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    Just follow https://twitter.com/JROCKNROLL_
  2. Where to find vkei news now like forum style.... MH was one of the biggest sources for vkgy... 

    1. Jigsaw9


      Not 'forum style', but I recently followed the Twitter of Visunavi + already following the bands I'm most interested in. I think that's a good substitute for now.

  3. Are there any smaller bands which I should try to interview? a band which people care for...?

    1. Axius


      for severe addicts only

      Dunno how popular they are but judging from the wix site not that popular.


      Also did Revive ever reach out to you about an interview its ok if they haven't they have been going threw a tough time. 

    2. BrenGun


      both are small... so maybe 50 people would read it.


      REVIVE never reached out. But if you talk a lot to a member, be free to recommend me.


      Even my beast interview was read badly, which I don't understand at all. 😑 


      and even cocoro auction(who have many twitter followers) isn't read by their japanese fans... they call temselves popular in Japan. but well fans didn't care to check the interview.

  4. READ: https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-cocoro-auction/ INTRODUCTION Please introduce each other. – 粟子’s introducing of the members: Ohno: A strong leader and a very stoic person. Tenmei: Serious but gentle. Ikawa: Natural and hot-blooded. – Ohno’s introducing of the members: Awako: All the members love his voice. Tenmei: Tenmei is someone who keeps on fighting now matter how difficult the circumstances are. Ikawa: He has a very unique sense of style. – Tenmei’s introducing of the members: Awako: He’s the face of Cocoro Auction. Ohno: A calm, cool, and collected leader. Ikawa: A soft but fair person. – Ikawa’s introducing of the members: Awako: If you have a problem, he gives you an enlightened message, like a Buddha. Ohno: If you have a problem, he will clear a path together to move forward. Tenmei: If you have a problem, he will be friendly and talk with you to support you. Some people don’t know the world of the Cocoro Auction, so please introduce the band in a fun way! Awako: The band expresses sadness and preciousness through music that allows you to see the world in a much more delicate sense. When and how was Cocoro Auction formed? Also, please tell us how you all met. Awako: The group was formed in 2011 by members of my university’s parlour music club. Rather than getting a job, we mainly gathered members who wanted to play music. Onno, our bass player asked us all “can we become a rock star?”. That’s how it all started. If you had to describe Cocoro Auction with one kanji character, which one would you choose? Awako: 風 (kaze,wind), Because our general aesthetic color is green, also we value music that has the sadness and preciousness of “the moment’ and shows their own worldview. So it feels like wind. It’s been a while since your last music video was released. Do you have any plans to release a new music video soon? Awako: We’ve already started working on a new album, and we’d like to make a music video for the release. However, we would like to make an experimental music video that is a little different from the band’s previous music videos. Why is playing a live show so important to the band? What makes it a fun challenge? Awako: What makes playing a live show important is because we can see with our own eyes the moment when our music is transmitted to the audience. The human touch, the sensation of mixing the sounds that sound, which is only unique to that moment of time, it has an irreplaceable joy, gratitude, and emotional excitement. How would you like to be supported by your fans? Awako: We would be very happy if you listen to our music. Also hopefully, we will be able to give our fans courage with the music we have made. CORONA Currently we live in the world greatly affected by the Corona pandemic, did you learn anything during this hard time? Tenmei: Currently we cannot release CDs and tour anymore like we used to. However, the four of us were able to reaffirm the ideal and importance of Cocoro Auction as a band. If the four of us are able to look forward to the future, then we can create a bright future through our music. Has Corona had any positive impact on Cocoro Auction’s? For example, close friendship with fans. Tenmei: Even though we are in this situation, we do various things such as live streaming, online distribution, music videos, sell goods etc, to keep in touch. Also we still receive messages via SNS from fans telling us that they enjoy our works. For those who would like to see Cocoro Auction in the future, we will