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  1. Kuro

    There were some tiny hints on Kidoairaku but that's been it. There're even more hints on Rijin than on Kidoairaku which again held more of Chedoara, that's why Misc. was such a surprise for almost everyone. As I said, I don't mind Misc., I like it. But it's still not the banger than their stuff before had. In the end I don't care what they're doing. I think they shall try things out, if they like. I always am of the opinion that artists should do what they like instead of what others expect them to do. But they have to live with the consequences resulting from this. If they lose most of their fans by changing over and over again because they want to try out many different things but complain about their fans not being supportive it's just whiny and pathetic. No one expects them to change as well as they can't expect no one to love those changes. That's simply it. Those who love them for being these people will follow them anyway. And those who (only) love them for their music might quit, if that music changes and ain't to their liking anymore. That's simply how things are. And yeah, I didn't think they're about to quit, right by what Retsu put up on IG. Yet I don't care about what he puts there as long as there's no release announced it doesn't matter. Since I don't trust what's about to come until I hear it, I don't care about words.
  2. Kuro

    I won't say anything about Dir en grey because I didn't really listen to anything before Vulgar. But comparing Gazette's changes to DIMLIM's is not working. The change just from Chedoara to Misc. (and I do like Misc. while the rest was perfectly great, I don't hate any of these releases) is like what when comparing to Gazette? Akuyukai to Dim? Which's like six years of time with tons of releases inbetween? While there's been like 1.5 years between Chedoara and Misc.? With just two releases inbetween that at least halfway still give off enough vibes of what DIMLIM released before? That comparison doesn't work for me. Yeah they changed. They try. They maybe fail (even though that might be very subjective). And that's alright. But it's true that you one first needs a solid base to put all these tries onto that still will carry on with the band. Just heading from one thing to another and yet another all the time ain't helpful. This year ain't helpful, too and that is of course nothing the band is responsible for. Question is still, if they want to survive as a band (enough fans to make enough money to keep going) or not. And that's what I'm wondering myself: Do they want to be around in 5, 10, 15 years or do they just want to make music for fun? For the latter they don't need to care about fans and money. Which still leaves the question for how long they can go on that way. If they signed to label, maybe there finally would be some direction they could follow. But from the things Retsu said months ago I never had the feeling he wants to give anything out of his hands when it comes to decisions. It's just my impression maybe it's never been his intention to say this. If they signed to a label, we'll get to know about it sooner or later though.
  3. Kuro

  4. Kuro

    I barely care for re-recordings except for I get the re-recorded version first. At least usually. There still might be exceptions. One is Gazette's Taion from Traces Vol. 2. In the end even every song from that album even though it took me years for half of the album to grow on me. But most of the times it's really depending on which version I got to know first.
  5. Nope, not at all. Regarding caring about kids I'd be a good parent, I guess. That's the maybe only point that should make me go for a different choice. (However I'm not sure if kids saw it that way though because I'd be pretty strict.) However I neither want to pass on my fucked up genes since I believe that mental health issues are at least partly related to this (even though I'm convinced that shaping/education has more influence on this). But that gets to the next point I'm not in the condition to ever give to a kid what they'd need. And aside from this I wouldn't want to put my body as well as my mental condition through pregnancy. Not a single bit.
  6. Kuro

    I follow someone on Social Media who's a huge fan of 8P-SB (even though said person had been a fan of Mejibray before, yeah, these people exist). And they said after one of 8P-SB's lives that Genki had said that he'll never do anything he doesn't want to do anymore so to me this was very clear he wanted to do what 8P-SB was doing. I really don't get all the discussion about how crappy they are and how great it is they just stop. I never listened to them. From the comments on their musical direction and from their looks I was very certain that's not my cup of tea. Yeah fine, if they enjoy themselves go for it. They have fans. For what reason doesn't matter. And comments like how great they finally stop are so disrespectful and hurtful for fans and maybe even the band/artist (not just regarding 8P-SB but for all threads I see comments of that kind). Not liking a style or whatever reason keeps one from liking a band/artist doesn't mean that the project doesn't mean something to the people involved and fans. There's always someone left behind hurt, no matter how crappy the band/artist is in most people's opinions.
  7. I don't have any but that's due to my cat killing them all. Aside from this my finger ain't green but black. Most plants don't survive with me, too. xDD
  8. Kuro

    Please let this be a full revival. Please!
  9. Kuro

    I'd add Itu who's been in FeaDior (2nd vocal, the 1st one sounded pretty different) but especially for when he was vocal for ANUBIS. I'm sure he once put it on his blog that he also had some musical education (not just singing lessons) but that's so many years ago and I think that blog doesn't exist anymore. And there's been a huge step from FeaDior to ANUBIS' 'MYTH ~Kamigami no shirabe~'.
  10. Kuro

    I can only talk about Gazette here and not about lots of years ago, but for translations there's quite some work going on still. For lyrics I know about very good ones since 2013 (there are quite some missing, especially from before 2013, but those available are really good) and there's also someone going through their social media posts and also working on interviews, recent and also partly older ones (I wouldn't say really old ones though and I don't know, if there have been translations of these when the interviews came out in like since 2013 I think, but ain't sure because I didn't check on that stuff back then). It's not that much I know but it's better than nothing. And speaking of just me as much as I love the visual aspect the music is still the most important part to me. And with what I listen to there's nothing I ever found outside of VK. So I don't care, whether there are translations (because they don't make up for the music) or not.
  11. Kuro

    I really don't know about how many because I don't care about others. It's up to them what they like and if that changes I'm fine with it. For me I can't imagine to ever stop. I've been listening to almost VK bands exclusively for the past 14 years. Maybe it's because I've already been 25 when I got into VK. I've been going through a lot of stuff during my youth and that was pretty different. I've been evolving from mostly anything being on German charts in the mid 90s, moved through a three year long very addicitve time loving The Kelly Family (they've been very popular in China back then as far as I remember) and then moved on to rock music. Starting with bands like Silverchair, Bush, but also No Doubt, Alanis Morrissette, Foo Fighters and so on. I also got to Linkin Park and partly System of a down before I got to know MUCC as the first Japanese band, followed by Dir en grey and then lots more all the time (bands played in Germany and even Berlin a lot back then so I also had the chance to see quite some of them easily and I guess that also helped). I never felt like getting back. Not really. A bit like listening to stuff from "my past" every other year but I've always been getting back to VK bands very soon. I don't know what's to come some day but from how things have been throughout the past years I can't imagine to ever let go of this. I won't get into Kpop anyway I guess, I'm really not fond of pop music in general. There's not a single bit of interest in me to even try them out.
  12. I'm a Slytherin and that fits me. It's not about being evil anyway. Or is it? Next most fitting house were Ravenclaw.
  13. Kuro

    I'm either Gen Y or X but I decided to vote Y. I never minded getting to know about VK when I was in the middle of my Twenties so I didn't have to ask my parents, if I were allowed to go to this live or that one (2006 - 2008 there have been so many bands coming to Germany that I've been to lives so often compared to now). I also didn't have to care about school and if tour dates might interfere with school stuff, especially when I had to go to other places than here so to me that was the perfect age. I don't look my age anyway so no one every thought I'd be that much older than the others. xDD
  14. Kuro

    It was clear since Saturday that it wouldn't happen now, maybe being cancelled (at least the shows in Berlin) and I've just been waiting for an official announcement on what's to come. Waiting for new dates or getting the money for the tickets back.
  15. Kuro

    There's everything in detail about the previous hiatus and the drummer change.
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