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  1. pawzord

    book these queens
  2. pawzord

    yeah same, I don't get it.. both songs are bad???
  3. pawzord

    yasss announce the annoucment hennies
  4. pawzord

    Everytime when I'm saying "i love mucc" I catch myself listening mostly, if not only, to their stuff from 2000-2007.. Drumming was always fine to me. I wonder what is going to happen next to them but I doubt they music will suddenly shift and start to be more appealing to me btw nukegara is a banger.
  5. pawzord

    it's called sugar daddy, look it up
  6. pawzord

    gurl how hard can you actually stretch this?
  7. pawzord

    why does the entire forum fight the last alive fan of damlam, let sister live the delusion land
  8. pawzord

    are they on spotify or smth? I dig their music but not enough to be willing to buy it
  9. this is like the most kind thing i've seen you post ever lol I stan
  10. pawzord

    please stay at home forever
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