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  1. hi :angely:

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    2. Tokage


      board chat is kill but there is / was a discord

    3. Biopanda


      All the cool kids hang out on the RarezHut discord, digikun ;3 https://discord.gg/T5pRU3p

    4. lichtlune
  2. digi

    panda always tryna bring me down smh
  3. digi

    I only came here to brag about my genetix
  4. who playin' overwatch tho..................

  5. digi

    hey stranger.
  6. im not dead

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    2. Tetora


      Who in the blue hell are you!?

    3. CAT5



    4. Chi


      nice april fools joke

  7. fully supportin' that cute old man at the end in the blue button up
  8. my only with problem with visual kei is the men looking better in female clothing than I.
  9. ya'll missed hackolantern, perfect d-grade slasher cinema

  10. digi

    aaaaand he's at it again. I love this man. magnificent.
  11. who's tryna rub this all over my body when it comes out
  12. when I think of auto tune I think of lil wayne and when I think of lil wayne I think of death. in all seriousness however, sometimes I like it, sometimes I do not. I judge that on an artist-to-artist basis. as panda already mentioned above, floppy does it well. then I consider the vast majority of post-2010 VK bands and their usage of it. not my cup of tea.
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