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  1. Crimson Kei

    Hi guys, long time no see.
  2. Crimson Kei

    Anybody playing Aura Kingdom? I'm not into mmo nowadays but I miss playing this kind of game.
  3. Crimson Kei

    thank you very much, I don't know anyone who plays guitar.
  4. Crimson Kei

    But since I have the amp, wouldn't buying a pedal solve my problem?
  5. Crimson Kei

    Hey guys, I'm starting to play guitar and the amp distortion looks awkward. The last 3 strings sound won't distort unless I play 2 of them together. So I'm buying a pedal and I don't really know what is good for VK/metal/hard rock. Tips?
  6. Crimson Kei

    It seemed that the raccoon was overkilling the other one
  7. Crimson Kei

    Creed. Then I watched Rocky 3 right after, and when I saw Rocky climbing the stairs I was so sad that he can barely do that now '^'
  8. Crimson Kei

    what the fuck? why eels? lol
  9. Crimson Kei

    I really don't like hack n slash... The only hack n slash game I like is Dynasty/Samurai warriors I guess. I love the Devil May Cry story and I can't enjoy the game xD
  10. Crimson Kei

    Ubisoft marketing is too good. They make money with shitty games because people will buy anyway
  11. Crimson Kei

    Go to the beach. I used to like it when I was a kid
  12. Crimson Kei

    Is it good? I tried to login but the Uplay site says : "your Ip is banned" or something o.o
  13. Crimson Kei

    Thank you ! Sawing the wood plank is exausting indeed The stick makes your hands feel so free. I'll never play with my keyboard again *^*
  14. Crimson Kei

    You brave I will wait for my hair get longer to try those things.
  15. Crimson Kei

    How do you do it?
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