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  1. this is so weird i haven't been here in forever lol

  2. evilcoconut

    Tbh, all the people who virtue signaled Hide's death day, when they never even knew about him when he was actually alive. That always bugged the crap out of me. Every VK fan that ever said about any band "they need to put out something harder" or "this is too poppy" "I don't like x-band anymore bc Tanuki revealed their manwhore tendencies" and related: "x-vkbandoman can't possibly be a manwhore bc he looks too innocent" Any VK fan that freaks out when someone else says their favorite band sucks. Extremely pretentious reviews of VK albums. VK fans who call VK Jrock when they most definitely 100% mean VK bc they don't actually listen to any other Japanese rock. Any band said to be copying Dir en grey. If I could roll my eyes any harder at this, they'd be in the back of my head by now. Ok this turned out to be less "shit new vk fans say" and more, this is the ridiculous shit I've heard from VK fans over the years.
  3. evilcoconut

    idk, i always think i'm over it, but then i find some random new band and sometimes i still straight binge on the stuff. at this point i very srsly doubt i'll ever be "over it" lol
  4. I generally refuse to use Crapple, but I dumbly bought two eps and two singles off iTunes and only one of the eps doesn't have DRM shit on it. Thanks for reminding me how much I hate you Crapple. :evil:

  5. Yeah this would take me forEVER. Not that I won't try tho....
  6. omg i hate when bands do this. usually bc i discover it after they've "disappeared" for a few years. D:
  7. evilcoconut

    Daisuke's death Isshi's death Luna Sea getting back together D'espairsRay breaking up Wataru's choking arrest Undercode going under The Guruguru Eigakan guy dying Merry's sudden about face in style/music That singer from Viored straight up disappearing The Ayabie clusterfuck That's all that's coming to mind atm.
  8. evilcoconut

    Definitely D'espairsRay. Like, no contest lol. They were more or less the band that got me into VK. Just thinking about not being able to look forward to their releases anymore is painful.
  9. evilcoconut

    Maybe in order lol 1.Hizumi (D'espairsRay) 2.Tatsurou (MUCC) 3.Gara (Merry) 4.Tora (Sel'm, Stereo CK) 5.Mikaru (DIO, Black Line) 6.Kon (a shitton of bands) 7.Wataru (12012) 8.Riku (Phantasmagoria, Chariots) 9.Whatshisface from Viored and Marusa lol Probably Hazuki from Lynch too. There's some newer singers I like, but they haven't really been around long enough for me to call them a ~fave~ so to speak.
  10. evilcoconut

    ↑ People always ignore Chinese music, that makes me salty in general. And ugh I loooooathe Big Bang. I have nfi why they're so popular, but then again I never have understood why Diru and Gazette are the mainstays of VK either so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. evilcoconut

    ↑ Lol Kpop fans are so obnoxious, I avoid them like the plague. They're either creepy and stalkerish or obsessed and uptight with it being "problematic". I don't get that fandom at all.
  12. Yay! Did they ever look VK? They don't in that pic lol.
  13. evilcoconut

    I've personally known quite a few people who listened almost exclusively to VK out of Japanese music and then went to listening exclusively to Kpop, or some combination. I think those are the ones I draw certain conclusions about lol, and the reason behind this thread. But if Kpop and/or VK is just part of your musical palate, whatever, it doesn't matter it's all music. I'm less into Kpop than other types of pop (still like more Chinese and Japanese pop) mostly bc I think the girl pop from Korea is awful in comparison. Also, the more current groups within the last few years have been a lot more appealing musically to me than the ones in the 00s-12 time period. I also still like current VK, but I listen to way more indie and mainstream Japanese rock than VK in general. And I probably listen to more Korean and Japanese rap than pop for the most part too lol. As for visuals...I personally don't really engage with music much aside from listening to it, so I don't watch many PVs or anything like that.
  14. evilcoconut

    Since I'm sure my previous list is full of hiatusing or disbanded bands.... 1.Lynch 2.Vistlip 3.the god and death stars 4.Nightmare 5.DaizyStripper 6.Gotcharocka 7.Liphlich 8.Alsdead 9.Diaura 10.XaaXaa actually trying to fish ten current bands out of my pile was pretty hard lol, most of my top VK bands are either no longer VK, disbanded or on hiatus. =/ and i can't believe how long vistlip and daizystripper have been around lol
  15. evilcoconut

    It references my identity as a coconut, possibly an evil one.
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