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    heaven in her arms will release their 3rd album on March 22nd, 2017. heaven in her arms / 白暈 ヘヴン・イン・ハー・アームズ / ハクウン レーベル:Daymare Recordings CD: DYMC-278 税抜価格:\2,400+税 2017/3/22 on sale tracklist: 1.光芒の明時 2.月虹と深潭 3.赦された投身 4.終焉の眩しさ 5.枷 6.円環を綯う 7.幻霧
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    About "Sin" (Ex SKULL Vocalist)

    SKULL was the peak of my VK fan-living life. They were the first band I actually collected their entire discography. But... this is just a theory. SKULL wasn't a short lived band. If I'm not mistaken, they started anywhere from 2002-2004 (2004 I believe but I could be wrong). So they'd been around for a while until there was a PSC hosted live with them and BORN. I only know this because they disbanded while I was following them very closely. Shortly after that live it was announced BORN would join PSC and SKULL would disband. I'm thinking they just kind of got tired of trying to score higher than where they were. So I think that live is what decided if they wanted to continue or call it a good run and move on. After SKULL's disbandment, all members except Sin went on as a support band for Igaguri Chiba. (Yomi from Nightmare who is ironically good friends with Tenten... who later formed MBHI with 3 former SKULL members. small world.) They did have the reunion live, but I'm convinced Sin has pretty much retired.
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    Their best album "THE BEST ’09-’17" will be released at 2017/03/08 [tracklist] DISC 1 01. Determination 02. BREAK THIS FAKE 03. Malice against 04. Punch me if you can 05. 銃創 06. T.Y.R.A.N.T 07. I-V-III 08. Sphere 09. GENESIS 10. V.I.P 11. VENOM DISC 2 12. Eveil 13. Calamity of Victims 14. DESPERATE 15. Strike in fact 16. Obligation 17. PROVIDENCE 18. FATE 19. Aster 20. Bury me 21. A bullet of skyline 22. A Day to re:member
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    Dr.歪 (Hizumi) will NOT depart at 2017/3/2. He will stay with the band until their last live before hiatus.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Dressing fancy for work~.
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    About "Sin" (Ex SKULL Vocalist)

    I'm not sure if you heard, but they did have a reunion live in December.
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    I finally got all my japanese releases up on my discogs profile. Holy shit was that a pain in the ass.
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    Well, at least they bothered to include new songs. Most bands don't do that with best of albums.
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    i hope when the countdown hits 0 they're gonna add akinori's face in the background in the style of this:
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    Your last music-related buy!

