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  1. Ao has finally shipped my items..and he did both purchases at once👀 heck ye... new 淫美まるでカオスな on its way here...

    1. Seimeisen


      Fingers crossed he shipped my order, too. Not that I'd know, my shopping service doesn't believe in disclosing that very relevant info.


      Missed the boat on 淫美まるでカードな. Making peace with that to not regret it, and, well, it's a journey (lol)

    2. anakuro



      I'm guessing it was. At least, I guess that they mass shipped all orders yesterday. I imagine they make shipments like twice a month or something so depending on your timing you're lucky or you wait forever.


      I really like inbi so I made sure to order as soon as the stuff went online. didn't really think to grab extras but also no one asked me.. And then like an hour or two later everything was sold out. 

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