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  1. No matter how hard I try, I can't get into Cardi B's music. I just get meangirl vibes from her music, and I'm sick of dealing with petty ass meangirls IRL, what makes you think I'm gonna handle a musician who makes it part of her music? lmao

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    2. platy


      My friends seem to be into her cuz she's hot. So I guess there's that. I don't particularly like her either but I've been forced to watch WAP several times. 

    3. Manabu


      Isn't Cardi B the one who you used to sleep with guys and rob them afterwards, then her fans defended it because she was broke? 😂

    4. CAT5


      'No matter how hard I try, I can't enjoy the taste of shit".


      That's basically what you're saying. Her music is shit on every level. And Cardi B is ugly as fuck. Bitch look like gumby with implants.

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