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  1. zaa_zaa

    Man, I would looooooooove Lets to read everything here. That would be a ton of fun.
  2. zaa_zaa

    Well, it seems like there are two options who this person is: - a troll - a good one, btw, can feel the vibes of image boards like 4chan. - a completely ignorant fangirl who is obsessed with defending Lets. Gives me the vibes of that Irkutsk chick who managed to convince Dimlim to come to a town in the middle of Siberian nowhere. Regardless, I like how mods are generous enough to not ban a member who is not adding anything constructive to the discussion.
  3. The only song that comes to my mind is Mucc's "Memai" from their last album where there invited Hazuki from Lynch. What other songs do you know of that follow the template of {song title} feat. {artist name from some other band}? Why do you think it's not a popular move?
  4. zaa_zaa

    So, I had plenty of time in the last half a year to listen to the entire Dimlim discography and I came to a conclusion that I would have preferred their last album to come out as a 2-3 songs maxi-single. "What's up", "Tick-tak" and some other song maybe. Why? Well, Rijin was already a move into something not really metalcore or anything Dimlim used to be. And the two songs I mentioned above are sort of a nice continuation in that direction. BUT. The whole album on it's own is a mess. All of the other songs have no memorable parts whatsover. The only thing I can recall from other songs is Sho's whiny "for the future" outro from the same song. And it's not because other songs are with complex structure or "math-rock" (hell no) inspired that makes it difficult to memorize. It simply is an uninspired pile of garbage that Lets for whatever "essense"-tial reasons decided to release as an album.
  5. zaa_zaa

    D.I.D - Paranoid Personality Dimlim - Chedoara D.I.D - Providentia Nazare - Jingai Nocturnal Bloodlust - Best of Biosphia - Best Selection ClearVeil - Anthology The Black Swan - Ousia CodeRebirth - Catharsis Delacroix - Re:Do Dezert - Kanbai Ongen-shuu - Zantei-teki Okaruto Shuukanshi ② - The Gallo - Diavolo The Gallo - Lucifero The Gallo - Nero Kuroyuri to Kage - Hinikuna Tane no Hikutsuna Me Lynch - Best of Rands - Kyuu Aizu
  6. zaa_zaa

    It's not an achievement for a Japanese act to have a sold out in Brazil. First of all, Brazil is a go-to place for Japanese bands to go abroad along with SA - Jupiter is a recent example, Deathgaze made their last oneman tour in SA as well, and plenty of other bands. And plenty of non-vk bands go there as well. Secondly, one has to take into consideration the size of the venue. AFAIR, they weren't even remotely big. Thirdly, many people connected to the scene in some way would go to almost any show just because it's a scene band (assuming that they can afford the tickets). Don't forget that SA is a home for the majority of gaijin-kei bands. Futhermore, one Mexican venue sold like 20 tickets total and had to cancel the show? With Russia - the venue in Moscow is extremely small, I would say it could handle around 100 people max. And not so many tickets were sold within the first month according to my knowledge. As for them going to Irkutsk - this move reeks of desperation, because the organizer is a huuuuge Dimlim bangya based on her social networks. The point is as follows - Dimlim are not popular abroad whatsoever. Dude, even Nocturnal Bloodlust at their peak couldn't get many people to their gigs in Europe and many j-rock bands do not tour in Europe because it doesn't make sense economically. The only place that bands go to semi-regularely is SA, but it's only because they have some fandom there. And even Dimlim sold like 20 tickets in Mexico, lmfao.
  7. zaa_zaa

    I can't recognize his voice at all
  8. zaa_zaa

    The guy got married and disappeared. A typical case of a disappeared married/with a bangya knocked up bandmen. Exactly the same thing happened with the second vocalist of Deathgaze - he didn't come to their gig and next thing you know - there are pictures of his wedding
  9. So much better than "No problem at all" to me
  10. zaa_zaa

    Felt boring and uninspired. Maybe need time to digest it like their first mini. But atm it's the biggest flop of the year for me along with Dimlim's album.
  11. zaa_zaa

    Liquid's live performance
  12. zaa_zaa

  13. The cheapest PV by far I have seen in vkei. Better than Maria Cross, but not that far away.
  14. zaa_zaa

    What can I say. That's a piece of shit of a song. To be expected, frankly.
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