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  1. nikuman

    I'm not a furry but one of my best friends is. I feel bad because when I was a teenager I used to be one of those edgy "furries suck lolol" people but now I'm an adult and tbh furries are the LEAST of my worries when it comes to the absolute state of people on the internet now. I've come to appreciate furries, in a way. As someone who draws a lot but has trouble making up my own characters, I respect the whole process of creating OCs/fursonas and making costumes for them.
  2. nikuman

    What comes to mind instantly when I think of fave PVs is the indie version of Melty Love by Shazna. Idk, its just really fun and bouncy and.... kind of hypnotic? Makes me nostalgic for a time and place I wasn't even around for.
  3. nikuman

    I personally got into k-pop back in 2010. Was obsessed with SHINee and SNSD and whoever was big at the time. The older I got, the more I heard about the industry, what the idols are put through and I lost interest in the genre. I would only really keep up with Jonghyun because he was one of my favorite pop artists in general. I think his death, along with those of Sulli's and Goo Hara, really made me legit DESPISE the genre and the industry behind it. These days, I don't have anything against the artists or their songs. Idgaf about mindless fun pop music as long as the messages aren't harmful. It's just the industry makes me feel sick. Plus the fans never learn. Every time a K-pop celebrity dies from suicide, they cry on twitter about it (nothing wrong with that) but then the next week they go back to bullying each other and other k-pop idols, saying truly heinous shit. They should just stick to liking the music and trolling Trump.
  4. i keep forgetting that resonance by exist trace isnt on american spotify anymore 😔 rip...

  5. nikuman

    anybody else bummed out because this was supposed to be "their year"?? some year alright hahahaaaa 😂🤣☹️😢 man, fuck this. i was actually gettin shit DONE before literally fucking everything went haywire here in the states.
  6. Shirts and posters are my favorite tbh. I like stuff I can show off 😅 I think more bands should get into badges/pins/keychains because I love decorating my bags. Tap into that itabag market already, bandomen.
  7. nikuman

    I've recently ordered some chekis and I'm looking at different ways of storing/displaying them. I found these really cute ones on eBay but they're super expensive :') If anyone knows where to get keychains that holds chekis, pls let me know. Anyway....where do you personally store your chekis? Frames, keychains, photo albums? Just thrown in a box somewhere? If anyone is willing to share a pic of their cheki holder it would be greatly appreciated. Your own pic or an internet pic from wherever you got it from is fine I'm just looking for ideas on where to keep mine.
  8. nikuman

    One of my fave VK tracks to come out in the past couple of years
  9. nikuman

    It was so much fun 😭 You could really feel the energy even tho it was just an insta livestream. Plus the chat was hilarious. Fortunately, there's a few uploads of the A.O.R live on youtube from different angles. There's the upload on the ME official channel. One with a focus view on Kyuho and Arc Juho and Geon view Yoel drum cam for Ssibal And then someone uploaded this VR video with really good sound quality They're gonna do another live next Saturday 07/18. Idk if they're gonna stream it or not but I hope they do. Or one of those random Kyuho/Juho Q&A streams would be nice at the very least 🤞😫
  10. nikuman

    Did anyone catch the Instagram live yesterday? It was dope as hell Also pls give the mangtanshi vid more views ❤️
  11. does anyone know what brand of color hair dye looks like hide's? i really want that color but idk what it would be considered. hot pink? red?

  12. shoutout to the person who mentioned emmuree in the chatbox some days ago and got me into them 

    1. Jigsaw9


      Good choice!

  13. nikuman

    Dadaroma never fails to make me laugh. Dadarama would've been way better. Maybe that's what they meant? idk I'm probs expecting too much of vkei guys
  14. nikuman

    Arlequin. I knew they existed but I just never took the time to actually sit down and listen until a few months ago. Now they’re one of my faves.
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