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  1. The second i heard Lycaon formed a new band, i bought two bottles of wine.


    Now, I have almost devoured those bottles and still my only thoughts are FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

    1. nick


      and blackdoll bought ten.

    2. Komorebi


      Oh, so you were serious about the wine XD

    3. Yukimoto


      I'm glad one of your bands got together but I knew they were. I kind of called it on the thread a while ago

  2. paradoxal

    Day by day I'm getting more and more attracted to you, damn bb you're cute as fuck.
  3. paradoxal

    Wait what, Anfiel didn't already have an artist page of their own?? Damn, I'm so glad you were here @hiroki to correct this sin. I might have been savouring some delicious white wine tonight so I might not have a single coherent thought left in my head but damn shogo is one cute motherfucker.
  4. paradoxal

    At first I was super excited about the reintroduced neighbor feature... Until I actually checked it out and saw @kyoselflove, @Mihi and @kasupaa on the top of my list. C'MON, what's the point of adding the feature if it basically just lists all my last.fm friends?
  5. i don't know if this makes me selfish or not but damn i love listening to my own top-100 list, it's just an awesome song after another

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    2. yakihiko


      I can imagine from your musical taste being 99% amazing (not 100% because I doubt it would have BORN). But it would probably have Purple Stone, Anfiel and Lycaon!

    3. paradoxal


      omg @yakihiko you're flattering me, even i know that 99% of the stuff i like is pure shit ;<

    4. yakihiko


      This made remind I need to begin my work with my "best of 2016" xD

  6. Happy Birthday dear @yakihiko and @Jigsaw9 <3

    1. yakihiko


      Thank you Para ⁽⁽◝( ˙ ꒳ ˙ )◜⁾⁾

  7. My internet was glitching so I didn't see your posts immediately It's okay, I wasn't that extremely into Kabukicho butterfly until I actually heard the full song. So yeah, the Purple Crew (TM) will be waiting for you... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) OK FORGERY IS TOTALLY NOT IN THE LIST OF THE LEAST BEST SONGS BY PURPLE STONE. Yeah, I'm also a bit bewildered by all the people that are somehow weirded by this song. They have always had their share of party songs and like hiroki said this is just the first time the party song has been the A-side. Also, this is k-pop? I'm not sure you have ever listened to k-pop then. At least I wasn't aware that synths are exclusive to k-pop. Purple Stone has always been pretty heavy on the synth side since their guitarist GAK has been since the beginning the one to compose the synth part of their songs.
  8. Damn, I should've probably been more clear that I don't like eg. Hysteric lady compared to their other songs. I always hold bands to completely different standards - so since I like Purple Stone, I do expect their songs to be equally good. I don't outright hate it or anything, I just prefer to listen to their other songs.
  9. With Purple Stone's track record (not counting hysteric lady because i simply don't like it lol), I bet the b-sides will be fucking amazing! I gotta say though that I'll probably be fucking crushed if this band will ever manage to release something I won't enjoy.
  10. Yeah, no doubt this is their first fun song. I personally love all PS's party songs, so this is right up my alley! Also according to listenonrepeat.com, it's now my 150th repeat................
  11. ok a quick poll; what is your favorite upcoming single and why is it panic panic by purple stone?

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    2. yakihiko


      Yes man, the purple vibe is finding the way to your heart.

    3. YuyoDrift


      This was so NSFW for work. I'll have to watch it at home lol.

    4. paradoxal


      HAHAHAHA you are speaking the truth, purple stone is so NSFW because it's basically porn

  12. I'm in love with the preview. Damn I had no idea Keiya had such sick moves! I'm totally gonna learn that choreography when the full PV is posted. I fucking love the move with the running man and zombie hands XD
  13. Good for you, at least now you know to stay out of this thread
  14. paradoxal

    @blackdoll I don't understand why you feel the need to comment on news posts that are over 5 years old, and I probably never will. You have the right to your own opinions but you absolutely can't go around insulting other people. It's normal to disagree with someone but we are not 12-year-old teenagers here who insult others when they have nothing better to say. I'm leaving your post visible as a public warning to others thinking about joining the discussion. Consider yourself warned.
  15. paradoxal

    You should make this your avatar here in MH. Because reasons.
  16. Yess, I'm super excited about this!! Their first two releases have been absolute bangers, I can't wait to hear a few new songs!
  17. paradoxal

    Welcome to MH! If you have any questions about the site, don't hesitate to PM anyone with a blue (moderator) or a red (admin) name!
  18. paradoxal

    I'm not allergic to anything either (trust me, when I was getting every single fucking allergy test taken I was fucking praying I'd have an allergy), but my angioedema is idiopathic which pretty much means the doctors have no idea why it happens, aka there isn't any common trigger other than for example stress. And I'm fucking stressed all the time XD Yeah I do occasionally get those attacks if I forget to take my meds, but at least they aren't as severe as my first one I got after having two of my wisdom teeth removed. My lips looked like I had had fucking thousands of botox injections (SFW, just a picture of insane botox lips) XD And omfg I totally get you, like getting your teeth removed isn't painful enough, my lips were hurting so much for days afterwards even though I had already taken tons of painkillers D:
  19. paradoxal

    I feel you, I hope your lip is better already! I suffer from random swellings (idiopathic angioedema :-------------)) on my lips and fingers and it fucking sucks. My doctor prescribed me antihistamine for preventing it but I frequently forget to take them... I was also prescribed oral cortisone when I actually get an attack. ON OTHER NEWS: My fiancé had apparently invited his family a week ago to his graduation party happening next weekend WITHOUT INFORMING ME TOO. So my next week will be all about furious cleaning & baking, I spent this Sunday counting our spoons, coffee cups and plates and i'm atm trying to decide on our menu, cue "OH HONEY HOSTING A GRADUATION PARTY DOESN'T REQUIRE ANY PLANNING AND I WILL DO EVERYTHING, YOU WON'T HAVE TO DO A THING" I love that son of a bitch to death but goddammit he's sometimes so freaking dense. I swear I'm going to make him work his ass off cleaning the whole house and baking cakes. We both work full time and even though we probably won't have more than 20 guests, it still takes insane amount of work to throw a party like that, especially for family & relatives since our apartment is only 45 sqm (484 sqft for you dirty non-metric peasants) so our whole place will have to look amazing. And we will have to do everything after work.
  20. paradoxal

    Today might have been Gazette's concert in Helsinki but something far more important happened too... OUR SUPER DUPER OFFICIAL MH MEETUP!!! From left to right @Carmelzors @allisapp @Koike @orange~ me @kasupaa (he's mine if you didn't get the hint already) Me & my bb @kasupaa <3
  21. Today, Gazette & a super official MH meetup w/ @orange~ @allisapp @Carmelzors @Koike @kasupaa :3 

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    2. IGM_Oficial


      Omfg, I'm jealous.

      Have a good time!

    3. Jigsaw9


      aww have fun~

    4. nick


      Have fun you guys! x)

  22. OK now I'm pretty much finished with W3 blood and wine... 280 notifications, damn. x_x

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    2. YuyoDrift


      I will do it then! Thanks!

    3. paradoxal


      One of the greatest parts of W3 is that you definitely get bang for you buck. :D The newest expansion, Blood and wine, has so much content it could basically be a separate game if it was released by someone else than CDPR.

      When you start playing W3, please send me a PM or something!! :D I'd love to hear your thoughts on the game! 

    4. YuyoDrift


      KK will do!


  23. paradoxal

    Mad titz, brah!
  24. paradoxal

  25. Downloading Witcher 3 Blood and Wine... farewell MH, you've been good to me. ;___;

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