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  1. I'm so happy! The album sounds promising, I'm really looking forward to listening to the full tracks!
  2. shiroikitsune

    I can't still wait to hear new heavy songs from them, but these tracks seemed to be interesting and catchy as well to me and I really enjoyed the preview!
  3. shiroikitsune

    Studio giapponese all'università e noto ora che studio nella città in cui vivi attualmente! Studi per caso giapponese anche tu?^^ Immagino che di anno in anno questo ambiente muti molto! Io non lo conosco da tantissimo tempo e ringrazio questo sito che mi permette di ricevere notizie in tempo reale e di informarmi sui vari gruppi, altrimenti credo mi sarebbe decisamente più difficile orientarmi. Gli scioglimenti mi rattristano sempre, anche se magari non mi riguardano in prima persona. Però il bello del visual kei è che nascono velocemente gruppi sempre nuovi, quindi basta solo attendere quello giusto! Grazie mille! Lo auguro di cuore anche a te!
  4. shiroikitsune

    Sono ancora abbastanza nuova dell'ambiente, credo di ascoltare questo tipo di musica da due-tre anni circa. Non ero abituata a vedere parecchie band sciogliersi in un lasso di tempo relativamente breve e questo mi ha colto un po' alla sprovvista. Ci sono diversi generi all'interno di questa categoria, quindi credo sia solo questione di tempo prima che io trovi nuovi gruppi da seguire, però ammetto di avere spesso timore di finire per vedere le band che mi piacciono sciogliersi una dietro l'altra. Mi farò coraggio e cercherò di abbandonare questo mio pessimismo.^^ Credo ti copierò il tuo proposito per il nuovo anno! Vorrei anch'io ricominciare ad ascoltare cose nuove! Mi ero avvicinata sia per motivi di studio sia perché mi piacevano veramente alcune sonorità che sentivo, per cui devo ritrovare questa mia passione!
  5. shiroikitsune

    Salve a tutti/e! E benvenuta Lawrlia! Perdonate se mi inserisco così all'improvviso nella conversazione! Sono una ragazza pure io e le band che maggiormente mi piacciono sono i DADAROMA, i Royz, i Kiryu e gli AvelCain. Ascolto anche altre band e dovrei un attimo aggiornarmi sugli ultimi singoli usciti. Ammetto che lo scioglimento degli AvelCain mi ha colto alla sprovvista, tant'è che non mi sono ancora ripresa del tutto. Ultimamente non ho ascoltato moltissimo questo genere di musica, ma sto cercando piano piano di ricominciare. E' un piacere conoscervi!^^
  6. It's been a while since the last time I've listened to some visual kei. I think I was not used to see many bands disband and I felt lost somehow. Let's start again! At the same time, I'll try to find new interesting music while catching up with the news.

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    2. Takato
    3. shiroikitsune


      Thank you very much for your suggestions, I'm gonna check them out! I only know DADAROMA, which is currently my favourite band!^^

    4. Takato
  7. It was totally unexpected. I've discovered them just... a week ago, maybe? Well, I don't remember, but it was not so long ago. On Twitter I've read about their upcoming best album, but I must have skipped the news about their disbandment. I'm so sad. They seem very promising to me and I couldn't wait to hear more from them! I'm still not used to this kind of news. Hopefully they will continue performing.
  8. Recently I really enjoy AvelCain's songs, but at the same time I'm so sad that they are disbanding soon. Nevertheless, I can't help listening to their music. I'm still not used to disbandments...

    1. DESTINYGUY0316


      my friend I listen many bands disband 

      Music never Dead 

      this my word 

      No music no life ... 

  9. shiroikitsune

    Well, I admit I'm really looking forward to this album. The presence of songs like ベルカとストレルカ makes me genuinely happy and I can't wait to listen to the new tracks! Regarding the pv, it gave me some Mejibray's vibes (as mentioned in the post before), too. I appreciate the fact that the song is more heavy than jazzy and, regarding their new look, I find it an interesting reinterpretation of the concept of circus. To sum up, I really like it!
  10. shiroikitsune

    (I've forgotten to mention before: I didn't mean to be OT and I hope that my post is okay, but, if it isn't, I apologize in advance) Thank you very much for helping me!^^ (and sorry for bothering!)
  11. shiroikitsune

    Maybe I can't consider myself a fan, since it found them not long time before I realized they were about to disband, but to me their music is appealing and I liked the songs I listened from them. As I found their announce, I couldn't believe in what I was reading. I wish I'd discovered them before! I'm really sorry to bother you, but may I ask you something about the video from the link above? I've watched it and two songs caught my attention: one starts around minute 8:37 and the other about 12:37. Since I like them, I'm repeatly listening to these tracks, but unfortunately I don't know their titles. Thank you in advance for your kindness!
  12. I could already preorder new Kiryu album, but I'd like to order it along with new DADAROMA one... Hope to find preorder also for it soon!

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    2. shiroikitsune


      Really?;; Some time ago I read that they were going to release a live-limited single in March (and that was Neji) and an album in May and I thought that it would be possible to find it at CDJapan, as for Dadaism #2. Anyway, thanks for letting me know! I haven't considered this opportunity so far, so I should be prepared also for it.

    3. yakihiko


      If Dadaism 2 were on CDJ, there is a possibility to the next one be sold on CDJ too.

    4. shiroikitsune


      I bought Dadaism #2 from that site, so hopefully I could find their new cd there. Thank you for your explanation! Now I have just to wait for more details and -  I'm keeping my fingers crossed - for the preorders!

  13. shiroikitsune

    Even though I was expecting a new album, I wasn't ready for it to be announced. I took me a while to find Hiyori, but I really like their new look and I can't wait to have more information about the release! It is quite a long time to wait, but I'm really looking forward to it!
  14. shiroikitsune

    Even though KIryu is one of my favourite artists, I'll try to be as objective as possible. First of all, I'd like to thank you, because now I got to know two new bands I could really like. After listening to the suggested songs, my favourite vocalists were Kaya, Ran and Mahiro. Kaya has such a refined voice! Now I'm feeling more relaxed and without worries thanks to Femme Fatale's song. On the other hand, I'm impressed by Ran. He gave me chills. His voice throws me in a dark atmosphere, without sounding harsh. Besides, one of the main reason why I like Kiryu is Mahiro's voice. It's not easy to explain why, I've just fallen in love with his voice after listening to a song. I find it very adaptable and theatrical. May I choose them all, please? They are quite different from each other and in my opinion it's not easy to decide who is the best. Well, if I have to, I'll choose the one who quickly impressed me the most. Therefore, I'll choose Ran. (However, I really like the other two too!)
  15. I like the new layout!^^ But is it normal to see lots of question marks for example in some signatures or in my "about me" page? It seems they are where you have started a new paragraph.

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    2. Chi


      in my case there were ?? because i had emojis in my signature which is  not compatible in signatures anymore after the upgrade :'(

    3. shiroikitsune


      Oh, I see... Thank you for telling! Well, in my case, there were a question mark every time I'd started a new paragraph, but now it's all fixed^^ (I could easily cancel them).

    4. Chi


      glad you got it fixed!!

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