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Found 18 results

  1. リリース: 2005年6月29日 レーベル: Maniac Records 01. Infection 02. Dears 03. in vain 04. Grudge 05. 月の記憶-fallen- 06. Garnet 07. アベルとカイン 08.「浮遊した理想」 09. Forbidden 10. 灰と雨 11. Tainted World 12. [The world in a cage] 13. Marry of the blood ~bloody minded mix~ 14. BORN ~white stream mix~
  2. New brazillian band "PlatoniC Dolls" has formed, will start your activities in June with your first single. "PlatoniC Dolls" members: Vo. ALE Gt. TONI Gt. KIRAI Ba. MOMOKO Dr. NAORU Official Page
  3. This thread is made for everyone who wants to look Visual Kei! Let's help each other out by giving advice, tips and tricks. In this thread you can also post links to clothes, makeup products, hair products, jewelry etc. Also, if you want to look like your favourite artist but don't know how to get the look etc we might be able to help you find the right clothes and products! ---------------------------------------------------------- I start with my tips and tricks! I usually get my clothes from Aliexpress. Sometimes I customize regular clothes. Aliexpress is great! Just read the reviews before you buy. I own most of the clothes I post on here! Something I like to do is to get regular cheap pants from H&M or something like that. I only care about the fit and the color of the pants. Then I get some metallic fabric paint, and by using a sponge I just paint the pants to make them look unique. Sometimes I use stencils to make an interesting design on them! Easy way to customize clothes, this works on shirts as well. I also paint on shoes or boots! Here is an example of what the pants could look like when painted: Now over to aliexpress! Very cheap clothes but you can put together great outfits using them! I will link all the clothes under the pictures! Most of those comes in different designs and colors! Shirts and blazers: https://a.aliexpress.com/BmHk99AY https://a.aliexpress.com/eueEm2VE https://a.aliexpress.com/ey7ruNkk https://a.aliexpress.com/em2cTe1w https://a.aliexpress.com/tmEJKPY8 https://a.aliexpress.com/FEkyrOG0 https://a.aliexpress.com/rsxs8RzI Pants: https://a.aliexpress.com/p2zIx7ky https://a.aliexpress.com/2CueBzZA https://a.aliexpress.com/tesYw6zK If you scroll down on the pages for each clothing item you will find related clothes, that way you might find even cooler items! Biker jeans works great for visual kei, also just simple shirts and focusing more on the jewelry, hair and makeup will make you look visual kei!
  4. I have been thinking a lot about why the Visual Kei "trend" outside of Japan faded, just like the emo/scene kid trend did. I miss the old days a lot, I am so tired of all those Kardashian wannabes... no originality, everyone is dressing up the same way and everyone is listening to Ariana Grande etc. It feels like all the subcultures are gone. Feminists are the only ones you see these days who has piercings and colorful hair... which is sad. If you went to the mall about 10 years ago you would see huge gangs of Visual Kei fans hanging out. They were everywhere playing music out loud from their phone speakers, talking about how to get their hair perfectly straight or teased to perfection, the hottest member of their favourite band and they had cute pins on their shirts with band names. I hope I'm not the only one who is missing the old days. I want it back, and I hope you can help me make Visual Kei popular again :(! What caused it to become so popular? I think this question is very important to be able to bring it back again! My thoughts on this is that some people outside of Japan discovered Visual Kei on the internet. Then they started to dress that way. People saw those people in public or in schools etc, and thought they looked cool, asked them what it was all about and then it kind of spread. I saw that happening a lot, me and my friends showed up in school after the summer break 2007 in 7th grade dressed up in Visual Kei after we had discovered Phantasmagoria a month or so earlier through a friend of a friend who was into Visual Kei. After that more and more people at my school started to dress in visual kei and it became super huge in my city. Online we got in touch with other fans across the country and it felt almost religious! Sadly it faded away around 2010... only a small percent is still holding on to it. It's sad! It started to fade when Facebook became more and more popular, I believe. Before that everyone just spent their time online in old forums etc you know. I believe facebook, instagram, twitter and stuff like that killed the subcultures because everyone is exposed to the mainstream and everything that isn't mainstream gets filtered away because people tend to upvote Kardashian related things etc which makes visual kei related things etc harder to discover. I am a member of a lot of visual kei groups on facebook, I follow pages of my favourite artists etc... but when I scroll through my feed about 90% of everything I see is just posts with 100K+ likes about Ariana Grande and things like that. No wonder why Visual Kei is fading more and more, social media etc filters it out even for the most hardcore fans. Same thing on youtube, I use youtube mostly to listen to Visual Kei music or watch art channels. In my feed, recommended videos and related videos I only get videos about James Charles and "10 things you didn't know about Kylie Jenner"... I never even watch or care about that shit. Are we getting brainwashed into becoming mainstream? What is it that Visual Kei doesn't have that James Charles, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande etc has? I mean... they seam to be so important to everyone and I am getting forced to know everything about them because social media won't show me the stuff that I am interested in, even though 70% of everything I ever do on the internet is Visual Kei related... >___> The new generation can't discover it like we did because social media filters it out! It feels like they want Visual Kei to be forgotten. I mean... we still hear scene kid music playing on the radio, we still hear 90's grunge playing on the radio... but not Visual Kei even though it was just as mainstream back in the day as grunge etc was. Only difference is that Visual Kei isn't dead and new bands are still popping up and the genre is changing/evolving which makes it new and fresh unlike grunge and scene kid music which is exactly the same as it was back then(just more dead). How do we change this? What if we all dress up as visual kei as possible, take the hottest and coolest pictures ever and post everywhere, link Visual Kei related things all over the web and go outside and inspire people? Is that what it takes to make it popular again? Who sets the trends? Who decided that Visual Kei should fade right after it's peak in 2009? Would you be happy if Visual Kei became popular again? Why/why not? What are your thoughts?