continue to do our best to find comfortable places to make it possible. CONCEPT The new concept of Cocoro Auction is to “remind memories“. Please tell us why you did choose the concept. Ohno: After listening to the songs we’ve written so far, we realized that there was a common theme to all of them. We thought that this theme must be the one we wanted to convey the most, so we decided to put it together as a band theme. “Dream” is the keyword of the concept “remind memories”. What was your childhood dream? Awako: When I was young, I dreamed of taking over my family’s business. Before I formed the band, I wanted to be a teacher. Tenmei: My childhood dream was that I wanted to be a pro baseball player. Ohno: I wanted to be a farmer. Ikawa: I wanted to become a ninja and do cool mysterious moves. What is the true brilliance hidden in your daily life? Ohno: For example, there is the everyday life. It’s something you don’t take just for granted, but if you think of it, all kinds of coincidences and miracles have led to your present situation. Just by realizing this, I think you can feel that you are living in the present moment. Also your lifestyles have a story to tell. What’s the story behind this? Ohno: We don’t just create songs and present them, but we also tell people the reason why we decided to create that song, how we felt while creating them and what we think/feel about it when we completed a song, also how we would like you to feel our songs, we don’t hide anything, so because of that you can feel our world which we tell with our songs more deeply. Is there anything that has moved your passion so far? Ohno: All events related to Cocoro Auction have moved my passion. Just the four of us going into the studio and playing the songs together is very inspiring. Do you have any memories from your school days? Ohno: We met each other at university. I still remember the first night we went into the studio together to play. Do you have any memories or triggers that led you to Cocoro Auction? Ohno: Ever since I was in college, Awako and Ikawa have been very much in the spotlight as music players, and I always knew that if I was going to form my own band, I wanted to do it with these guys. PERSONAL QUESTIONS If you were to describe yourself using one of your favorite kanji, which one would it be? Awako: 和, (wa,harmony,Japan) I have a gentle personality that represents the feeling of harmony. I also like Japanese culture and food, and I am proud to be Japanese. Ikawa: 空, (sora,sky) The weather was really nice when I was answering this interview, so I saw the beautiful blue sky, and suddenly this Kanji came to my mind. Tenmei: 欲, (yoku, greed) Because without desire, there is no motivation. Ohno: 春, (haru,spring) The letters of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, represent the seasons and are all in a shape that allows you to imagine the scenery of that season, which is very nice. What made you want to be a band member? Awako: I’ve always loved music, but when I heard the Beatles, I was struck by them. I felt the power that only a band can pour out. Ikawa: I loved to play the drums. Tenmei: When I saw my favorite band live, I wanted to live like them. Ohno: I don’t have a particular motivation. I kept trying to get better at making and playing music, and so I became a band member. Being a band member is very difficult and not always easy. What are the biggest challenges of being a band member? Awako: One of the biggest challenges is to stay excited all the time. Ikawa: It is always hard to have new goals. Tenmei: The biggest challenge for me is when I try to create new good songs, and to hold down to the bands innercore together. Ohno: You can’t have a band on your own, so it’s to keep up your friendship. We are all smiling and we all smile at many things. So what makes you happy? What makes you smile? Awako: movies, anime, manga, games all let me smile, but in the end music saves me. Ikawa: Engaging in games and anime as a hobby. Getting compliments from people. Tenmei: I’m happy that I can still continue the whole process of making music, making it, delivering it from the stage, toasting when I got off the stage, and so on. Ohno: Drinking beer before going to bed. What is the best part of standing on stage and performing your songs to an audience? Awako: There are moments when you can affirm your existence, and you can feel the life you’ve been living in the songs and sounds. Ikawa: To be able to sway the emotions of those who watch us, either yin or yang, through our own sound. Tenmei: The best thing is being able to directly convey your feelings for the song you made and what you want to convey now. The fun memories of a live show will