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    It is a strange one, I mean I have paid good money for rarer items and stuff but sometimes you have to wonder where the line between dedication and dumb actually is....
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    Serenity In Murder 4th album "REBORN" will be released at 2021/02/10.
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    Best J-rock Albums 2010 - 2020!!!

    A decade ended, and a new one began this year. I don't think we've had this convo yet, so what are yall favorite J-rock albums from the decade of 2010 to 2020? You can list your favorites, and you can also list albums that you simply think stand out or are at least worth a listen for J-rock fans in general. I need to think on this, so i'll come back and share my favs/best later.
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    How many of you are pursuing a music career or are/were in a band?
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    Help choose the theme for the next trade off! Also feel free to suggest some others, however the one with the most votes will be the theme for the upcoming December music trade off. Please try to vote only if you plan to participate. For new comers, a trade off is a forum wide event where participants are paired up and deliver a mix tape centered around a theme to each other. (it's a lot of fun and a way to share the music you love, pls feel free to join) Poll closes in a week.
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    My name is soleil my genetic structure consists of French fries and fish and chips currently I live in England I have a photo when I was 18 yo but I still look much the same https://ibb.co/rQqxfp9 I came here to widen my collection so I hope you'll help me
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    You know, I thought you were all kidding... Gackt is a Youtuber. What the actual fuck.
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    sukekiyo - Immortalis sukekiyo - Vitium sukekiyo - Adoratio sukekiyo - Infinitum (I’m sorry but they are amazing) Dir en grey - Arche Dimlim - Chedoara Creature Creature - Phantoms Buck-Tick - Atom Miraiha No. 9 9Goats Black Out - Tanatos 12012 - The Swan
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    @CAT5 @ghost @monkeybanana4 could I interest you in a trade-off? ^__^
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    faves of the decade? or maybe new-years- new-hope type of deal Either way, I am in. Haven't been in one for a while.
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    I'm so glad that Gotcharocka has been active through all of this. My boys uwu
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    of all interviews by vkgy and jrocknroll which ones are your favorites? https://monochrome-heaven.com/forum/63-interviews-live-reports/
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    There will be an mini album or album soon. pre-release is on December 16th I believe, but tracklist unknown.
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    ghost's drawings

    don't know if i said this before, but i really love your simple and clean style! looking at your art feels very refreshing~
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    "VIOLET MOON" members: vo.SHINO gt.KOU gt.琴音(Kotone) ba.JIMMY VIOLET MOON 「血塗れピエロのサーカス団」 8cmCD+DVD-R Release: 2020/11/30 TrackList: 1.血塗れピエロのサーカス団 2.inside eyes 3.誓い 
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    Dir en grey

    I would think they would announce a new single for next Summer or something by now since they are not doing much this year. But I guess not. And by the way, YouTube rqndomly reccommended me this video, such a walk on memory lane
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    random thoughts thread

    My reaction to regular human music perfectly summed up
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    Dir en grey

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    well, since they also lack an income, they are trying to get a few bucks this way
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    That's what i call Fake News Panic. They never said hiatus bitches they just want to know if they keep paused while pandemic is not over or they will restart lives activities. Why so much drama
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    well, after doing some digging here's the list i came up with, there were quite a few i had forgotten about. as always, i'm separating vk and j-indie. i surprisingly had a lot of s/t favorites on the j-indie end. 9GOATS BLACK OUT - TANATOS baroque - peur et puella baroque - sin division cocklobin - iris cocklobin - chronus Dezert - Title Nashi gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy - In incontinence the god and death stars - Dawn of the God (all of their albums were great but i prob listened to this one the most) Kannivalism - helios kebyou - dokushin my bacteria heat island - mimic Plastic Tree - Ammonite Plastic Tree - Ink ...silence - dreamer dreamer ...silence - psycho lens Asunojokei - A bird in the fault Asunojokei - Awakening Behind the Shadow Drops - Harmonic the dresscodes - s/t dummy-xD - s/t for example you sell the sea - s/t FOX LOCO PHANTOM - garden FOX LOCO PHANTOM - dare ga tame ni oto wa naru Ling tosite sigure - still a sigure virgin? Ling tosite sigure - I'mperfect THE NOVEMBERS - to (melt into) THE NOVEMBERS - Rhapsody in Beauty qujaku - pretty much everything by them PELICAN FANCLUB - s/t SHISHAMO - s/t THE TEENAGE KISSERS - Virgin Field World's End Girlfriend - Last Waltz edit: whoops, apparently got the year wrong on one of them....
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    Best J-rock Albums 2010 - 2020!!!