  5. Hi, I listened to baude-laire recently and I'm looking similar sounding bands. I know they are influenced by Coaltar of the Deepers and shoegaze. Some Plastic Tree albums comes to my mind, but I'm looking for more Thanks!
  6. Neurosis

    Vocal: (ジギィ) (Chrysprase (戒 飛華) → ガ♂ル (ジギィ) → LEMON HEART (keita) → unfade (ジギィ)) Guitar: (ゆきあ) (Verfe~gorl (Yukia) → Mirror (ゆきあ) → パンプキンヘッド → girl → ガ♂ル (ゆきあ) → LEMON HEART (hiroyuki) → unfade (ゆきあ)) Bass: (柳) (Wilde Frau → Mirror → unfade → (新世界) → Neo) 2007.04.25 - Flower of love 01. flower of love 02. Bad trip 03. R.S.P. GAME 04. Bonus Track 2007.06.06 - Diamond 01. Diamond 02. Friends 03. Glory Road 2007.07 Vocal: (ジギィ) (Chrysprase (戒 飛華) → ガ♂ル (ジギィ) → LEMON HEART (keita) → unfade (ジギィ)) Guitar: (ゆきあ) (Verfe~gorl (Yukia) → Mirror (ゆきあ) → パンプキンヘッド → girl → ガ♂ル (ゆきあ) → LEMON HEART (hiroyuki) → unfade (ゆきあ)) Bass: (柳) (Wilde Frau → Mirror → unfade → (新世界) → Neo) Drums: sakichi (朱麗 → Langsat → Amulet* (Support) → unfade (sakichi)) 2007.08.01 - the sunshine 01. the sunshine 02. Hungry heart 03. Lonely Boy 04. cloudy after the rain 05. cheap jork 06. open world 07. lights you up 2007.09.05 - JUDGEMENT #001 V.A. 05. Flower of Love 2007.10.25 - star-Live limited release 01. star 2007.12.26 - JUDGEMENT #002 10. Cloudy after rain 2008.03.26 - Miss you 01. Miss you 02. busy life 03. call me 04. Answer 2008.08.06 - LOVE x LOVE x LOVE 01. Love letter 02. Love story 03. Love you
  7. As with my earlier outputs, I thought it would be neat to discuss about "interesting" chord progressions in our beloved, visual scene as well! What kind of intriguing progressions (from your POV) you guys have stumbled onto while going through your VK repertoire? As long as you are able to explain your choices, it's all OK...not that this thread would gain enough exposure, lol (I am not gonna hop into another round of "what is VK music" debate and just pinpoint that even in 00s and earlier 10s it was easy to acknowledge imho what's "so VK" and what's "not so VK" in the auditory context.) Prime example or where to start: "Royal road" progression (IV△7→V7→IIIm7→VIm) VK example of this: as far as I have noticed, Gazette's "Sumire" is pretty much about that kind of progression too, no?
  8. This community has reached 10 years already, and has respectively seen the visual scene (especially) evolve, split ways, come back together and keep evolving throughout the course of MH's existence. However, 3 years until the end of this decade is not a long time period, so the existing base of enthusiasts needs to brace themselves for winds of grandiose changes. We have seen the gamut of heavy, light, hard, quirky rock genres being explored by various participants - or even "game changers" in the whole scene. Good observers are quick to point out that there's a certain "pattern" of trends and influences that could affect the course of Visual evolution. So what's this pattern? So, let's kickstart this discussion by providing a few questions where I'd like to see different Monochromium takes - based on your own experiences, interests, observations and perhaps hopes - on how this gargantuan scene would - or SHOULD carry on. I am asking you to define how YOU see the aforementioned "pattern" - as a VK aficionado or as an old grumpy Visual fan: 1) Where and how would you see current, "dominating" branches of VK (e.g. symphonic rock/metal kei, Paracore, "Ains kei" etc. - you name them) progressing during the end of this decade/during the next decade? Could you see some of them fading out, perhaps becoming more dominant or evolving into newer ones during the said course? 2) Do you anticipate more prominent, *current* Japanese non-VK rock trends in visual scene (e.g. Chanty with post-HC/indie influences) during the aforementioned course or do you see the whole scene, or perhaps a huge part of it, becoming more immersed in "nostalgist ideas" instead (e.g. Grieva and "neo-kotekote") ? Do you prefer to see much larger pool of influences in the prospective visual scene or do you prefer to have VK things in the future as they are now - and why? Feel free to write your overall thoughts on visual "trend evolution" outside of these questions as well.