maybe be the lifetime memory of a person’s life. Ohno: The ability to feel the reactions directly. It makes me very happy if I play a good show that I get a good response from. Are there any challenges you face when you perform a live show? Awako: Sometimes I’m worried if I can convey the message I put in the song and the emotions I put in the live. Ikawa: There’s a challenge on how to overcome the tension from playing live. Tenmei: To take care of your body and physical condition. Creating the set-list and how we wish to present our show. Ohno: It takes a lot of preparation to play live, so the challenge is to be able to enrich your ideas at the preparation stage. What is your biggest inspiration for making music? Awako: When I relax in nature or hear the sound of rain or wind, a melody often pops up. Ikawa: It’s fun to see myself coming up with a banging phrase! Tenmei: My biggest inspiration for making music is drawing from the essence of my favorite musicians. Ohno: Everything is inspired by feeling emotionally rich instead of just passing through what you feel in life. Where is your favorite place to write a new song? Awako: Park benches, baths. Ikawa: In front of my drums. Tenmei: When I’m thinking about arrangements, I spend time in my work room with a cup of coffee. Ohno: Home Studio. On September 9th you released your 5th mini album Memorandum. How is it to see the CD in a music store? Awako: I’m really happy about it. It’s really exciting to see someone buy our material at the store when I am around too. Why did you choose the title “Memorandum” for your mini album? Awako: I wanted to make an album that would remind us of the important feelings that we’ve forgotten without directly acknowledging it. How was the recording of “Memorandum”? Have you faced any problems? Awako: It was difficult to give some of the songs the right feeling of expression. Ohno: The song, “贈り歌”, was a real challenge to arrange. Even after the recording, some parts had to be rethought, so it took a time to complete. https://open.spotify.com/album/23of7MUWS6rZ1v4VZtbXIA In one short phrase, what is the concept behind each lyric of “Memorandum”? 手作り飛行船 → The Beginning of Dreams. ロックスターに憧れて → The shock and gratitude for meeting the sound of rock. 贈り歌 → A teacher’s graduation song for students. ミルクティー → The Sparkle of Youth. 少し長い話 → The connection between scenery and emotions Please tell us about the “Memorandum” jacket. What is the idea behind the jacket? Awako: I was conscious of expressing the theme of the album, “how I felt back then,” in a fantasy design. GOODS I’ve heard that your official merchandise is very unique and includes many different items. Can you give us some recommendations for what you think are the best? Ikawa: Everyone would say “Everything”, but I recommend “the pencil with our logo”. I love the atmosphere of the merchandise, it’s very nice. Who is the designer of the merchandise? Ikawa: I try to ask people who match the world I want to create. Recently, I’ve been asking Masashi Namihira, who also designed the album jacket. How do you decide what type of merchandise to sell? Ikawa: As a band, we met and came up with ideas for the songs to be released and for the overview of the album as a whole, from our inspiration and views of the album, we create merchandise that connects with our view. How do you link the music to the atmosphere of the merchandise? Ikawa: We create merchandise that matches the lyrics and the message we want to convey through our material. The most popular goods are the “OFF Tumbler, Yorimichi bag, Milk tea and Handmade light bulb stands”. They have been sold out, but are there any plans to resell or sell similar products? Ikawa: If there is a very strong demand, maybe we will consider selling these products again. When will the new merchandise be available? Ikawa: The new merchandise will be available in early 2021! Is it possible for overseas fans to purchase directly from Cocoro Auction? Ikawa: We have a webshop that we manage directly, so you can buy goods from there! you also can buy or stream our music via digital sites such as itunes and spotify. 「COCORO AUCTION Online Shop」 https://ccrumbrella.thebase.in/ 「サブスクリプション」 http://LDK.lnk.to/cocoroauction *note; their base shop is Japan only, I recommend to directly contact them if you want to buy something. Final Questions What is the ultimate goal of Cocoro Auction in the future? Ikawa: The ultimate goal for us is that the music and things we create become a lasting part of your life. Please give a message to your fans and readers. Ikawa: Please support us if you are interested in the music and the world view that we make!
  5. Happy Birthday.. are you even still around?! 

