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  1. Sakurai-san

    I hope they're good, the concept is interesting indeed!
  2. Sakurai-san

    awesome previews ❤️
  3. It seems like they're trying to put together the two different style they used in the past. Btw I think I'll wait for the full version to judge.
  4. I like the new look, I hope we'll get a preview asap.. I'm really curious to know how they'll sound this time
  5. Sakurai-san

    I like their new pv! The song is really good^^ Sameee... I only have Tabetai so it would be a good idea to buy their collection album but still, it looks so cool..
  6. Sakurai-san

    I love it! Everything they've done so far is fantastic!
  7. Sakurai-san

    wonderful look! Hope they sound good
  8. Sakurai-san

    Everything sounds great!**
  9. ^^^ THISSS. Love this style! Gonna keep an eye oh them ~
  10. Sakurai-san

    This is so bad..
  11. Sakurai-san

    damn they're good <3
  12. Sakurai-san

    This is so goooood.
  13. Sakurai-san

    Always excited when it's something coming from them *^*
  14. Sakurai-san

    Nice look I really hope it sounds good ! ^^^ THIIIIS
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