  9. Scarlet Obsidian

    Hey there! I'd like to request the lyrics from this awesome band! On the net, I can't find anything D: would someone be so kind to share booklet scans/kanji, so that I can romanize them and maybe translate them? Thanks in advance!
  10. Just realized that there's no topic for RiR lyrics and only the request one, so I figured I'd romanize the lyrics I have and post them here! Eternal〜渇望の空 (katsubou no sora)〜 Kanji: 抗うこと 許されない この世界で 生まれ落ちて 見上げた空 その先へと 翼広げて…… 気付いていた 生まれた時から この世界はもう 自由を奪われた 牢獄だということ Oh... 「混沌」「掌握」「慟哭」 吸い込む酸素に 含まれた毒 「洗脳」「蔓延」「崇拝」 吐き出す様にただ 泣き叫んでいた 限りある 空の向こう 見下ろす太陽 触れたかった 真実へと 手を伸ばし 舞い上がる この羽根で… 抗うこと 許されない 世界でほら 息をしてる Hey Jesus. I'm not deceived by you. I'll fly farther than you. Until. Until I die. 広げた翼で… 「曖昧」「改竄」「証明」 与えられるまま ただ生を受け 「略奪」「搾取」「真実」 何にも知らないで 終わって逝くなんて…… 太陽(真実)に 近付き過ぎた翼は 灼かれながら 堕ちてく事 知っていた それでもまた あの空へ… 抗うこと 許されない 世界でまだ 息をしてる Hey Jesus. I'm not deceived by you. I'll fly farther than you. Forget. Forget your lies. 焦がれた翼で… 永久に続く 命の環を 終わりの無い 闇が包む 悲しみさえ 支配された 狂った世界で… 欺かれた ままで生きて 報われずに 死を遂げるの? Hey Jesus. I'm not deceived by you. I'll fly farther than you. 闇を切り裂いて 抗うこと 許されない 世界で今 羽根を広げ Hey Jesus. I'm not deceived by you. I'll fly farther than you. I break. I break the world. 渇望の空へ… Romaji: Aragau koto yurusarenai Kono sekai de umareochite Miageta sora sono saki e to Tsubasa hirogete... Kizuiteita umareta toki kara Kono sekai wa mou jiyuu o ubawareta Rougoku da to iu koto Oh... "Konton" "shouaku" "doukoku" Suikomu sanso ni fukumareta doku "Sen'nou" "man'en" "suuhai" Hakidasu you ni tada nakisakendeita Kagiri aru sora no mukou Miorosu taiyou Furetakatta shinjitsu e to Te o nobashi maiagaru kono hane de... Aragau koto yurusarenai Sekai de hora iki o shiteru Hey Jesus. I'm not deceived by you I'll fly farther than you. Until...Until I die. Hirogeta tsubasa de... "Aimai" "kaizan" "shoumei" Ataerareru mama tada sei o uke "Ryakudatsu" "sakusha" "shinjitsu" Nan'ni mo shiranai de owatteiku nante... Taiyou (shinjitsu) ni chikazukisugita tsubasa wa Yakarenagara ochiteku koto Shitteita sore demo mata ano sora e... Aragau koto yurusarenai Sekai de mada iki o shiteru Hey Jesus. I'm not deceived by you. I'll fly farther than you. Forget...Forget your lies. Kogareta tsubasa de... Towa ni tsuzuku inochi no wa o Owari no nai yami ga tsutsumu Kanashimi sae shihai sareta Kurutta sekai de... Azamukareta mama de ikite Mukuwarezu ni shi o togeru no? Hey Jesus. I'm not deceived by you. I'll fly farther than you. Yami o kirisaite Aragau koto yurusarenai Sekai de ima hane o hiroge Hey Jesus. I'm not deceived by you. I'll fly farther than you. I break...I break the world. Katsubou no sora e... Rosé Kanji: どれだけ痛みを感じればまた あなたに会えるだろう? 消えない想いは行き場を失くし 記憶を彷徨った 《Lost in time》 当てなく歩いた 二人の道に あなたの影はなく 置き去りにされた 約束はもう 儚い夢のまま 深く胸に刺さった 棘は心 蝕んでく 《everlasting》 永遠に 美しく 残る 記憶 色褪せることない 薔薇の様に… 真っ赤に咲いた深紅の花弁 美しく咲き誇る 愛しい声も 輝く瞳も 今はただ 記憶のひとひら 途切れた二人の言葉は二度と 続きを綴らない 流れる時間に身を任せれば いつかは過去になる? 