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  1. mannequin

    I won't cry. Dir en grey is enough for me. Probably I will never understand bands like Grieva.
  2. mannequin

    I like the PV. It reminds me Gackt in metal core version, but it sounds interesting and I'm curious of the album.
  3. mannequin

    The guys are still good after all these years. I never have enough of them.
  4. I like PART1 very much, so it's good to hear it.
  5. mannequin

    Is this thread about THE BLACK SWAN or sth?
  6. mannequin

    Bad news. It was one of the most interesting vk bands. They sounded very rough and the remind me late 90s bands. I'm very glad that they released full album.
  7. mannequin

    You're right,. My mistake I checked my old bookmarks.
  8. mannequin

    Wonderful news. Hell yeah!!
  9. mannequin

    Yeah. I was a member of Tainted World, but under the different name. I'm a little shy, so I don't talk much Anyway, HAPPY 10-TH ANNIVERSARY!!
  10. mannequin

    this band sounds cool. I'm waiting for the album.
  11. mannequin

    Jeez, what a name T_T
  12. mannequin

    In the parallel world, probably...
  13. mannequin

    Madeth grey'll, veladonna, Vasalla, Aliene Ma'riage, DAS:VASSER.
  14. mannequin

    They were promising. I liked their music.
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