    Angelo - Psyche + their upcoming one is one of my most anticipated 2020 albums Duel Jewel - Story Mylene Farmer - Désobéissance Labaiser - Folklore Femme Fatale - Arcana Lycaon - Camera Obscura Under Fall Justice - 恨みに怨み Unsraw - Guilty Penicillin - Lunatic Lover Matenrou Opera - Helios Dexcore - METEMPSYCHOSIS D.I.D. - Providentia (2) Missa - 七つの大罪 Diaura - VERSUS Articlear - 黎明期の夢 Soan project feat. Akuta - all 3 minis for good skin idk
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    Best J-rock Albums 2010 - 2020!!!

    D.I.D - Paranoid Personality Dimlim - Chedoara D.I.D - Providentia Nazare - Jingai Nocturnal Bloodlust - Best of Biosphia - Best Selection ClearVeil - Anthology The Black Swan - Ousia CodeRebirth - Catharsis Delacroix - Re:Do Dezert - Kanbai Ongen-shuu - Zantei-teki Okaruto Shuukanshi ② - The Gallo - Diavolo The Gallo - Lucifero The Gallo - Nero Kuroyuri to Kage - Hinikuna Tane no Hikutsuna Me Lynch - Best of Rands - Kyuu Aizu
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    ALCYON is a Nagoya (名古屋) based visual kei band who formed in December 2017, and started activity in July 2018. They typically focus on heavy-toned music which contrasts beautifully against the high voice of vocalist Sera. They celebrate their second anniversary this July at Nagoya Fits ALL. Read on to learn about their two years of activity so far. It's a band who we somehow never really notice, however their music isn't bad at all and since last month we also can enjoy their music via digital platforms! So please check them out here! https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-alcyon/
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    My cheki of Mei came in today, definitely a few more sets I want to get, and I'll update the album when I do. Full album: https://sta.sh/21j561tvuh6l?edit=1 Some favs
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    Man there is so much harmonic content to take from MUCC. They are without a doubt the most prominent in the use of harmonic progressions in the whole scene. The use of diminished chords and wandering bass notes in this refrain is simply marvellous..
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    The last two chords that became somewhat a standard for MUCC after Gokusai came out. Sus4 -> Major Get's me everytime. They did wear it out a bit though.
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    You can take this as a rumor I guess but it actually happened. Whether the staff person who told us all this was telling the truth or not I don't know, but I don't really see why they would lie lol. This was over 10 years ago so I might have some details wrong but this is what happened to the best of my memory. So at Oni-con in Houston, TX in 2008 Dio -distraught overlord- and Sugar played. On Friday the bands played and on Saturday the bands were supposed to have Q&A panels and the Dio one went great, but the Sugar one kept getting delayed as we all waited outside the room for ages. A friend of mine and I started asking staff what was going on and this staff person for the convention started quietly telling us about the previous night and what was going on that day. Basically the night before, after the concert, the bands got really rowdy drunk and Loki (vocalist of Sugar) started causing all kinds of shenanigans and problems. They said he was flirting with male staff (really awkwardly because they were not reciprocating) and that apparently he forgot what hotel room number was his because he started walking around and knocking on every single hotel room door on that floor trying to figure out which one was his. ... Anyway, as if the staff's control of this situation couldn't get any worse, somehow Loki escaped before they had to do the Q&A and was apparently wandering around Houston and they had yet to find him. The panel ended up getting cancelled and the rest of the band apologized as far as I can remember. Not sure what happened after that. The whole thing was a messsssss.
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