    From my bro @Danaothat was fast! Merci! Ryohei related <3 Random
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    tbh, VK has already hit that all time low in the 90s. It's popularity in Japan is debatable. As many others have noted, VK isn't totally obscure there (though I guess it has a bad rep, so many people wouldn't ever admit to like it) but not really as popular as it was. And no, I don't think Visual kei was always as niche as it is now in Japan. Back in the old times when VK wasn't such a widely used label bands of that caliber used to fill stadiums and had regular TV and radio exposure. There's a reason why some describe the early 90s as the band explosion era, particularity in regards to the Nagoya rock music scene. But yeah, those days are long gone. hell, most of us gaijin folks have no real clue about it, since the time we got introduced to Vk it was already old hat in Japan. You had to be there for yourself in the early 90s to really see and feel it – but how many foreigners, save for a few, had the privilege and luck? When bands like Luna Sea started to kick off and Malice Mizer rose to fame I was in friggin' kindergarten. Sure, I like to diss the modern scene a lot (because I simply don't like the type of music the bands are playing now), but even I know that I am not a special snowflake and a "trvuer" fan. But to get back to the core of the thread: it's true that in the west VK has lost attention and Fans. people in this thread have offered enough explanations and hypotheses for it's fade in popularity. I am just here to give my two cents on the extinction of the local VK scene in my country (if you can even call it that way): As with others, it all started in the early 00s with the Manga and Anime boom. I really doubt any one in Austria and Germany could have known about VK without either moving to Japan, getting introduced to it via websites and communities specializing in Glam- or Japanese rock or Anime/Manga. Most of us peeps were too young and too poor to go to Japan and most of us had no internet at home. So that leaves us with Manga and Anime. I remember I used to buy these Anime magazines of which there were plenty on the market and many of these papers tried to market japanese culture to us impressionable youths. So they had lots of articles about japanese food, society and of course music. And some might also remember that Neo Tokyo's (a japanese Manga store in Germany) founded their music publishing label (?) Gan-Shin, which brought to us some of Dir en grey's discography. Only shortly after (or before? I don't remember that well) they started playing in Germany. And as stated before in this thread, due to the Anime fad being so closely related to the J-Pop and VK boom many Manga/Anime Conventions went a great deal to get some bands, including bloody the Gazette, to play at their conventions. And it was a self fullfilling cycle that simply worked: people got to japanese music via Anime and Japan culture based media, they participated in local communities; these were lured to leave their money at the conventions and these in turn invited bands to play to bring in the fans. Then there were online communities like Animexx, where we weebs gathered en masse and talked about our bandomen all day and night, spent all our time drawing and writing shitty slash fanfics and Mangas. It was like paradise. But yeah, around 2009 the German and Austrian scene started to crumble like an old ruin. Suddenly all the people crazy about Moi dix Mois (of which there were MANY here. They even called it a "Manamania") switched from VK to JPop and what they deemed "more sophisticated" music. They also sold all their previously well treasured Moi-Même-Moitié dresses and Sexpot Revenge clothes to go either "normie" or "gyaru". I noticed weblogs of people who loved VK previously popping up with lamentations about how stupid they were for liking it, that it was just a phase and that VK is actually really dumb and shitty. And of course there was also the huge amount of people bickering about how the post 2009s scene wasn't as good. Tbh I can kinda related to it, because in that timespan I also stopped giving shit about newer bands. But I still like to listen to my oldies. Many others for whom it was really just a short fad, stopped caring about it entirely. Indeed, Social media and the way we consume media and music today, compared to ten years ago, factor in this as well. But the once really big German-speaking scenes, which were infamous enough to be featured regularly in sensationalist TV formats and press, already died before all these changes could have affected the decline of interest in VK. The truth is simply that liking Visual kei was a fad and it's success in the western world a short-lived hype. Most people have since moved on or hopped on the newest trendwagon. And if I am honest: I do not miss it. I think it's just fine if VK stays obscure. I have moved on and no longer care about old skewl VK being dead. As already said, many music scenes have died and never came back, and that's a fate you have to accept . Though I disagree with the notion that the current goth revival is so bad. It's not the same as the 80s, sure, but it has some fun and redeeming qualities and it's not mainstream. So, if it comes back, it will probably never reach it's former glory. And that's okay too. A friend of mine also once said that certain eras of VK needed a certain Zeitgeist. And that Zeitgeist is just strongly tied to that specific era. If that era is over than the atmosphere that made it special in the first place is gone too. Hence some of those old music styles no longer work outside the context of so called retromania. Of course, VK has the benefit of being a patchwork genre, it can and has to adapt to survive and it will probably carry on existing in some way (or will influence something else that exists in the future). But it will never be the VK we used to fall in love when we discovered it (and that counts for all eras). I also do not think I ever want the local VK scene being as big again, because I remember that it was mostly a large collection of the most immature, hysterical and downright creepy individuals I have ever seen. Some of these self-called "Visus" looked cool, but were really uncomfortable to surround you with.
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    it is announced at NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST one-man live tour "VANADIS" tour final at EX THEATER ROPPONGI at 2016/05/22 that their best album (title not yet finalized) will be released in 2016 winter, although details have not yet been announced they will hold their European live tour "DEIMOS" since 2016/07/15 and up to 2016/07/24 btw they will hold their one-man live tour "DEIMOS" since Shibuya club asia at 2016/09/03 and up to TSUTAYA O-West at 2016/12/03, their mobile member-limited Xmas live "Merry Fxxkin' Xmas." at Shibuya WWW at 2016/12/25, their countdown live "HAPPY HELL YEAR!! 2016-17" at Harajuku ASTRO HALL at 2016/12/31 and their one-man live tour final at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST at 2017/04/01
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    Originally Dr. Hizumi would have left the band at 3/2. However because leaving a band is selfish and a the upcoming birthday gig of Inori, they decided that Hizumi would be a part of the band until that gig at 5/24. After 5/24 the band will go temporary on a break. ____________ Let's hope that it is really only going to be temporary (^_^)
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    Scarlet Horizon (metalcore/deathcore visual kei band from China)'s vocalist ZERO will depart the band due to undisclosed reasons. They are currently searching for a new vocalist.
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    Time to pack it up and leave MH. Reddit is the future, I guess.
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    Hello and thanks for existing

