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  1. StriderSubzero

    DSS and Uroboros vinyl both sound pretty rough, so I'm sure the Vulgar one is no bueno
  2. StriderSubzero

    Immortalis maybe? I thought Vitium was really boring personally, but this band has never really clicked with me tbh
  3. StriderSubzero

    At the time people hypothesized that the songs were related somehow. I assumed a remake of [KR] Cube that made that more apparent was coming, but apparently not
  4. StriderSubzero

    Absolutely love this album. They were such a cool band at this point in their career; everything is solid and the songwriting is tight. I love the guitars especially. Such a great fusion of industrial metal and VK tropes, and those octave chords that Karyu throws in are so recognizable to their style.
  5. StriderSubzero

    I don't like the new Fukai at all tbh, they changed nearly everything good about the original and the vocal phrases feel like they've been arbitrarily shortened in a lot of places
  6. StriderSubzero

    Sounds like a weirdly bright splash cymbal, or maybe even a synth stab there in the background combined with the cymbal hit?
  7. StriderSubzero

    This is generally true, but unless you're talking about specific instances of EQ and mixing decisions, it's hard to delineate between a production or mixing issue, so it's perfectly fine to just call it "production." For instance, you can say the guitars are muddy on TIW, but there's not really a way to specify that being an "error" in mixing specifically since we weren't in the room with the engineer. It might have resulted from the way they chose to record them
  8. StriderSubzero

    IMO Gauze has the best. WTD is my favorite album of theirs but I actually don't think the production on that one is very good lol. But it was nice to get a remaster of Dead Tree on Vestiges
  9. StriderSubzero

    I mean the worst songs have got to be either Downfall or Keibetsu to hajimari. Downfall is pretty much a heavier R to the Core (which is probably the worst song on Vulgar IMO). It's hard for me to dislike Devote My Life because of those smooth sliding bass grooves
  10. StriderSubzero

    You guys are nuts. Celebrate Empty Howls is awesome. That middle interlude with the tight harmonies and the transition where it kicks into that huge riff is probably my favorite moment of the whole album.
  11. StriderSubzero

    Solid 5/10 single IMO
  12. StriderSubzero

    New single out today: https://open.spotify.com/track/6ihYvb9mcHHyGp7iV4u5Q2?si=11nKnoxLQny3uhJX7-LFwA
  13. StriderSubzero

    This is all super fascinating, thanks for sharing!
  14. StriderSubzero

    Thanks, that's all very cool! As far as traditional metal bands go, there are quite a few listed here and many of them have at least some music on Youtube: https://www.metal-archives.com/lists/VN It seems like a fair amount of Vietnamese bands try to sing in English, which is cool and I understand they're hoping to reach a wider audience, but it's disappointing for me because I'm interested in learning the language, lol. As far as modern/indie rock goes, I thought these guys were pretty cool: Do you have any videos etc. of this? Sounds interesting.
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