漂う甘い香りに この心は攫われて 愛も 夢も 美麗に重なった 薔薇の様に… 真っ赤に咲いた深紅の花弁 美しく咲き誇る 愛していたい この想いだけは 今もまだ あの頃のままで 長い夜を一人で 歩き出す 行く当てもなく 鮮やかな思い出は 色の無い闇へ染まる 確かな永遠を 二人語り合った 夜明けが近付いて もう一度会えたなら あなたに会えるなら my heart... 心を繋ぐ深紅の花弁 美しく舞い落ちる 深く染まった 想いも涙も 変わらない あの夜のままで 二人を繋ぐ一輪の薔薇が いつの日か また 輝くまで… Romaji: Dore dake itami o kanjireba mata Anata ni aeru darou? Kienai omoi wa ikiba o nakushi Kioku o samayotta 《Lost in time》 Atenaku aruita Futari no michi ni anata no kage wa naku Okizari ni sareta yakusoku wa mou Hakanai yume no mama Fukaku mune ni sasatta Toge wa kokoro mushibandeku 《everlasting》 Eien ni utsukushiku Nokoru kioku iroaseru koto nai Bara no you ni... Makka ni saita shinku no hanabira Utsukushiku sakihokoru Itoshii koe mo kagayaku hitomi mo Ima wa tada kioku no hitohira Togireta futari no kotoba wa nido to Tsuzuki o tsuzuranai Nagareru jikan ni mi o makasereba Itsuka wa kako ni naru? Tadayou amai kaori ni Kono kokoro wa sarawarete Ai mo yume mo birei ni kasanatta Bara no you ni... Makka ni saita shinku no hanabira Utsukushiku sakihokoru Aishiteitai kono omoi dake wa Ima mo mada ano koro no mama de Nagai yoru o hitori de Arukidasu ikuate mo naku Azayaka na omoide wa Iro no nai yami e somaru Tashika na eien o Futari katariatta yoake ga chikazuite Mou ichido aeta nara Anata ni aeru nara my heart... Kokoro o tsunagu shinku no hanabira Utsukushiku maiochiru Fukaku somatta omoi mo namida mo Kawaranai ano yoru no mama de Futari o tsunagu ichirin no bara ga Itsu no hi ka mata Kagayaku made... MIRAGE -toxical love story- Kanji: 無様なfoolish face. 独りよがりが良く似合うね そうよ 《I seem to be when》 夢幻に頭抱えてる 緩んだ precious zips. 麻痺した思考が止められない そして 《Fall from this my hand》 何度後悔して 繰り返すのだろう? 抜け出せない 回る回る この世界で 踊る踊る 傀儡の様に 回る回る 掌の上 霞む霞む 蜃気楼追い掛けた 飾りのbeauty face. 模造品ばかりのカタチを 求め 《I can't get away》 盲目に生きる依存に抱かれ 孤独なlonely hearts. 寂寞に押し潰されそう そうね 《what you always love》 都合良く便利で馬鹿な私よね 分かってるわ 回る回る この世界で 踊る踊る 傀儡の様に 回る回る 掌の上 霞む霞む 蜃気楼見つめたまま 回る回る この世界で 踊る踊る 傀儡の様に 回る回る 掌の上 霞む霞む 蜃気楼… 変わる事も 出来ないまま 泥の沼に 沈んでく 泣いて泣いて 涙は枯れ 淡く霞む 蜃気楼追い掛ける Romaji: Buzama na foolish face. Hitoriyogari yokuniau ne Sou yo 《I seem to be when》 Mugen ni atama kakaeteru Yurunda precious zips. Mahi shita shikou ga tomerarenai Soshite 《Fall from this my hand》 Nando koukai shite kurikaesu no darou? Nukedasenai Mawaru mawaru kono sekai de Odoru odoru kugutsu no you ni Mawaru mawaru tenohira no ue Kasumu kasumu shinkirou oikaketa Kazari no beauty face. Mozouhin bakari no KATACHI o Motome 《I can't get away》 Moumoku ni ikiru izon ni dakare Kodoku na lonely hearts. Sekibaku ni oshitsubusaresou Sou ne 《what you always love》 Tsugou yoku benri de baka na watashi yo ne Wakatteru wa Mawaru mawaru kono sekai de Odoru odoru kugutsu no you ni Mawaru mawaru tenohira no ue Kasumu kasumu shinkirou mitsumeta mama Mawaru mawaru kono sekai de Odoru odoru kugutsu no you ni Mawaru mawaru tenohira no ue Kasumu kasumu shinkirou... Kawaru koto mo dekinai mama Doro no numa ni shizundeku Naite naite namida wa kare Awaku kasumu shinkirou oikakeru RAIN Kanji: 枯れ果て 萎びた花を濡らす 冷たい雨 響く雨音が囁き消した キミの名は 宙を舞って… 遠くなったその背には 