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  1. When they formed, I never thought they'd stay for 10 years. Good for them.
  2. nitta

    I don't get it... they're 3 or 4 singles ? or 1 single with 2-bsides ?
  3. why don't I see SHIN in the video ?
  4. nitta

    What I don't get is why not just compose any crap music and release the album ? His worshipers are going to love it anyway, so why not ? it's not that hard, he could even hire whatever help that he needs.
  5. nitta

  6. nitta

  7. nitta

    I don't get how this guy has such high status with his behavior. Everything he does is becoming more triggering for me day after day.
  8. nitta

    They have a great talent of making very memorable choruses
  9. nitta

    Is his english good ?
  10. You are absolutely right . And the melody sounds really familiar .
  11. Honestly, when this band started I never imagined they'd continue this long . I like them though.
  12. I don't know why Japanese bands are always very late to join YT, still many bands don't have channels.
  13. nitta

    It's been Janne Da Arc for 11 years & I think it will always stay the same.
  14. nitta

    Seriously , does this guy have important relatives or something ? :'D
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