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  1. Hi! I'm leaving the forum as well. Thought about leaving quietly -- and I did --, but the message @Peace Heavy mk II posted made me think otherwise. Sure there's quite a few people here that will celebrate not having to deal with me anymore and that's fine! But I'd rather focus on the fact that I've been here for 13 years and that leaving a goodbye note feels appropriate. I joined the forums when I was 16, only knowing much about VK, and I leave at 29, not knowing much about the current state of VK but knowing just enough about life and my personal boundaries to make me comfortable enough to realize I don't feel at home here anymore. And I used to feel like that for years and it sucks that this feeling has gone, but I suppose that was bound to change eventually -- and that's cool! Things change and end all the time. Anyway, I'm grateful for the few friends I made here throughout the years (y'all know who you are!) and for the countless downloads I leeched along the way. It was a good and entertaining ride for the most part. If any of you would like to stay in touch, I'm over at Twitter at @reomulus. See ya.
  2. saishuu

    y'all honestly? this song is fucking great
  3. saishuu

    pay your taxes x
  4. saishuu

    how else would you know your opinions are yours??
  5. saishuu

    as long as there are people buying them...
  6. saishuu

    Updated the original post with the new info, thank you!
  7. saishuu

    pour one out for image and their best song
  8. saishuu

    normalizou total. é bem desesperador saber que o número só aumenta e que o movimento negacionista é tão forte, mas né... não dá pra saber onde depositar esperança ahahaha e valeu, amigo! bom saber que tá tudo bem contigo também, se cuida!
  9. saishuu

    2 meses literalmente sem sair de casa, boa parte da família com o vírus, 16 mil casos + mais de mil mortes hoje no país... tá fácil não
  10. in all seriousness, this might be my second favorite album of theirs after cakera. it gets a little slow after REINCARNATION MORNING (I really really don't care for MOVE ON DARKNESS, it drags the album down), but it picks up very nicely again with MARK MARS. it took me a while to sit down and actually give Emadara a fair shot, but it was worth it. required listen for those interested in classic/old vk.
  11. A L K A L O I D C R U N C H
  12. I wrote in a status update a few days ago, but the chorus in 「悪人」is lifted directly from abingdon boys school's Nephilim. Here (timestamped):
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