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  1. Kirito

    From what I understood it seems like he felt too much pressure in the band because he was unconfident as a drummer.. he felt he was not good enough.
  2. Kirito

    I really like their instrumentals, definitely something i could listen. But his clean vocals.. for me it seems out of tune most of the time
  3. Kirito

    with 50 % audience authorize at budokan ?
  4. Kirito

    I'm glad he will never read this thread because some comments here make me uncomfortable. After 23 years of activity in a band so productive, he deserve a little bit of respect. These 4 guys were one of the best band during live shows, it's not about being a " technical drummer " or things like that. It's about emotion and alchemy between members. And I think most people who have seen them live would agree.
  5. The lyrics are so.. boring omg x)
  6. Kirito

    Gackt is very talented but clearly he lost himself.. His YouTube channel is the good example of that. He became a boring Youtuber. Also I won't believe 100 % his words about Malice Mizer, the guy is way too self center, and I know from experience where it can bring..
  7. Some people said his voice is not as good as before. I totally disagree, he is amazing
  8. Kirito

    " they look half as plastic " is it a compliment ? ;o The song is very cool ! the synths melt very well very the guitars
  9. Kirito

    They are now on Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/130ZoQn895lFhrVpFBC0hI
  10. Kirito

    MUCC - Aoi Mori : I love how this song begin, it's almost impossible to not move your head when the whole band enter. Pierrot - Labyrinth : The live version they did in 2003. They don't overdo it, and i feel that's what make it emotional. It's original and elegant in the same time. L'Arc-en-Ciel - Kasou : Such a unique atmosphere, it makes me dream. Songwriting is outstanding. the Gazette - Kyuu ke hara : Power, emotion, production very impressive. girugamesh - Freesia : Vocal... is it possible to deliver more than this ? perfection to me There are many more... it was difficult to choose. I hesitate to put " Rentrer en Soi - Itsuwari no uzu " and " " 9goats black out - heaven ".
  11. You are right, If you don't have japanese blood you cannot make good music... Don't even try it 😅👌
  12. Kirito

    To be honest it's totally possible to sound correct with a drum machine (VST). Just you need to know how to program it, to make it sounds realistic. It's a bit time consuming, but definitely possible.
  13. Kirito

    If i understood well, this video only show the reharshal before the live
  14. Kirito

    He also has his own recording studio
  15. Kirito

    Without understanding japanese it's difficult to fully appreciate their channel : (
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