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    LOUDNESS date_range 12.11 (Fri) 19:00 ⇨ 12.14 (Mon) / ライブ配信:12/11(金)19:00〜 / アーカイブ視聴:12/14(月)23:59まで https://loudness.zaiko.io/e/extheaterroppomgi
  7. Meet RotM, you may know him from the short living band “Sarcastic“, who sadly never released anything, however because of “Sarcastic“” we noticed RotM and so we started to follow him. A few years passed, some information has sadly swapped from the internet and at the begin of this year, I noticed that RotM started a new solo project named “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)”. Which everyone should check out. Due corona “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)” couldn’t make it’s stage debut earlier, however on December 16th RotM will perform as “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)” at 下北沢WAVER. If you are unable to watch the live show at the venue, you will be able to watch the live via a twitcast live stream for only 1,500yen. https://twitcasting.tv/c:waver_livehouse/shopcart/31484 Next year, a full and longer interview will be published on JROCK’N’ROLL!! Be sure to check it out too!! https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-rotm-kuroi-senkou/ RotM, thank you very much for this interview. Some people don’t know the world of “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)”, so please tell us some words about the solo project. With 黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou) I would like to try out new things, such as some musicality things which I have developed though my past band activities. Also I would love to spread my music worldwide. Why do you think we should listen to “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)”? What’s unique about it that sets it apart from other artists? Visual Kei in Japan is mostly based on hard rock and metal, but 黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou) is based on EDM and psychedelic music. The visual kei death voices and shouts that I’ve developed over the years of my career are added on top of that, which I think is interesting. What kind of EDM music can we expect, dance music as we know from the famous DJ (club) songs, or more to the cybergoth style? I guess it’s close to cybergoth, but honestly, it’s not really clear which genre it belongs to. To my next releases I would like to add some psychedelic elements. Please tell me why you became a singer. When I was a child I admired Hyde from L’Arc~en~Ciel. Until now it was always unclear that ALMA was formed by you and takuma (ex.ジルドレ(jilldre)). However, what made you decide to continue solo under a new name? And not just continue alone as ALMA? ALMA’s musicality is finished. So I started a solo project to try to do something I wouldn’t do with ALMA. Why did you decide the name “黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)” and RotM”? Please tell us the origin and meaning. 黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou)” can be seen as an element of Visual Kei, such as Gothic, etc. So I’ve put the two words “黒い (black)” and “閃光 (flash)” together in order to make an impact on the world. RotM is an acronym for a SM-themed project I did a few years ago. On December 16th an live event will be held, which is sponsored by you. Why should people come to your show? https://twitcasting.tv/c:waver_livehouse/shopcart/31484 I want you to feel the emotion, shock and madness that a CD alone cannot convey. The show will also be streamed (via twitcast). Why did you decide to also air the live via twitcast? I have chosen a form that would allow fans who could not come to the venue due to the effects of the corona, as well as those from abroad, to watch the event. The other bands 夜櫻蟲學 (YOZAKURA CHUGAKU), HITOMI, 水鏡響 (Mikagami Kyou)& Tha pino noir。. Why did you decide to invite them to your event? 夜櫻蟲學 (YOZAKURA CHUGAKU) and Tha pino noir are my important seniors, so I decided to invite them. HITOMI, 水鏡響 (Mikagami Kyou) are our juniors, so I wanted to add some young people power to the event too. I see, anyway, what was your first encounter with them? Tha pino noir, has been in my life for a very long long time already. 