触れられなくて 激しさを増す雨は 容赦なく君を包んだ 雨に打たれ声を上げて 震えていた 君の背中 今は遠く 枯れた花を濡らす様に 降り注ぐ 激しい雨 全て 包み込んで キミが居ない 流れてゆく 哀しみと涙だけが 二人を繋ぐ 今は君の 隣に僕は居ないけど ずっと見ているから… その涙を 隠す雨を 降らせよう 枯れた花に寄り添う様に 激しい雨が 止む頃また この空に虹が架かる さぁ 歩き出して 鉛の空に光が射した 君の中で 僕は生きる 雨音に 包まれたら また 思い出して Romaji: Karehate shinabita hana o nurasu tsumetai ame Hibiku amaoto ga kakikeshita Kimi no na wa chuu o matte... Tooku natta sono se ni wa furerarenakute Hageshisa o masu ame wa youshanaku kimi o tsutsunda Ame ni utare koe o agete Furueteita kimi no senaka ima wa tooku Kareta hana o nurasu you ni Furisosogu hageshii ame Subete tsutsumikonde Kimi ga inai nagareteyuku Kanashimi to namida dake ga futari o tsunagu Ima wa kimi no tonari ni boku wa inai kedo Zutto miteiru kara... Sono namida o kakusu ame o Furaseyou kareta hana ni yorisou you ni Hageshii ame ga yamu koro mata Kono sora ni niji ga kakaru Saa arukidashite Namari no sora ni hikari ga sashita Kimi no naka de boku wa ikiru Amaoto ni tsutsumaretara Mata omoidashite Seirios Kanji: Even now this star shimmers brightly 命を燃やして 輝く I'll burn it all, so all turns to ash 光に この眼は奪われる 地表を照らす 輝きに誘われて 伸ばしたこの掌に 今も 届かない 億千の闇を 超えて煌めく あの星が今も 其処にあるなら 翳したこの手は 何度でも 闇を裂く 胸に灯る 火が消えるまで Even now, this star watches over us 忘れる事出来なかった This blue light that shimmers brighter than anything 高鳴る この鼓動だけは 刹那に過ぎ去る 時の速さに 行き場を無くして 彷徨う僕を 導き照らした あの星に触れるまで 胸に灯る 火は輝いて 白い夜明けに 一度霞んだ星が また輝きを増すなら 伸ばす この腕で今… 広がる夜空を 染め上げる様に 叫び続けてた ただ真っ直ぐに 地表を照らして 輝く星の様に 灯る焔が 此処にあるから 億千の闇を 《The light shines at me》 照らす星にこの手が触れる時まで I'll continue crying forever on the star 《I live with you》 《A noble star above all》 まだ 夢の途中 Romaji: Even now this star shimmers brightly Inochi o moyashite kagayaku I'll burn it all, so all will turn to ash Hikari ni kono me wa ubawareru Chihyou o terasu kagayaki ni sasowarete Nobashita kono tenohira wa Ima mo todokanai Okusen no yami o koete kirameku Ano hoshi ga ima mo soko ni aru nara Kazashita kono te wa nando demo yami o saku Mune ni tomoru hi ga kieru made Even now, this star watches over us Wasureru koto dekinakatta This blue light that shimmers brighter than anything Takanaru kono kodou dake wa Setsuna ni sugisaru toki no hayasa ni Ikiba o nakushite samayou boku o Michibiki terashita ano hoshi ni fureru made Mune ni tomoru hi wa kagayaite Shiroi yoake ni ichido kasunda hoshi ga Mata kagayaki o masu nara Nobasu kono ude de ima... Hirogaru yozora o someageru you ni Sakebitsuzuketeta tada massugu ni Chihyou o terashite kagayaku hoshi no you ni Tomoru honoo ga koko ni aru kara Okusen no yami o 《The light shines at me》 Terasu hoshi ni kono te ga fureru toki made I'll continue crying forever on the star 《I live with you》 《A noble star above all》 Mada yume no tochuu I'll update this post as soon as the other lyrics come out, but in the mean time I'd like to thank @The Reverend for providing me scans of the booklet for "Rosé/MIRAGE" and JPopAsia for "Eternal", @DarkWater for the kanji of "RAIN"! And also @Suuu , of course, for bringing us the translation in their videos!
