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  1. sebbivism

    However, I wish one day to hear the full version of their "joke" enka song. It was quite catchy, at least that guitar part.
  2. Well if it all comes down to lack of money, maybe they can do a EP release with an instrumental version of the latest single in 40-50 parts and release it digitally.
  3. Don't get me wrong guys, I'm that guy that always pre-order their fancy pancy Deluxe Limited Edition, so yeah I'm sure I can afford a digital release. It's pretty fun though they only give out the Promotion edit for Spotify, but doing the opposite for Japanese audience with "The Insulated World" where the full album was out on streaming but "Radio Edit Ver." of 5-tracks were out on iTunes Store/Amazon. I'm sure they re-release it as physical disc within 6 months, or at least Okami Records do something for European territory.
  4. 1. Cover artwork is awful 2. LOL when I saw they mentioned full single is out on iTunes Store, Amazon and Google Play, while all streaming services only get the 1-track "Promotion Edit Ver." How lame isn't that? Now that Spotify opened in 13 new territories I think they need to understand streaming services is the new way to listen to music. At least release the god damn single on a service that provide lossless format. But yes I will smile and buy at iTunes, you'll get my money haha
  5. I left live stream, I assume the new song will be uploaded sooner or later
  6. They need to fix the capitalization before that happens. And fix the band name because it annoys me.
  7. Can we at least get a proper release date? "Summer 2020" can be anything May to September? I wish Okami Records can do something "special" for Europe like they did with that red vinyl of "The World of Mercy". Something so we can have physical release.
  8. The first thing on my mind is; why digital release? Is it because of COVID-19, they don't think people can order CD's or is it because of they didn't plan on releasing this song as a single but "the situation with cancelled tour etc" made it possible to get some cash in worldwide? I hope the format is the same as before, if they only release 1-track single it's pretty pointless really. I expect B-side and no live version thanks.
  9. Already mentioned here but I want it as a separate topic for discussion/updates, OK? So DIR EN GREY today announced the release of their new single 落ちた事のある空 (Ochita koto no aru sora, The sky that has fallen(?)) on the DAY 5 of their YouTube setlist series. Single will be released digitally in "summer 2020" and more info is to come. Kyo published a message on his Instagram and the official DIR EN GREY Instagram about this. http://direngrey.co.jp/news/4014/
  10. It is not The World of Mercy, it's Ranunculus Quality is crap though, this is what I could offer through my phone, but I never managed catch streamings through my Mac... If anyone have better quality, please share
  11. sebbivism

    Finally, I never liked that A9-stuff really. Hopefully their music will be reverted as well as their band name... Their concept they had on last Alice Nine-album can finally continue.
  12. Announcing the North America dates 4 months prior actual tour. Good luck in selling those tickets, it's 2019 and not 2009. I don't like the fact they added North American dates, USA will make them tired and Europe will not get good show
  13. Title track has beed modified from "The world of mercy" to standard English capitalization "The World of Mercy". http://direngrey.co.jp/discography/3755/
  14. sebbivism

    cover artwork is very nice.
  15. "0" is definitely their best song, and they are a very promising band! I think they will be very popular. Since MEJIBRAY is not longer active, I think this band can fulfil my needs in music
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