夜櫻蟲學 (YOZAKURA CHUGAKU) We’ve known each other since we performed together at a live event in Tokyo a few years ago. HITOM I & 水鏡響 (Mikagami Kyou) We met each other on Twitter and their projects made me curious, so I asked him to join us. Your album GARDEN has been released for free. Can you give us a comment? GARDEN represents one person’s life. It overlaps with my own, and maybe with someone else’s. I hope you can relate to it, even if it’s just one song or one phrase. I’d be happy if you can sympathize with me, even if it’s just one song or one phrase. And I hope you can look forward to the beginning of a project called 黒い閃光 (Kuroi Senkou) Please tell us about the “GARDEN” jacket. What is the idea behind the jacket? The title of the album, GARDEN, means a garden. The jacket is a symbol of the happiness that the album’s protagonist sought at the end. In one word, what is the concept behind each lyric of “GARDEN“? Life What’s the power of live shows? I guess it’s the visual message of makeup, costumes, etc., and the shouting you experience with your full body. Please give a message to your fans and readers. A new world of a musician named RotM is opening up. Enjoy the new music that does not fit into the current Visual Kei scene. RotM Thank you very much! PART2 of this interview will be published next year on January 14th! Please look forward!
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    They always felt as a limited time band... Well their story really feels als they will born as humans, so we will see o.o
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    Haha, a good way to ask for attention. Good joke guys They stay an vkei band no worries
  10. https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-remaze/ RE:MAZE Thank you very much for this interview, Please introduce yourself with a few words to those who don’t know you yet. Kyosuke: I’m vocalist Kyosuke, you can call me the Jiro Visual Kei bandman. (I love to eat at RAMEN JIRO’S) riku: I’m guitarist Riku, I am an artist who loves curry! Toyoyon: I’m bassist Toyoyon! My future dream is to be successful with this band and to run a tapioca restaurant with the money earned from being successful! TAiKi: This is TAiKI on dums, I like fashion and I started to be a bandman to create my own fashion brand. If you would need to describe RE:MAZE with a single Kanji, which Kanji would you choose and why so? Kyosuke: 「変」 (Hen, change) → A band that keeps changing. Please also describe yourself with a single kanji and please tell us the reason. Kyosuke: 「挑」 (Challenge). The most important thing is to challenge yourself, challenge yourself to do everything! riku:「羽」 (Wings/Feather). I like the idea of being free. So I would choose my kanji to represent myself with “Wings”. Because I want to “fly freely in the sky”. (^^) Toyoyon:「甘」 (Sweet). I love sweet things! TAiKi:「耐」(Endurance). I believe that when you endure and overcome difficult things and defeat the face of adversity, you will be a little better off as a person than you are now. Please introduce each other, also please say something pleasantly fun about each other. Kyosuke: Toyoyon and I are the most positive people in REMAZE, and Riki and TAiKi are the ones who have negative energy. Riku: Everyone in the band are pretty decent people. (laugh) Toyoyon: Kyosuke to me has a real knack for speaking well, Riku is an individual artist, and TAiKi is a very good cleaner. TAiKi: Kyosuke has always been a Talker, Riku is very enthusiastic about walking, and Toyoyon is a Tapioca loving artist. What’s the reason why you wanted to become a bandman? Kyosuke: When I was a college student, I saw a live show of my friend’s band, and on that night I thought “This is such a unique sense of expression?!!”