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  1. Euthanasia

    Got VIP for London. Such a stressful moment!
  2. Euthanasia

    Will try to get VIP for the London show.. 😅
  3. Euthanasia

    This. Being a mejibray fan myself and has been since their start I've lost "friends" in the fandom because I don't fancy 8P-SB music. Apparently, Koichi has made a tweet too about people hating on him/them and their new direction and that started another fire from people who think you are shit if you don't support 8P-SB. Also kind of frustrating that Genki and Koichi should've know that there would be reactions. No artist can switch from VK to Kpop (or whatever it is) without getting some kind of reactions from fans. Not all of us are deaf to their change.
  4. Euthanasia

    Same here. HMV is quite good too.
  5. Euthanasia

    I think CDJapan are a bit slow with shipping out orders because of their warehouse relocation. I could be wrong tho!
  6. Euthanasia

    But they just came back...
  7. I saw "important news" and thought it would be bad. But these are great news!
  8. Euthanasia

  9. Euthanasia

  10. Euthanasia

  11. Euthanasia

    what why.
  12. Euthanasia

    No... ._. RIP.
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