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  1. Happy birthday, mucc6. Hope you have a wonderful day. Long live the VK god. :rock:

  2. I'm an ordinary person who has been surrounded by tons of amazing people for my entire life. Too talented and skilled that one would easily feel inferior to them. But I don't take it that way. I'd rather say I'm incredibly lucky that these kinds of people exist in real life, not someone cool on TV or in the book, but someone I know personally and very close to me. For example:


    My maternal aunt - She runs a long time established food business (an industry level) that has been around for many decades. Her net worth is approximately $100m if converted to USD. One of the celebs in this country.


    My neighbor - A big family who I have known since our grandpa's era that lives only 10 meters away from my house. They run a construction and land business for many decades. Their net worth is ~$30m.


    My best friend forever's younger brother - A YouTuber (game caster) who has been in the scene since 2012 when only few people knew about monetizing on YouTube. So he is one of the top YouTubers here. His net worth has just reached 100m THB (~$3.2m) recently. He is only 26.


    My high school junior - He is friends with the YouTuber above (26 years old). He has been through a lot in life. He is a developer who runs a software company at the international level. His income is ~$100k/mo. Lately, he and his team launched a cryptocurrency and listed it in Binance and several exchanges. Now it's in the top 60 with a $200m marketcap. (Not gonna mention the name as I'm not promoting it.)


    Any many more... too many to list all of them.


    Having these kinds of people around immensely inspires you to do something in life rather than sticking with lazy, passive, and unmotivated people who don't have any certain goals in life. What they have in common is they built up their wealth from scratch literally, not inherited. No supportive daddy and mommy. This is cool af honestly.


    There is a saying that the books you read and the friends you have can tell what you'll become in the future.


    Personally, I've been working on several web apps. Not a startup but a one-man team. I've come to the point where I'm not behind anyone in the field anymore (~30,000 hours of practice). I don't know everything, but from where I am, it's not difficult to learn anything new. My flagship project got tons of positive feedback in a world class developer community. So I'm kinda relieved that it's not gonna be a flop. Even if it is, I'd build something better instead of quitting.


    I'm totally inspired by the people around me.

    1. nekkichi


      yasss inspiring by example 👏👏👏

  3. This must be Mikoto (Zigzag Vo.)'s dog.



  4. This is how to sleep before 10 PM.



  5. const base64 = '';


    if (kai.birthday === today) {


      return base64;

  6. The bastard who went on shooting spree has been killed finally. 4 more dead found inside the shopping mall. 2 SWAT lost their lives in the mission. This incident is the greatest loss in our history. It's too much. Never expected that something like this could happen in Thailand especially in Korat. RIP.

  7. WTF! A mass shooting is currently happening in my area. The criminal is a soldier carrying military weapons in a Humvee to shoot random people in the city. Now he went inside the crowded shopping mall and it's become a war zone there. 20+ dead so far and a lot injured. I just passed there only an hour before this happened. It's fucking close to my house. I hope he gets shot down asap. Big news tomorrow in my country for sure. Damn it!

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    2. platy


      I'm glad you're safe and sorry this is happening :(


    3. nostalgia


      Looks like the situation is being sorted out, but the criminal isn't dead yet.


      Most of the remaining people who have been in the shopping mall for 7 hours have been evacuated to the outside safely. They were hiding in the rooms and toilets there. But gunfires can still be heard from the outside.


      I'm not sure about the bombs. They stated that no bombs were stolen from the base in the first place fortunately.


      This is the 2nd massacre that happened in Thailand in 2020: the first one was in Lop Buri last month and the latest one is in Korat, my hometown. This one is supposedly inspired by the first one and 2011 Norway attacks. Facebook deleted the criminal's account immediately once they detected his illegal activity which is good because he couldn't keep up with the news and information.


      I still can't believe it. This is very very shocking. It's the worst crime in Thailand's history and it's only 1 km away from my house. I've been following the situation very closely from the beginning and still waiting for the official news to confirm his death.

    4. Jun_


      Damn. Good to know you're safe, but still. 1km is really "next" you. 

  8. Here in Bangkok, we're suffering from PM 2.5 and now the coronavirus.


    14 infected cases found here as of now which is the second most next to the mainland China as Thailand is one of the destinations that Chinese visit most.


    Everyone here has  to put a mask on when going outside to protect themselves from both air pollution and the virus.


    I don't know how long they can handle this because it's spreading globally. I've been sick already since yesterday though.

