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  1. I feel the production is really lame, but I like the song, it's catchy than I think before I listen to it!
  2. I thought the same, even without Hiroto, this band is still innovative and creative, I hope they don't just release singles, hope they can pull out a great album!
  3. Kyo_Toriko

    Started to follow DIMLIM since right from the start! To be honest, I love them even after CHE DO A RA! Especially I really enjoy MISC. because I like how progressive it is! And I don't care about they dropped their VK side, I just want to enjoy what they pull out!
  4. Kyo_Toriko

    I know, right!? I also want to see majiko's performance! And some other artists!
  5. Kyo_Toriko

    Thanks for the information, It looks like the live will be free streaming on Youtube! I am super hyped to see DIR EN GREY's performing!
  6. Kyo_Toriko

    What is this? Will this be free streaming on Youtube?
  7. The guitar riff is really a killer! I am so hyped for the 3rd single!
  8. Kyo_Toriko

    Yes, and after watching the entire show, TIW now become my favourite album by DIR EN GREY!
  9. Kyo_Toriko

    This news made me laugh so hard, why people will believe a scam as DIR EN GREY's vocal! dafaq...
  10. Kyo_Toriko

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS7Nr0VhgPM What a nice show!
  11. Kyo_Toriko

  12. Kyo_Toriko

    Not like this... So many disbandment or bad news this year! Even DOBE too, I do really like them...
  13. Kyo_Toriko

    This is so frustrating, but Nero & Seiya will keep going, So it's still not bad since they both still want to make music in the future!
  14. Kyo_Toriko

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