. Actually I was aiming to be a novelist, but that night gave me the thoughts that I might be able to express a story with music, so I moved to Tokyo and aimed to become a bandman. riku: After discovering Janne Da Arc, I longed to be a musician myself. Toyoyon: The reason why I decided to become a bandman was when when I was in highschool, I was invited into my friend’s band. TAiKi: When I saw the way that a band performs live for the first time live, the band that I saw live had something unique inside them which attracted me. What is the biggest challenge of being a bandman? Kyosuke: The biggest challenge is how much can you put your feelings and heart inside your music while performing live. In order for me to do that, I need to improve my musical abilities and accuracy as a vocalist. I want to ultimately get better at live performances. riku: One challenge of being a bandman is not only do you have to think about how to create good music, but also how you can reach a lot of people with your music! Toyoyon: To keep going! That’s all. TAiKi: Even if you have beaten one struggle, there is another high and thick wall beyond that which needs to be beaten. BAR or Izakaya? Where do you like to drink the most? Kyosuke: I love to drink at home (laugh). Riku: I like drinking at a BAR! Because I want to drink and talk calmly. A bar is also a place that is neither too quiet or too noisy, it’s just right. Toyoyon: Izakaya. I love to drink at Torikizoku and Hidakaya. TAiKi: Izakaya. I like the feeling of drinking alone with the hustle and bustle around you. (laugh) Which CD did you play the most? And please tell us something about it. Kyosuke: Billy BanBan 『時は今、君の中』.It’s the folk song that is played in the commercials for iichiko. I like that sadness, and it’s the root of my love for music. I like music that makes me sad rather than bright tunes. riku: La’cryma Christi 『Sculpture of Time』. This ensemble of music has been honed to the ultimate perfection. It’s a really great album, so definitely listen to it. Toyoyon: B’z 『B’z The Best “Pleasure”』 TAiKi: L’Arc-en-Ciel 『ray』 It seems that everyone of RE:MAZE likes bands from the 2000s, but what about bands from other eras? Do you know bands such as, ARB, THE MINKS, BOØWYand TH eROCKERS? Kyosuke: I don’t know them. (laugh) riku: BOØWY Toyoyon: I know BOØWY. Personally I listen to everything from British rock from the 60s to modern progressive metalcore in the 2020s. TAiKi: I played in a BOØWY coverband. We played songs such as DREAMIN. When and how was RE:MAZE formed? riku: Originally, there was a band called “AMAZE”, a predecessor band that I mainly gathered members from, and from there, “Remaze” was formed with the current lineup. REMAZE was born as AMAZE, so for what reason did you decide to change your name? Kyosuke: The name was changed to 、リメイズ(REMAZE) in the sense that it will restart from AMAZE. We decided on this name to carry on and change without denying our past activities. The reason for the name change was to restart the band as a visual kei band, and the band name was changed because there’s a “crack” in between. We live in a world greatly affected by the Coronavirus, has Corona taught you anything? Kyosuke: Many live houses and bands have disappeared during the corona period, but I realized that what we have now isn’t here forever. So I decided to cherish the time we have as a band. riku: That there is a possibility of sudden loss even in everyday life, and we usually take it for granted. Toyoyon: As riku says, We used to take everything for granted. TAiKi: I was reminded that we are connected to each other as humans. Has Corona had any positive impact on your life? Kyosuke: It gave me time to think about some things. I’ve been running a band until now, but what will happen when I stop? What should we do from today on? With that in my mind, I decided to restart the band. That’s a bit of a background on how “REMAZE” was born, which was a positive thing. Toyoyon: Personally, because we couldn’t perform on stage for a while, we started to use more SNS to connect with the world and that also had a positive effect. Please give us some nice self-line-notes (comment about each song) about your 1st single “REDEMPTION.” https://linkco.re/6HmaVynZ – REDEMPTION Kyosuke: When I got the demo from riki, the song’s energy felt like it had