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  1. "Announcement of postpone: LUNA SEA -RELOAD- Saitama Super Arena We are sorry to inform you that the LUNA SEA -RELOAD- concert at Saitama Super Arena, scheduled for today and tomorrow, December 26 and 27, has been cancelled. Shinya (Drums) tested positive for the COVID-19 this morning, and as a result, we have decided to postpone two shows. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to our fans who were looking forward to this shows. ---------- Shows to be postponed  LUNA SEA -RELOAD-  Saturday 26 December 2020 Saitama Super Arena Sunday 27 December Saitama Super Arena ---------- Please keep the tickets as tickets you have now will be valid for the substitute shows. Details will be announced on the LUNA SEA official website. Shinya will be under observation for recovery in accordance with the instructions of the public health center and medical institutions. All members and staff will be taking further measures to prevent infection in order to prepare for the future performance. Once again, we would like to show our deepest apologies for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding. LUNA SEA -RELOAD- Executive Committee" source
  2. jon_jonz

    Leetspeak monsters / undeux / 31-8520 Ainne Feria DAUTO METRONOME/Sharaku Kobayashi/RIU/ADAPTER。 DEVILbarat's / gaizao / たまにこうじ【雪】 Lc5 THE GENIUS ORCHESTRATION GAUZES LUNA SEA GOTCHAROCKA Psycho le Cému MonstlloW HOWL Jin-Machine SHIVA regene EXDEATH Liberal TaJI(Rides In ReVellion) Kokusyoku Sumire
  3. They performed this new song live in the latest gig they streamed, which I posted here
  4. jon_jonz

    They performed this new song live in the latest gig they streamed, which I posted here
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