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  1. Saishu

    This thread needs more ESSENCE
  2. Saishu

    Which is a shame really, because those Issei songs would sound a lot better with their current mixing and Hiroshi’s classier drumming.
  3. Saishu

    Yeah which Shin is that? Shin from Kagrra?
  4. Saishu

    I was wondering what Great Value Sugizo was up to.
  5. Saishu

  6. Saishu

  7. Saishu

    You stole my joke dawg
  8. Saishu

    I mean... all the make up and that lighting... it’s impossible to make any calls here. You know who looks awful though? Hyde.
  9. Saishu

    I honestly don’t see MUCC replacing him. They’ll probably get some session players. Hiroshi Sasabuchi maybe?
  10. Saishu

    This is nonsense
  11. Saishu

    How long before Shinya bounces from DEG?
  12. Saishu

    We don’t get stuff like this very often, and it’s usually slapped onto bonus discs for expensive editions of albums. DSS had some demo versions of songs too.
  13. Saishu

    You got two in less than a year. Don’t push it.
  14. Saishu

    You telling me shit like S and Erode are less boring than Dozing Green?
  15. Saishu

    Well it’s on their YouTube channel now.
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