    Hi everyone. I say "thanks for existing" because it's really neat for me to see so many people together who share my interests. It's totally out of my comfort zone to go about and do this as I am a "suffer in silence" type, but I thought it was about time I try to reach out and get more involved in this music scene, maybe make a friend or two with similar interests. But if not it's okay, I just like reading what you all have to say anyway. I am from a tiny town in the South of the US, so I haven't gotten the chance to see many bands live or meet people who even like this kind of music. I've been listening for about 10 years, though I stopped a few years ago after Vidoll disbanded (my favorite band back in 2011, though now I see it was just because my teen self was infatuated with Jui, lol. still am tho) and I have been listening again since last April when I saw The GazettE live. I've never tried to socialize online with other VK fans until now, I don't really know why. But here I am! I like everything from oldies like Luna Sea, Buck-Tick, Malice Mizer, Aliene Ma'riage, Baiser, to bands like DaizyStripper, Matnerou Opera, etc! ! Ive recently gotten back into the scene and I'm discovering the potential of newer bands like Arlequin, xaa-xaa, Jiluka, HOLLOWGRAM, and beyond. If you have any recommendations I'd love them as well. Well thanks for reading and I'll try to make my voice heard here! Nice to meet you all.
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    Their new single "今年も春が希望という名の嘘をつく" (Kotoshi mo Haru ga Kibou to iu Na no Usowotsuku) will be released at 2017/04/05 (2 types) Limited edition (2160 yen) will include CD and DVD Regular edition (1944 yen) will include CD only [CD tracklist] 1.不機嫌 (Fukigen) 2.冤罪ブルース (Enzai Blues) 3.半透明 (Hantoumei) 4.不機嫌 (Fukigen)(off Vo.) 5.冤罪ブルース(Enzai Blues)(off Vo.) 6.半透明(Hantoumei)(off Vo.) [DVD tracklist] 1.不機嫌 (Fukigen) (PV) 2.OFFSHOT
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    About "Sin" (Ex SKULL Vocalist)

    Do you still have this and can you share?
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    RAZOR new single release

    嫌、嫌、嫌。sounds very BORN like
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    About "Sin" (Ex SKULL Vocalist)

    Yeah I'd like to know something about this to. SKULL were actually really great now that I'm thinking back on it.
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    MERRY - Zetsubou, Zero, and Happy Life And the entirety of Megaromania's "Artistical Glint" :///
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    For my dears

    Left-handed visual kei musicians

    Katsura from Baiser/vinett is left-handed
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    i don't wanna be negative but honestly,the name " lack-co" sounds like another band with expiration date,and also i don't care much about Taira now that Razor has formed,my concern was only ex Skull and MBHI members,them are great musicians.
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    DAMN DAMN DAMN holyshit!! sound as good as deviloof,thank u ...i think we all should look forward more All Must Die stuff on net
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    Show Yourself (again)

    o hi bb
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    Show Your Desktop