  11. Waru Chibi

    Hello everyone, I am Co-host of a Radio show which takes place every 2 weeks on Friday So if it's allowed i'd like to advertise it here a litte! My friend Fizban is hosting the show and we have music from indies to old school rock bands from all over japan. Sometimes we also introduce you some European Visual Kei inspired Bands. Also we sometimes have some super specials where we have Band members as our guest, introducing their new album, Tour or just their music to our dear listeners. The other time we talk about concerts, airing interviews from concerts and having a lot of fun! If you are interessted now please follow the link and just click on the radio stream. Radio Diablolus Edit: Our facebook Page: Diabolic Bentobox Our Mixcloud Profile: Diabolic Bentobox on Mixcould
  12. CDs: Lycaon: Chain of Collar type A (a crack on front case), (track-list: 1. SE 2. Chain of collar 3. Insanity) Gypsy cd+dvd (track-list: 1. Gypse 2. Ballad, DVD 1. Gypse pv + PV making of/off shot) [not big] posters: shedia, mix speakers inc, sibilebashir, Oneness Pictures DM me offers or buy it all for 40 USD + shipping. For the thread if you have a few items i don't think its necessary to have you own thread. just use spoilers for pictures if ur posting them
  13. Hey you all! Thanks to @numetal I have the lyrics of this splendid single! I romanized everything myself (this post will be edited with the other lyrics later ) 1. 人生ゲーム 嘘つきばかりの「人生ゲーム」 1度目の人生は売れてないダメホスト たくさんの諭吉で気持ちを買ってみせるの 2度目の人生は一般人のリーマンで いつの間にか私 物足りなくなっちゃうの ああ…なんて滑稽なんだろう… 金で人を気持ちを買えるはずないのに… あなたと私の「人生ゲーム」 お金と時間を引き換えに あなたと私の「人生ゲーム」 いやいや体を売りました あなたと私の「人生ゲーム」 お金と体を引き換えに あなたと私の「人生ゲーム」 まだまだあなたを試します 3度目の人生はイケメン風なバーテンダー 付き合ってはいけない3Bに手を出しちゃうの 4度目の人生はちょっと売れてるバンドマン 私のこと歌詞に書いて歌ってくれるの ああ…なんて滑稽なんだろう… どうせいつかおまえ捨てられるのに… あなたと私の「人生ゲーム」 お金と時間を引き換えに あなたと私の「人生ゲーム」 いやいや体を売りました あなたと私の「人生ゲーム」 お金と体を引き換えに あなたと私の「人生ゲーム」 まだまだあなたを試します 「全ては神様の気まぐれ」 Romaji: Usotsuki bakari no "jinsei GE-MU" Ichidome no jinsei wa uretenai DAME HOSUTO Takusan no yukichi de kimochi o katte miseru no Nidome no jinsei wa ippanjin no RI-MAN de Itsu no ma ni ka watashi mono tarinaku nacchau no Aa...nante kokkei nan'darou... Kane de hito o kimochi o kaeru hazu nai no ni... Anata to watashi no "jinsei GE-MU" Okane to jikan o hikikae ni Anata to watashi no "jinsei GE-MU" Iya iya karada o urimashita Anata to watashi no "jinsei GE-MU" Okane to karada o hikikae ni Anata to watashi no "jinsei GE-MU" Mada mada anata o tameshimasu Sandome no jinsei wa IKEMEN fuu na BA-TENDA- Tsukiatte wa ikenai 3B ni te o dashichau no Yondome no jinsei wa chotto ureteru BANDOMAN Watashi no koto kashi ni kaite utatte kureru no Aa...nante kokkei nan'darou... Douse itsuka omae suterareru no ni... Anata to watashi no "jinsei GE-MU" Okane to jikan o hikikae ni Anata to watashi no "jinsei GE-MU" Iya iya karada o urimashita Anata to watashi no "jinsei GE-MU" Okane to karada o hikikae ni Anata to watashi no "jinsei GE-MU" Mada mada anata o tameshimasu "Subete wa kamisama no kimagure" Bonus: the choir you hear throughout the whole song is a part of the "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven so I'll write it under this. "Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium, Wir betreten feuertrunken, Himmlische, dein Heiligthum!" 2. はぁ…もう病む Kanji: 午前10時ファミボお決まりです! チケ発に捧ぐ週末の朝 でもね?私だけ10時じゃないの… どこで見ていても目が合うの… あ?!もうウザイよ! 1 「遅れて登場!私はオキニ!」 2 「ムダにオシャレしたあの子はだあれ?」 3 「上から下までジロジロ見んなよ!」 死 「私だけじゃないあの子は誰なの…」 「え?おまえに関係ない」 「はぁ…もう病む」口癖になる あの子もこの子も大嫌い 「はぁ…もう病む」今日も生きます 繋がり数えて「1、2、3、死…」 「はぁ…もう病む」口癖になる 棒立ち逆最絶対ソレじゃん! 「はぁ…もう病む」今日も生きます バンギャル万歳! 「1、2、3、死!」 午後16時OPEN始まりです! 女同士の裏格付け でもね?私だけ参加しないの… あなたたちと一緒にしないで? あ?!もうウザイよ! 1 「大量購入!私チェキ廃!」 2 「この前のアイツまたギリギリかよ…」 3 「八万美人なあの子は繋がり?」 死 「私だけの彼近づかないでよ!」 「え?おまえそろそろ黙れよ?」 「はぁ…もう病む」口癖になる あの子もこの子も大嫌い 「はぁ…もう病む」今日も生きます 繋がり数えて「1、2、3、死…」 「はぁ…もう病む」口癖になる 棒立ち逆最絶対ソレじゃん! 「はぁ…もう病む」今日も生きます バンギャル万歳! 「1、2、3、死!」 Romaji: Gozen 10ji FAMIBO okimari desu! CHIKE hatsu ni sasagu shuumatsu no asa Demo ne? Watashi dake 10ji janai no... Doko de miteite mo me ga au no... A?! Mou UZAI yo! 1 "Okurete toujou! Watashi wa OKINI!" 2 "MUDA ni OSHARE shita ano ko wa daare?" 