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  1. catborja

    I was not interested in DIMLIM until I heard "Rijin". That single moved me a lot. When I heard that two members were leaving, I feared for the band. Now, with this album, I am expectant. "What's up?" Come back with that feeling that Rijin left me, and that's very good. I will give an opinion when I hear it.
  2. The limited edition is very expensive. We will probably never listen to this edition because I don't know anyone who would be able to pay for such a thing. LET'S CRY!
  3. catborja

    Aie has announced new goods and re-edition of album "SiteOfScafFold"
  4. catborja

    - track 12 "Shizuka no Umi", from the single Silent Noise
  5. catborja

    that announces a hiatus with CREATURE and not with DEAD END worries me. at least, we have Morrie: /
  6. catborja

    kamijo and versailles are Indies since 2017, when they only release Dvd's and cd's with Chateau Agency.
  7. catborja

    Great news!!!!
  8. I don't understand all the changes of lineup. I fan of Aie, but in this band....
  9. Kamijo's wteet: In the recording of "PANTHEON -PART2" the new Matenrou Opera album that goes on sale on November 15 in celebration of the 10th. anniversary, I participated in the choirs of "覇道 の 火 よ" (Hadou no hi yo)! The day I returned from South America I went straight from Narita to the studio, there was a triple voice!
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