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♦2020 Predictions!♦

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My predicitions:

The Gazette will have a scandal ( like Uruha hates blacks or Jews or something)

Trump Kei will be a thing (J rockers in Orange face)

Dog in the PWO will disband

Kiryu will disband/go on hiatus

Takemasa (Kiryu) will be a daddy

Men-Men (Codomo Dragon) will finally win a Guinness book award for something

Babykingdom will be more popular than royz due to music releases

Daizystripper will come out with an album, release a single with a video and then disappear until next album

Micro 4headed ear phones will get a new lead singer and disgrace all XGen rockers

Miyavi and Melody will divorce

Kisaki will continue being an old bitch

Kaito will release a video mocking the gazette (pre or post scandal)

and lastly, someone will get in trouble for sending dick pics to minors.


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💫 GRIMOIRE disbands

💫 ZOMBIE disbands by summer time

💫 Yoshiki will post 1 (one) tweet about the X-Japan album💥

💫 Yoshiki might do a world tour again just so that he can keep up the hope of the fans funding his Hollywood lifestyle

💫Yoshiki will eat a burger at the white house

💫 We will see Chizuru (pentagon) back in a new project 

💫 Minpha will be in a new project too and he will speak

💫 Minpha x Meto [OUR VOICE] project?

💫Kisaki will lowkey try to return to the scene like nothing happened💥

💫 Really unremarkable year for アルルカン

💫A couple of singles by sukekiyo, people are gonna whine that they can't get into sukekiyo after INFINITUM

💫 Miyavi x Yoshiki collab

💫 8P-SB takes the world by storm

💫 DADAROMA goes around Europe and/or USA (Oop....I guess not)

💫 No releases from DAMLAM for the rest of 2020

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- Retsu tries to score drugs while Dimlim's abroad in Mexico cuz he heard soundcloud rappers mention about them. Accidentally gets in trouble with a cartel somehow.

- Yoshiki DOES release a new X-Japan album but it's just instrumental piano covers of old songs.

- One of the long-running bands (Dir en grey? the Gazette? cali gari?) gets a tribute album. Most of it will be mediocre but there will be a handful of leftfield covers that carry the entire thing.

- deadman drops at least one more new song aside from their cali gari collab single. (PLEASE GOD LET IT BE SO)

- Some aie band super-concert takes place featuring KEEL / deadman / gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy / TGADS 

- cali gari and goatbed both release at least fifty live-limited releases. Only seven of them are actually brand new songs.

- Siding with @platy on that 'Kisaki will try to worm his way back into the scene on the sly' thing.

- sukekiyo goes even more electronic on their newer material and will release at least one new single and an overpriced live dvd tied to INFINITUM.

- Plastic Tree goes on hiatus/disbands after finishing touring in support of their upcoming album.

- The Gallo either release a new album or go on hiatus/disband.

- Liphlich finally release something again.

- 8P-SB surprise everyone by dropping one legitimately good song out of the blue and then proceed to release nothing but garbage again after that.

- A random VK-adjacent band inexplicably becomes popular overseas due to another freak Youtube algorithm accident.

- Klaha found dead in Dubai

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