital platforms. https://linkco.re/sb5BtZeT?lang=en
  8. July is coming, IOLITE -アイオライト- 1st thing is coming too!

    1. evenor


      I'm so excited too!

  9. Akrus

    *video files with the Gothculture look*
  10. I liked it. Also, they've moved on to the next level of production, look, now there's a bed.
  11. Akrus

    WOW these titles! But this new image would be better related to his elusive song "Albinism"
  12. The next La'veil MizeriA release can be featuring Bad Gyal. 

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