3 "Ue kara shita made JIROJIRO min'na yo!" Shi "Watashi dake janai ano ko wa dare na no..." "E? Omae ni kankei nai!" "Haa...mou yamu" kuchiguse ni naru Ano ko mo kono ko mo daikirai "Haa...mou yamu" kyou mo ikimasu Tsunagari kazoete "1, 2, 3, shi..." "Haa...mou yamu" kuchiguse ni naru Boudachi gyakusai zettai SORE jan! "Haa...mou yamu" kyou mo ikimasu BANGYARU banzai! "1, 2, 3, shi!" Gogo 16ji OPEN hajimari desu! Jodoushi no ura kakuzuke Demo ne? Watashi dake sanka shinai no... Anata-tachi to issho ni shinai de? A?! Mou UZAI yo! 1 "Tairyou kounyuu! Watashi wa CHEKI hai!" 2 "Kono mae no AITSU mata GIRIGIRI ka yo..." 3 "Hachiman bijin na ano ko wa tsunagari?" Shi "Watashi dake no katachikazukanai de yo!" "E? Omae sorosoro damare yo?" "Haa...mou yamu" kuchiguse ni naru Ano ko mo kono ko mo daikirai "Haa...mou yamu" kyou mo ikimasu Tsunagari kazoete "1, 2, 3, shi..." "Haa...mou yamu" kuchiguse ni naru Boudachi gyakusai zettai SORE jan! "Haa...mou yamu" kyou mo ikimasu BANGYARU banzai! "1, 2, 3, shi!" 3. 捨て猫 Kanji: 拾われた私 飼い慣らされてた 思い通り騙されていた… 「好き」という言葉簡単に言うけど 徐々に徐々に本気にしてた… 狂ったように 暴れ暴れ暴れ暴れ 気づいてはまた 泣いて泣いて泣いて泣いて そんなあなたは ダメ男ダメ男ダメ男ダメ男 ハマる私は ダメ女ダメ女ダメ女ダメ女 「捨て猫みたい」だって馬鹿にしてまた笑うんでしょ? 「もっと堕として?」 「身」も「心」も「金」も捧げてもきっと意味ないんでしょ? 私は「捨て猫…」 ”お前は俺の駒でしかない もっと使える女になれよ 楽にしてやるから 早く堕ちるとこまで堕ちてしまえよ” 堕ちた私を見てあなたは今何思うの? 「簡単」でしょ? そうやって女を何人も騙してきたんでしょ? 「出会わなければよかった…」 「捨て猫みたい」だって馬鹿にしてまた笑うんでしょ? 「もっと堕として?」 「身」も「心」も「金」も捧げてもきっと意味ないんでしょ? 私は「捨て猫…」 Romaji: Hirowareta watashi kainarasareteta Omoi-doori damasareteita... "Suki" to iu kotoba kantan ni iu kedo Jojo ni jojo ni honki ni shiteta... Kurutta you ni abare abare abare abare Kizuite wa mata naite naite naite naite Sonna anata wa DAMEO DAMEO DAMEO DAMEO Hamaru watashi wa DAMEJO DAMEJO DAMEJO DAMEJO "Suteneko mitai" datte baka ni shite mata waraun'desho? "Motto otoshite?" "Karada" mo "kokoro" mo "kane" mo sasagete mo kitto imi nain'desho? Watashi wa "suteneko..." "Omae wa ore no koma de shikanai Motto tsukaeru onna ni nare yo Raku ni shite yaru kara Hayaku ochiru toko made ochite shimae yo" Ochita watashi o mite anata wa ima nani omou no? "Kantan" desho? Sou yatte onna o nan'nin mo damashitekitan'desho? "Deawanakereba yokatta..." "Suteneko mitai" datte baka ni shite mata waraun'desho? Motto otoshite? "Karada" mo "kokoro" mo "kane" mo sasagete mo kitto imi nain'desho? Watashi wa "suteneko..." 4. ミレン (MIREN) Kanji: ありきたりでヘタクソな嘘を並べるだけ 意味などない情だと知りながら堕ちてく あなたは今どこにいますか? あなたは今誰といますか? あなたは私を覚えていますか? 私は違う男の腕の中で あなたを思っています… ミレンタラタラ… ナミダタラタラ… 流した涙は水たまりのよう 切なく溜まってく 降り注ぐ雨はやがて 終わりを告げる終止符 ミレンタラタラ… ナミダタラタラ… 「アイシテル」の言葉の裏側見透かして 幸せだと思っていた日に「サヨナラ」を… あなたは今幸せですか? あなたは今笑い合えていますか? あなたは私をまだ思っていますか? 私は違う男に捨てられ また今日も泣いています… ミレンタラタラ… ナミダタラタラ… 強がることでしか保てなくて 満たされないまま 「あの人がよかった」なんて言えない 言えるはずもない… ミレンタラタラ… ナミダタラタラ… Romaji: Arikitari de HETAKUSO na uso o naraberu dake Imi nado nai jou da to shirinagara ochiteku Anata wa ima doko ni imasu ka? Anata wa ima dare to imasu ka? Anata wa watashi o oboeteimasu ka? Watashi wa chigau otoko no ude no naka de Anata o omotteimasu... MIREN TARATARA... NAMIDA TARATARA... Nagashita namida wa mizutamari no you Setsunaku tamatteiku Furisosogu ame wa yagate Owari o tsugeru shuushifu MIREN TARATARA... NAMIDA TARATARA... "AISHITERU" no kotoba no uragawa misukashite Shiawase da to omotteita hi ni "SAYONARA" o... Anata wa ima shiawase desu ka? Anata wa ima waraiaeteimasu ka? Anata wa watashi o mada omotteimasu ka? Watashi wa chigau otoko ni suterare Mata kyou mo naiteimasu... MIREN TARATARA... NAMIDA TARATARA... Tsuyogaru koto de shika tamotenakute Mitasarenai mama "Ano hito ga yokatta" nante ienai Ieru hazu mo nai... MIREN TARATARA... NAMIDA TARATARA... Enjoy!! And feel free to do corrections, if you see some mistakes
  14. lollipopmonstar

    LM.C to perform at Anime Friends Brazil in 07/17! For tickets: http://ticketpop.com.br/anime-friends/ More Information: https://www.facebook.com/animefriendsbr/ Official website of the event: http://www.animefriends.com.br/
