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  1. Splendor of beauty

    It’s limited to their fanclub, if you join it will be mailed to you I don’t know if the fanclub it’s japan limited
  2. Splendor of beauty

    Oh, I was reading about that! I hope monday to read from my shopping service that it’s arrived 🤞
  3. Splendor of beauty

    I’m asking you that because it seems strange that was already arrived from a shopping service to you 😝
  4. Splendor of beauty

    Are you living in japan?
  5. Splendor of beauty

    Nope my shopping service told me will be shipped after 3 weeks since order,so I think will start around 7 september
  6. Splendor of beauty

    Are you willing to sell one?
  7. Splendor of beauty

    Niiiiice! Anyway lol at FIRST SINGLE after three years of demo 😂
  8. I’m pretty sure they release as FC only cover this year(beside ROSE&GUN) I mean end of 2019+2020 till now: -YAMAHA HALL 3Songs (Live tracks) Contain: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, ROSE&GUN,SWEET THING - LAST CHRISTMAS (Cover,included in COVER DEATH 2) - パプリカ_TD (Cover,included in COVER DEATH 2) -月白_GB_Rough (Cover,included in COVER DEATH 2) -you-were-mine_Rough (Cover,included in COVER DEATH 2) -決戦は金曜日_TD_vA (Cover,included in COVER DEATH 2) -COVER DEATH 2
  9. Splendor of beauty

    Ok,Akira on vocal, I’m sold
  10. Yeah,but there are actually covers or re-rec (about singles, correct me if I’m wrong)
  11. Actually there are two new songs (ひめごと and 童歌) or I missed something? edit : Ok, 童歌 was already in the first mini 😬
  12. Splendor of beauty

    It will be webshop limited Anyway, I can’t wait!
  13. 2000 era... really curious if their music style will change
  14. Splendor of beauty

    From 11 march, I read
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