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    did you know that even with seatbelts people die all the time in
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    car crashes? i thought that was interesting
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  1. still can't believe how INCREDIBLY underrated Lament. are, still one of the best VK bands of the last decade or so.

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    2. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      Do you have any other suggestions? Cause I've ended up loving all these bands you've mentioned.

    3. Tokage


      idk if you listened to em yet but MUNIMUNI/ムニムニ are  xtremely good & underrated too

      also these bois if you like vaguely plastic tree-like vibes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJxu6cmNAmE

    4. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      Awesome I had not, thanks a lot.
      I do like the actual music of the second one but unfortunately I can't listen to high register voices except in opera, I don't know why. The range in 抗体 is good for me.
      Either way now I actually have some albums I want to buy 🙂

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