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  1. Countdown begins. It's been a great 10+ years giving you guys rarez and such. I know most of you really appreciate it. I love how you all collectively think I was a huge bitch when you DMed me, but got the total opposite. I'll still be here, but I won't be uploading. There's a tie for 3rd so you guys get 4 releases thing. Also if you wanted to play my guessing game, it'd be fun, and you can a list of rarez I have that you can choose from.

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    2. Gaz


      thanks for everything! ❤️

      your dedicated contribution will never be forgotted and it would be definitely missed.

    3. filth_y


      Idk where do I find that game that you hint but looking at your twitter "completed BUK BUK discography" I can tell you that at least 1 release is missing (at least in the picture) :P

    4. JRD


      I found it lol

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