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  1. This year is really sucks one side I'm glad to know that Kei still continues to do music but I'm sad for Ryo, I hope doesn't suffer from severe depression and adjustment disorder like happenned to him in 2008. I wish him the best for fight this trials and many succes for his new life
  2. Lereku

  3. Lereku

    The album release is postponed to June 10 due to Covid-19
  4. OMG it's really a good surprise I thought that he will collaborated with them only for this maxi single, hope he will can manage to be actif in two bands
  5. Lereku

    Sweet Rain sound so nice can't wait to hear to full version
  6. Members of this vk idols projects: -cat KING ZOO (Blu-BiLLioN vocalist Mike) -sheep Satsuki Merry (DOG inThe PWO bassist Mei) -husky Natsume Tsuna (ex LEZARD drummer natsume) -rabbit Ranraran (POIDOL bassist Ayase Ran) - centaur Uma Kenta (Jack Caper drummer Shuma) - deer Ogawa Hiroshi (Blu-BiLLioN bassist Haku) Their producer is Hamu-P (ex LEZARD guitarist Kousuke)
  7. Buck-Tick new album will be released at 2020 summer, details TBA. Imai described it as "a clean break with the image and sound that the band has accustomed fans to until now", the keywords of this new style of music will be "minimalism and electronic"
  8. Lereku

    This is unexpected and surprising news that will be strange to see become a four band with a session guitarist or quintet again with a new member, I hope it will have a last release with Kenichi on guitar. All songs composed by Kenichi per albums (except Beautiful Freaks which was composed at 100% by Yuu) : - Gendai Stoic : Bruisy Night, Yellow Girl, Dramatic Children - Modern Gate : Haraiso, Seishun Neurose, T.O.P - Nu Chemical Rhetoric : Kubitsuri Rondo, Dekiai no Suisou,Bara to Katasumi no Blues, Shambara, Karappo na Uta - Peep Show : Kyousou Carnival, Sentimental New Pop, Kimatteru Taiyou,Mado Kara Nigeta Love Song - M.E.R.R.Y : Blind Romance, LULULU LALALA, Shaite no Parade, Hirahira Tonderu, Komorebi Ga Boku Wo Sagashiteru, Utagoe Kiss Modern - Underworld : Piranha, under-world - Non Sense Market : Kurayami ni Pink - M-Ology : Happy Life
  9. Lereku

    He joined a new group "ANONYMOUS" I relistened old albums and mini albums of Kra, before I had never noticed how Yasuno his a talented drummer, his drum styles and techniques fit perfectly with Yuura bass lines. It will be hard for them to find as good a substitute as he
  10. Lereku

    Glad to see my boy Taizo back in the vk scene, the line up seems to be interesting hope they will not disapoint me
  11. Lereku

    Ouch that sound hurtful and disrespectful even if she has the right to restart her life, she is not obliged to disclose her entire private life especially when you still friend with you ex in social media. Do what platy said for not suffer needlessly.
  12. Lereku

    Since Amu left the band their music change, I don't know if you listen their last mini album Novel fantasia is less heavier than before, their sound become more poppy/mellow
  13. Lereku

    Alice Nine : Shunkashuutou Nightmare : the World Phantasmagoria : Gensoukyoku Eternal Silence Psycho le Cemu : Remembrance Kuroyume : Like an angel Dead End : Seraphine Kra : Buriki no Hata/Mutaku to Mutaku to MERRY : Japanese Modernist/Violet Harenchi D : Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku no Acappella to Bara Yori Akai Jounetsu no Aria
  14. Lereku

    Yes she is retired since 2015 from 2015 until 2016 she was part of Ebisu Muscats a jpop group mainly consisting of Japanese gravure idols and AV idols, under the Pony Canyon record label and this group didn't have permanent roster but members were rotated in and out, , oh and she is alos in the game Yakuza 0 you can find her sexy video on youtube. I was shocked to see what she looks like now why she becomes so skinny now, she was more cute before
  15. Lereku

    That's so annoyed since "Hankou Seimei" they released good singles with solids b-tracks and theirs last single is perfect for chill during this summer, hope Yutori (gu) and Atsuki (dr) will continue in the vk scene
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