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  1. The song itself isn’t too bad, the high pitched chorus is probably the worst part. I can tell that he was having...fun...with the mirror and distortion effects on the video editing software.
  2. Guess he got tired of LARPing as an Idol.
  3. GreatNorthernVK

    Other Japanese acts do this as well, but it’s always genres where the image of the artists is very important (ex. Idol groups). From a foreign lens, yes, it seems counter productive. The only reason why some bands don’t allow pictures overseas is because they don’t want word getting back to Japanese fans that they allowed it. Kiwamu and Dada have explained that the reason for the ban is due to anxiety that it will detract from cheki/photoset/DVD sales. To them, it’s worth it to lose the outside exposure because it encourages the most dedicated portion of the fanbase to empty their wallets on their favourite band.
  4. GreatNorthernVK

    Do you know what channel it’s available on?
  5. GreatNorthernVK

    Echoing what a couple of people have gotten at, the turnover of VK fans to K-pop is largely due to the accessibility of the fandom (or lack thereof, in VKs case). The main difference is... the Kpop industry actually wanted the west’s engagement. Even if it’s just “share the fuck out of our music videos, and spam pictures of us on Twitter”. The VK industry’s response to this was “How did you get those music videos!? How did you get those magazine scans!? Region lock everything!!” Eventually, western fans got tired of having to beg for crumbs, spend twice as much as Japanese fans for half the experience, and having any rare overseas lives still be more about flexing to their domestic fanbase than about catering to the foreign fanbase. The irony here is that the “boom” of VK in the west was precisely due to the same promotion methods that Kpop acts use today (though on a smaller scale, as most of the groundwork occurred prior to the popularity of social media). The management of the bands that came over, however, were largely oblivious as to why this happened. So they just assumed they could do exactly as they did in Japan, but half-assed, and their fanbase would continue to grow. This just built up hope that VK would eventually be more accessible, only for the momentum to die down once management realized that it wasn’t as simple as they thought. This discouraged many, and they lost interest after ~2010, even if they had been a fan long before 2007. Most of my friends fall into this category.
  6. GreatNorthernVK

    Just pre-ordered the vinyl. I don’t think they’ve actually done a vinyl release since ~1990, so psyched for this.
  7. GreatNorthernVK

    The thing to keep in mind is that Gackt’s solo career was signed by a subsidiary of Nippon Columbia (MM‘s label), where as MM retreated to Mana’s indies label. I don’t trust Gackt when he says that he was the one kicked out in this situation. Everyone else was.
  8. GreatNorthernVK

    About a 50/50 chance of telework next week. The PM’s wife has tested positive, so the government is taking it a bit more seriously now.
  9. GreatNorthernVK

    I agree, they need to consider scheduling, and budgeting. Someone on Facebook was saying “Oh, well if they liked Dimlim, they should have bought tickets no matter the cost! Even if it was more expensive than the Super Bowl!” Yeah, people don’t have that kind of money to throw around. Especially not most people in Mexico. Especially if people have to travel to the city. It’s one of the reasons why Gazette’s Toronto show was only half sold. Because people aren’t just attending from Toronto. They’re flying in from numerous cities. And not everyone can keep doing that for every Japanese band that comes.
  10. GreatNorthernVK

    Eins Zwei Drei Vier
  11. GreatNorthernVK

    Don’t know what they expected. If they’re pushing for an international audience, renouncing VK isn’t it. There are basically four camps: 1) Those that will only listen to VK, because the aesthetics are slightly more important than the music. 2) Those that mainly listen to VK because of an interest in the scene, but who wouldn’t stop listening if a band dropped their image, if the music was still good. Won’t seek out non-VK bands regularly . 3) Those that listen to all types of J-music as long as it’s good. Doesn’t care one way or another if it’s VK. 4) Actively avoids VK, either because “it’s gay”, or “I hate the fandom”. Won’t listen to a band that used to be VK either, because of fandom crossover. So basically, there’s very little reason for a band to drop the “VK” label, especially in the foreign market.
  12. GreatNorthernVK

    If they do release the vinyl, I’ll be the first to buy it, but I’m not paying 3,300 ¥ plus shipping for a CD-R with a photocopied insert.
  13. GreatNorthernVK

    This album sounds like a weird hybrid of Dance Gavin Dance and (new) Bring me the Horizon
  14. GreatNorthernVK

    Sho and Koichi have the same sugar daddy.
  15. GreatNorthernVK

    Still holding out for that LP they teased...
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