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  1. I physically cannot stop listening to Reol's new album ❤️ I love pretty much all of her back catalogue but this album is utter perfection! Can anyone recommend similar artists? I'm not a pop fan usually but Reol's mix of pop, rap, and bombastic sass has ensnared me. 

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    2. 123Sandman321


      Damn, how'd I miss that for over a month? Gotta get on that immediately :D

    3. monkeybanana4


      Oh, shit XD I loved her last album and didn't realize she released something new *runs away to listen to it*

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      @nullmoon If you are a keen of experimental pop, you shouldn't miss Charisma.com and Wakusei Abnormal, both female fronted... those are the closest ones to Reol I have in mind...

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