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  1. Keep forgetting that D'espairsray have the SEXIEST riffs. Now I can dance AND drive! XD 

    1. monkeybanana4


      Heck yes. One of the best bands to dance anywhere, lol XD

    2. nullmoon


      Definitely. There was talk about modern VK bands recently and how none of them will ever be considered 'classic'. After listening to D'espairsray again I can see a huge difference in quality and originality. They were so damn good ;-;

    3. monkeybanana4


      Agreed! They have an innovative and unique heavy, depressive sound, making them unique from other VK bands. The quality, energy, and creativity they incorporated into their music/lyrics is amazing and really shows in the songs they made. It's such a shame they disbanded, but at least they've left us with great bangers.

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