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  1. Really hyped on this. To be honest, I'm trying to keep my expectations low since I know this has a decent chance of being a disappointment...but hell, I'm just excited to see that Hizumi is back in the scene. Also, ABS is a guilty pleasure of mine, so that makes this pretty interesting to me. I also don't think we will ever see anything like early D'espairsRay again. The band moved past that period, and while I love it (and I'm not even saying they dislike it), it doesn't seem to be the kind of music any of the members of the band still want to make. That and I doubt we will be getting any screaming from Hizumi.
  2. Happy b-day Ito!

  3. Who am I seeing at the ACME concert at Anime Milwaukee tomorrow?

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    2. Ito


      @YuyoDrift lmao, I go up to them and be like "hi, I'm the founder of Mononchrome Heaven."
      I wonder what the chances are that they know about the forum?

    3. Ito


      And I was always planning on going - I was going to be at Anime Milwaukee anyways.

    4. YuyoDrift


      You'll either be shun or offered a partnership lol

  4. Ito

    hide - Dice This was my first hide song ever and this solo has always stuck with me. Versailles - Love from a Dead Orchestra This has always been my favorite Versailles song, and the solo has a lot to do with that. Perhaps a touch "noodley," but not enough to make it feel like just pure fast guitar wankery, and there is enough substance here that I find it incredibly memorable. Dir en grey - Cage I'll be the first one to admit that this one is over rated as heck...though perhaps not any more (do people even talk about early era diru anymore? lol). That said, it's still quite catchy and a bass solo still is something you hardly hear. When I thought of guitar solos in Jrock, this is one of the first ones that jumped in to my mind. NoGod - Guren Perhaps this would be in the "runner up" category for me in terms of solos, but I still enjoy this one a fair bit. It also reminds me of how much I miss early NoGod. I know I am missing one major one for myself here. When I first saw this thread, I knew exactly what song I needed to include. But for the love of god I can't remember what that song is anymore.
  5. Ito

    I'm not sure I have a main, as I am pretty casual still. But if I was forced to pick, I would say it's between Lucina, Zero Suit Samus, and King K. Rool.
  6. Ito

    In break at the moment so taking advantage of that free time. Donut County Oh boy this game was a disappointment. Gave me hardcore Katamari vibes going in, but instead of a wacky action game I got a boring puzzle game. Every puzzle was easy, and not like a "I'm smart" easy... I'm just ok at puzzles and only one time did I have to stop and think at all. The game took me 2 hours to beat. Oh, did I mention that half of the game is cut scenes? This game kind of sucked. Owlboy 4.5 hours in and loving it. Been playing this game entirely on steam and it works super well that way. The pixel are is gorgeous and the game is full of charm. The controls can feel a bit wonky, but hardly a deal breaker. The pacing is also great so far, which is amazing since a lot of games like this tend to feel like the are padded a lot. Spiderman Only a handful of hours in. The controls and still a little clunky feeling for combat but I'm sure I will get used to them. The web swinging is just wonderful. Verdict is still out but I feel like I will really enjoy this one going forward Super Smash Bros Ultimate The game I have put the most time in to on this list. I've always loved Smash Bros and this one does nothing to change that opinion. This game reminds me of how much fun it is to have friends over to play video games.
  7. Lol maybe I was a bit too hard on that album. I actually still enjoy it, but it more or less at time time felt like we were calling it amazing when really we didn't have a great perspective at the time. It's a good album, but man, it ain't -that- good. Oh boy do I ever have opinions on this. I think this is just starting the surface of this topic, there's a lot of meat in these bones. Not to say Kpop is the soul reason for the VK but crash abroad, but it certainly was ready to fill it's spot. Perhaps this deserves it's own topic.
  8. Man, I feel like I was so ignorant to how good 2008 was musically at the time. So much of my previous years in VK/Jrock was spent finding and listening to albums older than the year that I was listening to them in. 2008 was probably one of the first few years when I was listening and discovering mostly new music Jrock, so I just felt like this was how things are. Boy how I was mistaken.
  9. I just found out that ACME is playing at my local con (Anime Milwaukee). I guess I am going now? lol

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    2. Ito


      You guys are killing me. The entire reason I want to be in Colorado is because the mountains and the snow.


      I still need to listen to ACME's new album. I've listened to a couple singles and mildly enjoyed them.

    3. Biopanda


      I've been thinking about going to the con as well now that I'm like an hour away, but it feels bad to drive all that way for one day of a con.

    4. Ito


      @Biopanda Honestly, I really don't think that drive is bad. Perhaps I biased as I spent like 3 years where my commute to work was an hour one way lol. To me I feel like the main question is "is it really worth paying for $45 for a badge to just see a band." If you are planning on doing other things at the con or you really love ACME, I would say yeah. But otherwise, nah. I haven't been personally in several years to Anime Milwaukee (it's usually the same weekend as Katsucon, which is waaay better, but I am not going this year to save $$$), but my wife and friends have, and they will tell you it's a very average midsized con.

  10. Ito

    I feel like I am a year behind on things. I just finished Assassin's Creed Origins- it was very OK, I really wouldn't recommend it, but for whatever reason I was compelled to finish it. I still don't have a Switch (something I hope to fix by early next year). Not quite sure what game is up next for me.
  11. Ito

    I recently got the same IEMs (via massdrop). They were cheap enough that I was willing to give them a try. I continue to find IEMs uncomfortable, but I have super tiny ear holes, so even with the smallest tips that they come with, they still are a bit bigger than I would like. I think I need to try some 3rd party foam tips. The sound is good, not great - about what I expected for the money. The bass feels a bit muddy - it feels pretty decent for electronic music and has a decent punch, but for rock it is a bit muddled and quieter than I would like. Overall really not bad for the price I paid ($40 shipped). My least favorite thing is the cable - I kind of hate it. I may look for a replacement, but I am not sure I use these enough to justify buying a new cable.
  12. Honestly, I think cons aren't particularly interested in bringing over VK bands. A big part of that is because I just don't think that there is an overwhelming interesting in VK in the con scene...not to say that the interest was every huge, but is absolutely has died off. I used to see more people doing VK cosplay, VK stuff being sold and booths at the dealers hall, and more people used to come to my Jrock panel at Acen. In terms of the con scene, I think Kpop has taken up the mindshare space that VK/Jrock used to have. Because of that, VK bands being booked for cons are fairly few and far between these days. The best thing you can do is reach out to the cons you are either planning or are interested in going to and let them know you are interested in seeing VK at their con. It mostly likely won't do much (I can speak from experience here), but the fact is that very few people actually reach out to cons and let them know what they would like to see, which in turn might make the con think the interest is there.
  13. Ito

    I got so fucking trolled when I thought we were finally going to get Skate 4 and it turned out to be a totally different game called Sessions. For the love of god I just want Skate 4 so badly lol. Highlight of the show for me though was Ghost of Tsushima, the art direction is really wonderful and I can't wait to see where they take this game.
  14. Ito

    I spy a wild @YuyoDrift in this picture. I think there were a couple more MH members, but I forgot to ask that (I was really thrown off by technical difficulties killing my first half hour). And yeah, people were pretty spread out lol. That said, there were a lot more people early on. I'm going to blame the loss of people on the panel running right over most people's dinner times though.
  15. Happy b-day Ito! ❤️

    1. Ito



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