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  1. nullmoon

    Wow, this sounds so different to the album version! I haven't really delved much into singles/demos but how many of their songs are like this?
  2. Does anyone have downy's 7th untitled album and/or The Novembers' At The Beginning please? 

    EDIT - Nevermind, @Rize did me a solid! 😊 

  3. nullmoon

    Yes please! I don't have 8 strings though 😢
  4. nullmoon

    I'm surprised there's not much buzz for this band. Not really sold on their first album but Choke2 is a disgusting mess and I love it!
  5. nullmoon

    Ooo interesting! Holy Roller is such a bop Edit: Just heard the preview. Eh. Sounds better without the honey monster.
  6. nullmoon

    I watched the whole thing and it's overrated. It's OK but doesn't do anything new or clever. I think people's standards are lower due to lockdown boredom
  7. nullmoon

    Dude, your voice is purdy ❤️ Really nice cover for a beautiful song!
  8. Quick question: Where the hell are The Gazette?! XD 

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    2. Seimeisen


      I think they've been in the studio actually(?), from what I've seen on Insta and Twitter. Let's hope they're not rushing things again!

    3. nullmoon


      Looking forward to another banger! 

    4. Zeus


      any news is good news

  9. You missed this one! f) Obscure remake *chef's kiss, mic drop* (Two words, one guitar (because who needs layering?))
  10. When did everyone start hating on this song? When the album came out everyone was (rightfully) dumping on Devote My Life. Did I miss a meeting or something?
  11. Well that was fucking awesome.
  12. nullmoon

    Is anyone able to share this please?
  13. nullmoon

    @secret_no_03That's crazy! Thanks
  14. nullmoon

    I don't follow the band but what happened?
  15. nullmoon

    These guys sound awesome!
  16. nullmoon

    Agreed! @ghost, this is wonderful!
  17. Does anyone have the album, pretty please?
  18. nullmoon

    Damn, they sound incredible live 😮
  19. Did D'espairsRay ever do any more remixes like the ones at the end of Coll:Set? They're so damn good 😍

    1. nostalgia


      No, those are the only two tracks according to their discography.

    2. nullmoon



      I thought so :( Thanks anyway! 😊 

  20. Totally forgot how amazing late-Rentrer En Soi is. Last Scene is such a nostalgia trip ❤️

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    2. Elazmus


      Most sad that his solo work was perfectly respectable at first... Now every time he appears makes me wonder if RES was real or just a dream I had when I was 15 💔 

    3. zombieparadise


      Those last couple of singles and mini were soooo good >:

    4. Egnirys cimredopyh

      Egnirys cimredopyh

      Everything they did was great... period

  21. nullmoon

    I've decided to give online dating another go and not a single person on the app I'm using has 'visual kei' as an interest. Fuck this XD
  22. nullmoon

    This is why you're the best 😂👍
  23. nullmoon

    As a 30 year old who can't grow facial hair that doesn't make me look like a sex pest, I am offended 😂
  24. I'm listening to classic Lynch and can't find the lyrics for the chorus of Liberation Chord. Do any of you fine people know so I can shout along for my neighbours? XD 

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    2. nullmoon


      Thanks very much @Manabu! For some reason all the lyrics online omit the chorus. This sounds spot on :)

    3. filth_y


      This is what is written in the booklet for the lyrics for the scream part of thechorus:

      "Yes, you know the deep pain ------------"

      (I guess the part you search is really just "----------" in the booklet).

    4. nullmoon


      Yup @filth_y, that's how all it appears online too 😕

  25. I put Kagerou on pause to listen to this crap. What a horrible 30 seconds.
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