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  1. I'm an ordinary person who has been surrounded by tons of amazing people for my entire life. Too talented and skilled that one would easily feel inferior to them. But I don't take it that way. I'd rather say I'm incredibly lucky that these kinds of people exist in real life, not someone cool on TV or in the book, but someone I know personally and very close to me. For example:


    My maternal aunt - She runs a long time established food business (an industry level) that has been around for many decades. Her net worth is approximately $100m. One of the celebs in this country.


    My neighbor - A big family who I have known since our grandpa's era that lives only 10 meters away from my house. They run a construction and land business for many decades. Their net worth is ~$30m.


    My best friend forever's younger brother - A YouTuber (game caster) who has been in the scene since 2012 when only few people knew about monetizing on YouTube. So he is one of the top YouTubers here. His net worth has just reached $3m recently. He is only 26.


    My high school junior - He is friends with the YouTuber above (26 years old). He has been through a lot in life. He is a developer who runs a software company at the international level. His income is ~$100k/mo. Lately, he and his team launched a cryptocurrency and listed it in Binance and several exchanges. Now it's in the top 60 with a $200m marketcap. (Not gonna mention the name as I'm not promoting it.)


    Any many more... too many to list all of them.


    Having these kinds of people around immensely inspires you to do something in life rather than sticking with lazy, passive, and unmotivated people who don't have any certain goals in life. What they have in common is they built up their wealth from scratch literally, not inherited. No supportive daddy and mommy. This is cool af honestly.


    There is a saying that the books you read and the friends you have can tell what you'll become in the future.


    Personally, I've been working on several web apps. Not a startup but a one-man team. I've come to the point where I'm not behind anyone in the field anymore (~30,000 hours of practice). I don't know everything, but from where I am, it's not difficult to learn anything new. My flagship project got tons of positive feedback in a world class developer community. So I'm kinda relieved that it's not gonna be a flop. Even if it is, I'd build something better instead of quitting.


    I'm totally inspired by the people around me.

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      yasss inspiring by example 👏👏👏

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