a feeling of “ruin” and “demise”. So I wrote the theme of lyrics about the “End of the world”. I always wanted to write a song about “heartbreak”, and since this track would be the title song I wrote the lyrics with such a theme. I think we can use this song as our business card for the new RE:MAZE. riku: I wrote this song with the development of the song in particular in mind. I hope you enjoy the contrast between the heavy, dark section from the intro to the A-verses and the catchy, melodic chorus! Toyoyon: Overall, the A and B verses are pretty well thought out, so I’d like you to listen to it! – résistance Kyosuke: The theme of the song is “Fist of the North Star” (laughs), The song has been around since AMAZE days. I arranged the fallen chorus a bit, so that’s the highlight of the song. riku: It’s a very hardcore song. The performance is intentionally simple and heavy. – リライト (Rewrite) Kyosuke: Personally, this is my favorite song out of the three, and I think the highlight of the song is the chorus where the tone drops and the scenery of the song changes dramatically. Toyoyon: The bass line moves around quite a bit, so I think it’s the most rewarding song on the new single. Even in the interludes and outro, I’m cramming in the number of notes by playing fast with three fingers. https://open.spotify.com/artist/1pT5Qfv7JUS9Hay51UzBTt?si=xdF1LQUNQFudR1F1sb_-PA Why is live performance important to the band? Why is it a fun challenge? Kyosuke: Listening to live music is the source of music. The instruments are used to vibrate the air, so a live show is the most important part of music. Also, even if the setlist is the same, live performances are never the same, so I’m always looking forward to standing on the stage! riku: A live performance is a space where you can enjoy the music with all of your five senses. Toyoyon: I think it’s a valuable opportunity to hear (and see) performances that can only be performed at that time. TAiKi: There’s a power and emotion that comes from a live performance in a space where the band is there and the audience is there. I hope people will come to experience that. What is your biggest inspiration for making music? Kyosuke: It’s about being moved by something. I don’t care if it’s because of a movie, a novel, music, or anything else, my motivation is to recreate an emotional experience. riku: My inspiration comes from taking frequent trips by myself to see the scenery of different places. Toyoyon: My inspiration comes when I see other people’s live performances. TAiKi: I get mine from looking back on the past. Where is your favorite place to write a new song? Riku: My favorite place to write a new song is at a location with a beautiful night view! How would you like to see fans support RE:MAZE? Kyosuke: If you like what you hear, please come to our live shows! What is your ultimate goal for the future of RE:MAZE? Kyosuke: Going on a world tour! (Laughs) Riku: I’d like to see us appear on radio stations. Toyoyon: I guess it’s a tie-in with a tapioca shop! TAiKi: My ultimate goal is To make music that will be around 100 years in the future. Why do you think we should listen to “RE:MAZE”? What is unique about you that other artists don’t have? riku: Although I try to create rhythms that people can enjoy and sounds that raise the tension, first of all it’s a “song” and a “melody”. I’m not a vocalist, so I always think about the sound as we would be an instrumental band and play with the image of a song in mind. Not only in Visual-kei, but in every genre of music today, I think there aren’t many bands that have this in mind. It’s a bit of a shame, though. Please give a message to your fans and readers. Kyosuke: I’m still a fledgling, so I’ll continue to do my best! Riku: Please support us! Be sure to listen to our CD!! Toyoyon: Nice to meet you! Hopefully I’ll see you at the venue sometime! TAiKi: I think it’s a miracle that we are still around. So I would be happy if you could come to our lives to witness this miracle. Thank you very much for this interview! ENGLISH Grammar/Spell Check: @Katt
  11. BrenGun