  15. We do have that inspiration thread somewhere already, but in any case, I thought this would be neato as a separate, dedicated thread: Since we acknowledge the fact variety of VK acts has been influenced somewhat or a lot by their non-VK compatriots and senseis, how would we approach the reverse situation? This thread is basically about (renowned) non-vk acts or artists, that were influenced to some/the very extent by our loved visual scene (VK oyajis, possible VK (ex-)household names etc.) - preferably with proofs/examples E.g. Ling Tosite Sigure Not the first band where you'd look for particular VK influences but quelle surprise: the band - or TK and Pierre in this case - have been VK aficionados ever since their early youth/pre-teens! Almost each and every interview revolving around their album-specific/overall influences had TK gone on heat about Luna Sea or Pierre having his X Japan/Yoshiki/Luna Sea (again) fanboy moment and rants about how VK should be "break free of stigmas". Whereas TK is basically the sole songwriter of LTS, there's a great handful of LTS songs where TK and Pierre implemented drum patterns, song structures or even riffs that are rather akin to speedy Luna Sea anthems. Sample song which was regarded as "one of the most "VK" efforts by TK" by various critics - from the same album which was inspired by Luna Sea's biggest breakthrough, "MOTHER" (see: Tower.jp link). Some references: http://tower.jp/article/feature/2009/05/14/100036652/100036663/100036667 JaM - session influences + overall influences Pierre and his 90s VK manifesto? - There was also some joint interview by TK and some dude on sigure.jp in which TK's youth and LUNA SEA influences were briefly discussed, I will make sure to update once I find it...
  16. zombieparadise

    Hi Everyone, I'm Steve, a graphic designer from Canada who's been into Visual Kei for about 10 years. I'm new to the forums, but I've been creeping everything for a little over 2 years (I'm shy, or stupid or something). I'm finally working from home, so I figured I'd have more time to waste on the internet, and thus, get active on MH! My top 3 bands that I couldn't live without: 1. heidi. 2. Plastic Tree 3. lynch. I like to consider the 2004-2009ish era my personal 'golden age' for VK, so most of my favorite bands are from that era and are as follows. Those are my top three in order, but the rest are a toss up! PIERROT cali≠gari 12012 DEATHGAZE D'espairsRay deadman 9GOATS BLACK OUT DELUHI MERRY girugämesh 蜉蝣 (Kagerou) The GazettE -OZ- Sadie NoGoD ケミカルピクチャーズ 人格ラヂオ 陰陽座 (Onmyo-za) As far as 'newer' bands go (I'm getting old), these guys are alright by me: AvelCain Develop One's Faculties DEZERT DIV HOLLOWGRAM KEEL My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND Umbrella 黒百合と影 (Kuroyuri to Kage) - - - I like regular J-Rock too (AKFG, FACT, etc.) and as far as English music goes, I mostly like 90's era shoegazing goodness (Ride, Chapterhouse, mbv, etc.) and a little Ringo Deathstarr/Fleeting Joys. Japanese Rock has been a part of my life for a really long time, and I owe it to sites like this for keeping the love alive! I'm glad to be a part of it nao. Sorry for the band-spam! I like lists and paragraphs. See you in the forums
  17. Ever had this moment when you spun certain non-vk record (while chilling around without our lovely j-music...we tend to have these phases too hey)...you were reminded of your old Japanese favorites? I am pretty sure most of you did have that kind of moment at least once! So the idea behind this thread is simple: You post specific non-Japanese releases (compilations, albums...) which might occasionally bug you with reminiscence/elements akin to your Japanese favorites. It doesn't have to be legit influence, so feel free to open up with your discoveries! No one's gonna judge here anyway, right? Example:
  18. Pretsy

    Most music enthusiasts and even casual listeners are more likely to pinpoint their favorite albums from artists' "first steps" - like you'd normally seeing someone e.g. placing Despa's debut on a pedestal and getting zealous over it and etc. But are there any best bits that came out from artists after many years - or even decades of experience? List a few - or many (if you want) fav albums of your fav artists when their experience spanned for a long time. Example: Feel free to mention your fav late-career albums!
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