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    idt a normie officejerb sarariman will hold his position for much longer in the unfortunate event of getting caught with meth or weed. ~antisocial behavior~ consequences probably have more to do w. major label's loss of face in media (jinkaku radio got cancelled swiftly after a relatively innocent snide comment on some aidoru hussie) lynch. potentially would get away with akn's antics if they were signed to kenzi's independent label for example or even firewall div., but they'll get way less money from having a permanent indie career. they downshifted from universal (that didn't help shit with their sales anyway) to firewall div/free-will first tho, and had two (?) more full albums before going on a break.
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    Kyo's mode of UROBOROS look has been on point.
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    His voice isn't TERRIBLE but I don't think he should try singing anymore, lol. His voice doesn't fit his own music.
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    Last Thing You Bought

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    Limited edition cover: Regular edition cover:
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    Hey there

    I've been lurking off and on around here for a while now, and I figured I might as well finally make an account and at least post a little bit. In a nutshell, I'm primarily a fan of metal and rock and in the past few years I've gradually shifted over towards Japanese music as I've personally felt modern western bands were just not quite up to par. I wouldn't say I'm specifically a fan of VK, but there are plenty of VK bands that I love (Kuroyume obviously would be one of them). Anyways, hi everyone!
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    NEW BAND "One thing" has formed

    nope it means as of 2/4 they're working towards the release of their 1st full album
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    I can't believe he had that much shit music out already, I don't recognize 4/5 track names off that first CD. yaaaaay @ ghouls, be apparitious wrapping this mess up. so, like, one good song out of 30+
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    it's not obvious but baroque's singer, ryo, has stated before that he's left handed
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    If there's no thread here, that implies no one cared enough to listen to it. I don't want to speak for everyone on this forum, but YOHIO isn't popular here for many reasons and opening discussion won't make him more popular. Some just hate because he's living the dream. Others hate because he sounds like a transplant of poorly-done visual kei (note NOT a poorly-done visual kei transplant; if he actually sounded decent he might have fans). For me, it always seemed as if YOHIO wasn't popular more so because he took the rose-tinted glasses off the scene so we can see what caked-on foundation and desperation looks like and less because he sucks musically. The man can shred a guitar, select western audiences are becoming slightly more receptive to less traditional metal aesthetics, and I've heard worse visual kei bands stanned for less. Seremedy was hot garbage and I'm glad that's gone, and whatever side project that spawned off of the four leftover members is equally as irrelevant, but DISREIGN is proof of western scenes willing to accept visual kei for me; it's a budget The GazettE clone but no one minds because they're palatable enough to get by. consider this my mini review of his entire career.
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    Songs you always have on repeat

    Lareine - Metamorphose I love this song and listen to it damn near everyday, multiple times. Especially now that I'm trying to tab it.
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    Pentagon (strangely referred to as Pentagon Japan in the video and site), has announced today that they will be joining the guest lineup for A-KON 28, which will take place June 8th through the 11th at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, TX.
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    CREATURE CREATURE new album release

    If you paid closer attention to certain works by Dead End (MORRIE) or even La'cryma Christi's instrumental craft as we speak (Hiro) as cases in point, you may notice that balls-to-the-wall progging is not a whole new ballgame to them necessarily (note: except for Shinobu, every face in CC has a HUGE record in regards to project participations) (as @emmnynoted already, I also hear Hiro's good ol' trademark dissonant riff-o-ganza* here as well - always welcomed frill in their songs :))
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    No, do it. You need to experience this. It's unbelievable. I mean, this isn't just like "meh these guys aren't anything special", this seems like a band actively being terrible on purpose.
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    tbh I sometimes think someone offered sadie members a modest retirement pension just to prevent them from releasing more crap ~in tha universe~, but by some wicked reason those two lil shits never settled
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    The Benjamin new album release

    [tracklist] 1.BEGIN -不幸のドン底から奇跡の大逆転の始まり- 2.ブラシ 3.バスタオル 4.ブロックショット 5.ベイクドチーズ 6.ベーゼ 7.Brick 8. BATTLE FEVER 9.ブーメラン 10.バッチグー! 11.バスストップ 12.バトンタッチ
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