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  1. See the Kaitou thread. Asty are beeing queens and Kaitou apologized, but Asty kept releasing DMs etc.
  2. Ok, so Asty accused Kaitou of scaring their fans by making them participate. Masato admitted to try hard and call out people to participate and apologized , but he said that Asty official was also scaring their fans by sending unsolicited DMs. Lol Asty said they will not perform with Kaitou again and they are such pussies and published DM from Kinoko, apologizing for the inconvenience.... 😅 Such queens!
  3. Nice! Also there is new beef with Kaitou and the band Asty! I have to look at it more a bit later. If someone wants to translate meanwhile, be my guest
  4. Masato

    More Tanu-kei
  5. Masato

    In Japan, too? Or just the strange Western VK fandom? I honestly don't think it's a good representation of MM, as it's one of the few "harder" songs during Gackt area, and the rest is just more in line.... which is why I get japanese musicians picking other favourite songs.
  6. Masato

    I actually wonder why eberyone is mentioning Malice Mizer illuminati ? Honestly by the amount of covers etc. I would rather say Gekka no Yasoukyoku or Ma Cherie for Gackt era....
  7. So basically I asked the band if it was ok, to post a translation below their youtube videos and I got their ok! 😁 I want to do the new song once I have some time, as it is really funny! I love the cheapo-ways and super-budget poor bandomen lifestyle is really my thing. 😂😂😂😂😂 "I love the bangya gifts, so I can eat gummies for breakfast!"
  8. Masato

    I really like them. They are friendly and have fun lives, so I was happy when they restarted activities.
  9. Masato

    Hi guys, I think a lot of bands have like one or a couple of very iconic songs, that made them known outside their fanbase. So I would call that VK summer hits or so. Examples: Mamireta - Ojamashimasu Golden Bomber - Memeshikute Tensai - Senpai no Kanojo R-shitei - Janderu Kanojo, Seishun wa wristcut 0.1g no gosan - yugai menhera doll Sid - Mosou nikki Etc. Let's collect these here!
  10. Ok, as people are still asking which song it is a parody of, I am posting the "real" song here:
  11. 1. From last week onwards it's a cost cut! 2. Tutorial how to get 200% beautiful skin (the first song, 100% was about vitamins, nutrition and beauty-treatments like face massage etc., the 200% is a continuation if that didn't work and is about plastic surgery 😏) 3. Bandomen, forget it! Totally! (Bandomen are liars, just want your money, avoid at all costs) 4. I will not forget you Chinese inspired song "wo ai ni = i love you"
  12. They proclaimed they would stop stealing now, but the song has furi and sounds from R-shitei (seishun wa risukato). Listen to the two and you will notice. Also cutting of the beard and distributing it is kind of stolen from Mamo, as that idiot is giving away his hair and fingernail clippings to his fans in tiny bags telling them "do as you please with it" and some girl saying they ate it.... 🤢 They have wanted to do this for a long time anyway 🤭 Kinoko is actually the most handsome with this outfit 💕 he's still a ugly pervert though, but that's fine 😉 i still love him.
  13. 先週からコストカット 7th MAXI SINGLE [発売日] 2019.9.25 [価格] ¥1,500(税抜) [品番] KSN-007A 01 .先週からコストカット 02.200% 美肌になる方法 03. バンドマン、 ダメ。 ゼッタイ。 04 我受信(ウォーアイニー)君君を忘れない
  14. They are Rame's cash-cow band at the moment, so you can see an upgrade of the costume quality! Still, i would like to have BFN back instead....
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