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  1. Not me listening shamelessly to Mikoto’s “nyanyanyanyanyaaA” loud in public cuz I couldn’t wait to get home to checkout their new MV

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    2. Bunny-Usagii


      I watched the livestream at school lmao, had to explain what was going on to one of my friends x"D

      Tbh I kinda wanna watch it rn with full focus lol


      The song itself isn't bad actually www

    3. Shir0


      haha great opportunity to spread the Visual Kei love 😂

      and ikr? 😁

    4. anadentone


      that video was weird. It was like 99% kitties and this hot androgynous cat bassist, this "mom look at this fucking cat!" drummer and whatever Mikoto is suppose to be Meow-nyan. I thought I smoked cat nip for a minute there. But I freaking loved it!

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