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  1. Neigedesmannes

    Anything but deathcore
  2. Neigedesmannes

    either dir en grey or LUNA SEA...idk what would i do if you made me choose
  3. Neigedesmannes

    I feel like alot of indies vk bands now making music that is more technical, complex and require a very high level of skill diminishes the uniqueness factors of each band. Atleast to me, you can only play so fast and technical before it all starts to sound similar. It's not the complexity that i find less appealing but rather how each band is competing to sound the heaviest, most technical, etc. Like yeah that one guy is a hell of a guitarist, but so is the other guy who shows the same high skills. The older indies bands were more simple, they had less skillful players but their songwriting or just songs in general had a more personal side to it. It was naive but a naivety i could relate. The sound was more authentic, a sound that i can't class under a single genre. But maybe it's not because entirely of the higher competition nowadays, but rather the exposure to the popularity rise of djent/br00tal music from the west? And also the market and production of it has become more formulaic throughout the years compared to the 90s-00s bands.
  4. Neigedesmannes

    But atleast the wednesday frog is pretty cute.
  5. Neigedesmannes

    Welcome back to the jam 😉
  6. All hyped up to do some Luna Sea covers even bought a new virtual amp, webcam and speakers only to realize im absolutely terrible especially in front of a camera. Im no good at anything.

    1. Ultra Silvam

      Ultra Silvam

      It's okay, being in front of a camera takes time to get used to for everyone.  And it's especially weird seeing or hearing yourself, that also takes a long time to get used to.  If you bought all these things than it shows you have passion and determination to do what you want.  Don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure you have a lot of talent! 

    2. Neigedesmannes


      @Ultra Silvam Ahh thank you, often i get too high expectations too early and it leads to disappointment. I'll continue trying at it steadily. ^ ^

  7. Neigedesmannes

    Though its still much more legit than my attemps. I like it.
  8. Neigedesmannes

    I'd say Inoran and both Kaoru and Die but my self esteem tells me id just look like a clown if i tried any v-kei look in public.
  9. Neigedesmannes

    Come on guys, making VK outside of Asia is hard enough as it is. But seriously, I don't get the elitism towards western vk bands sometimes, yeah some are pretty bad like the Scandinavian ones, but this one has some legit Lareine/Kamijo vibes and i like that.
  10. Neigedesmannes

    I don't have much friends but i did show my best mate who's really into black and thrash metal some Gazette and Mejibray during highschool. Needless to say, he wasn't much into it. However years later i made him listen to Dir en grey's Gauze and he absolutely loved it! But i do feel you, it's quite lonely being a vk fan in real life, any other people i know cringe at the sight of japanese bandomen, and of course wouldn't give the music a chance. 🤧
  11. Neigedesmannes

    I thought the title was about Anti-Feminism the band at first.
  12. Pretty interesting! I'm curious about if there is a scene for this kind of music in Ukraine?
  13. How does he have so much budget for what he does? is it because his dad is musician, or does sweden have a big scene for visual rock?
  14. Neigedesmannes

    Nothing beats 90s-early 2000s kote kei for me.
  15. Neigedesmannes

    idk if this counts but i once read on wikipedia that DIO - Distraught Overlord's Mikaru once bit some guys' balls during a live.
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