    https://t.livepocket.jp/e/7l-_v?fbclid=IwAR11WUSkDUYtLadU_wHeDbJUbJNmspw0DgcJJBTxRNOv9C5wJFOFKWiTnb4 De-LAX解散後、宙也を中心に1996年に結成。 結成24周年になるLOOPUS。 パワーハウスではデビューアルバムをはじめ数作品を録音。 唯一無比の深遠なる爆音ロック。 結成24年のクリスマスイヴに満を持してのスタジオ配信ライブ。 http://loopus.jp/ https://chu-ya.jp/ ■出演: LOOPUS 宙也 (Vocal), 斉藤律 (Guitar), 三賀勝稔 (Bass), 堀江毅 (drums) ■日時:2020年12月24日(水)20:00〜 ■視聴料金:3,500円+お気持ち ■会場:パワーハウススタジオより生配信 ■アーカイブ:12月31日(木)24:00まで
  12. BrenGun

    btw the bonus track was also on the save the holiday CD
  13. BrenGun

    https://twitcasting.tv/c:waver_livehouse/shopcart/31484 Also RotM isn't able to release GARDEN on 12/16, because its not finished on time. So he decided to throw the "finished" songs for free to those who retweet this tweet. contains 7 songs... and only 1 song isn't the greatest of the greatest.... But overall it doesn't sound that bad.
  14. i.D.A will release their 1st EP "Paradoxical". There will be 2-TYPES a CD version and a digital version. digital version will be released on 2021.1.22 and CD version on 2021.2.03 The CD version contains 7 songs the digital version 6 songs. DIGITAL 2021.1.22 Drop 1.Paradoxical 2.アプリコット 3.Lamp 4.Inverse 5.mislead 6.iLLUMINA CD 2021.2.03 Drop 1.Paradoxical 2.アプリコット 3.Lamp 4.Inverse 5.mislead 6.iLLUMINA 7.Live in eviL Also they shared tow new looks the RED ONE belongs to iLLUMINA the light one belongs to アプリコット (apricot) Both are "song titles". Also the band will give a bunch of TWOMAN and ONEMAN SHOWS 🔺i.D.A 2ヶ月連続お試し2DAYS ONEMAN決定! 2021.2.15 Imaike GROW 2021.2.16 Imaike GROW 2021.3.30 Imaike CLUB 3STAR 2021.3.31 Imaike CLUB 3STAR 🔺i.D.A TOUR FINAL 3DAYS ONEMAN 2021.6.09 HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA 2021.6.10 HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA 2021.6.11 HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA The new member is Kaname, you may know him from "CLiEN" Memeber photos
  15. BrenGun

    check the Nagasawa Tomonori interview. sure xjapan had some involvement, but it was Shazna who succeeded to make it accepted to the mainstream. it wasn't xjapan. SHAZNA is the king of vkei. Of course I do respect XJAPAN, but doesn't mean that their music was really amazing. I think they kept vkei alive. people forgot shazna but not xjapan. btw, Hide's solo projects where far more amazing than any xjapan release😅
  16. BrenGun

    It really depends on your own musical taste.... I do not recommend so many bands people love. 😂 For the current vkei bands I like i.D.A NETH PRIERE CAIN DAMMITLAND REIREI Nurie ASTAROTH (but will, guess disband soon ) SARRMATH I simply don't recommend any mainstream vkei band. the gazette, merry, xjapan, luna sea. I personally think XJAPAN is really boring. How often I listen, I cannot feel what people feel. I don't understand why this band is so hyped... But well it was SHAZNA who make visual kei popular in Japan, it wasn't XJAPAN 🤣 you can read that in an interview, over here on the board. And nope XJAPAN were not the only founders of visual kei.. the guy who started the SHOXX magazine gave life to it, including all bands who appeared inside the early issues😁
  17. BrenGun

    Well... those kisaki nudes were everywhere back then....
  18. BrenGun

    urgg... shall also support... https://loft-prj.zaiko.io/_item/333511
  19. NETH PRIERE CAIN NEW SINGLE「救いの為に、神罰を。」 2021.2.10 RELEASE!! ---- (STORE VERSION) 神盤(CD+DVD) [CD] 1 Nemesis-裁きのシ者- (Nemesis-Sabaki no shisha) 2 Hestia 3 「ユウガオ」 「yuugao」 [DVD] Nemesis-裁きのシ者-(MUSIC CLIP) DRRD-075 価格¥2,000(税抜) ※トレーディングカード1枚(全4種類)ランダム封入 発売元:Double River Record 販売元:FWD ----DIGITAL VERSION 華盤(配信限定) 1 Nemesis-裁きのシ者- (Nemesis-Sabaki no shisha) 2 「クロユリ」 「Kuro Yuri」 3 「ユウガオ」 「yuugao」
  20. BrenGun

    https://twitcasting.tv/loftx1/shopcart/40704 THE MINKS! 12/12 2000yen start 19:30 JST available until 12/13 23:59 JST
  21. of all interviews by vkgy and jrocknroll which ones are your favorites?



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    2. BrenGun


      Yes that was a good one. was enjoying to read. but that's also because they took time to answer each question with good details. Some bands could learn from it😁

    3. chemicalpictures


      Nurié for sure as they're one of my faves, but the Nagasawa Tomonori one was super cool, I'd love to see more of the people behind the scenes, band/livehouse managers, people on classic labels and so on

    4. BrenGun


      Those people are hard to interview. I tried Ikebukuro Chop but after all they were to busy to answer the interview 😅


      Someday I might try Kisaki or Speed ID Euro.

      Hope they will make some time free. 


      I could try king zeebra.... they own Nanba Mele 

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    There will be an mini album or album soon. pre-release is on December 16th I believe, but tracklist unknown.
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