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    2. mucc6
    3. mucc6


      身體健康快樂! 繼續聽妳喜歡的V系歌曲
      สุขภาพดีและมีความสุข! ฟังเพลงซีรีย์ V ที่คุณโปรดปรานต่อไป


    4. nostalgia


      lol Thanks a bunch guys! No worries, I'm good. :tw_heart:

  9. Bring Me the Horizon have now become an Oshare Kei band.


  10. happy birthday mucc6. long live the vk god. :rock:

  11. A parrot-fronted death metal band


    1. Gesu


      Hatebeak are great~ 🐦

    2. nekkichi


      nazare outdid themselves on this one!!!!

    3. Jigsaw9


      I think they actually have a split record with the pitbull-fronted death metal band!


      edit: yup https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Hatebeak/Bird_Seeds_of_Vengeance_-_Wolfpig/75338

  12. Girugamesh's 13's reborn turned 13 today! 🎂

    1. Anne Claire

      Anne Claire


      aaaaayyyyy happy 13th b-day

  13. if (today === zeus.birthday) {


      return 'SGFwcHkgYmlydGhkYXksIGJybyEgSGF2ZSBhIGdvb2Qgb25lLg=='; // base64


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    2. nostalgia


      I'm not. I'm just multitalented and smarter than you.

    3. Zeus



    4. colorful人生


      } else {

      return 'Tm8gY2FrZSBmb3IgeW91IEQ6'; // also base64



      // Also, Happy Birthday @Zeus

  14. Fast and Furious 9 is to film in Southern Thailand next month. The cars have arrived. So excited to see it next year.


    1. Bear




      This is a series that's gone from being godmotherfuckignawful and made for 19 year old "car lovers" with ugly car and their 14 year old girlfriends, to silly, over the top action movies that's as brainless and dumb as they are fun.


      Really looking forward to this. Even more so to Hobbs and Shaw. This movie looks so over the top that it could've been mistaken for a superhero spin-off or something.

  15. INFINITUM sounds a lot better than the previews. It has exceeded my expectations wow!!

  16. Oh wow Supreme! Is this the highest rank?

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    2. Zeus


      omega is 1 mil btw

    3. nostalgia


      lol i'm afraid MH wouldn't last till someone reaches omega.

    4. Zeus


      That was the point of the system haha

  17. love the new bg. it's even the same pose as in the banner. hope it's permanent.

    1. nekkichi


      new custom skin pls orz

  18. Happy birthday, Neko5-sama!  Have a wonderful day man!

    1. CAT5


      Many thanks, Nos-kun. You doing well? :)

    2. nostalgia


      Yeah, I've been good. Hope you're good too.

    3. CAT5


      Yessir. The Most High is good!!! :D 

  19. if (kai.birthday === today) {


      return 'SGFwcHkgYmlydGhkYXksIEthaS4gV2VsY29tZSB0byB0aGUgMzAncyBjbHViLiBIb3BlIHlvdSBoYXZlIGEgZ29vZCBvbmUu'; // base64


  20. YOSHIKI trying to find an excuse for delaying X JAPAN new album.


    1. Komorebi


      I commented the same thing on his post LOL I wonder if I'll get banned for that.

    2. platy


      He wants to fall off the skateboard. 6 months recovery time means you don't have to work on the album plus pity points :^) 

  21. Been mistaken for a Japanese for my entire life. Today I went to my BFF's wedding and the bridesmaids thought I was a Japanese lol. Glad to meet a bunch of my old friends though.

  22. Still shocked about Leicester City helicopter crash. Vichai, the owner of LCFC, was a very generous billionaire from my country who contributed a lot to charities.


    On top of that, he taught everyone that everything is possible that a smaller team like LCFC could win the EPL title in 2016. That season was like a fairy tale that will be remembered eternally.


    Kasper Schmeichel is one of the saddest people as he respects Vichai as a father. He saw the moment the chopper fell before his eyes. It was extremely shocking to him. This is such an immense loss to football. RIP.

    1. nostalgia


      Salute the couple pilots who passed away in the incident for their efforts to not land on the crowd as well.

  23. Happy birthday @-NOVA-! Have a wonderful day. :rock:

    1. -NOVA-


      Thanks so much ! ❤️ 

  24. YOSHIKI said at the announcement event today that X JAPAN new album is finished already but still hasn't decided for the release date.

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    2. rekzer
    3. Arkady


      Yoshiki be like: YWGu.gif

    4. ahnchc


      It's been leaked on Tanuki that it'll be released on the 31st of TBD, 30XX.

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