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  1. Happy birthday, mucc6. Hope you have a wonderful day. Long live the VK god. :rock:

  2. happy birthday mucc6. long live the vk god. :rock:

  3. Happy Birthday, your high quality uploads are so appreciated. 😮



  4. You're such a hardcore collector to have bought all types of Golden Bomber new single (47 types). ROFL! :rock:

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    2. nostalgia


      I just uploaded your MP3 rip you shared on JPopSuki. Hope it's OK. XD

    3. mucc6



      It does not matter

    4. nostalgia


      The link is still visible publicly. You can take the link down. :D

  5. Happy birthday, 神様! Have a good day.

  6. mucc6

    I mean, how do I remove my own hair over the post, because some of the articles published in more than 30 days after free space has the resources to remove, and I do not want others to find me the post, and then not be able to download! do not want to cause inconvenience to others! So To delete your own articles, you can delete their own? Still want to ask the site administrator to delete? Thank you friend answered!
  7. mucc6

    Manager Hello: SoI'm sure as long as the failure topic posts here, you will help me to delete? Is this mean? Still I have this problem?
  8. Hello! I'm from Taiwan, perhaps my English is not very good! Because I was using the translation! Hope you read to understand! I would like to ask: If I made ​​the post, because the free space file has expired reasons (Ps: at least a month or more), then I do not want to confuse the user side, search to the file but can not download, I can delete my own hair over the article (Post) do?!
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