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  1. I just found out that ACME is playing at my local con (Anime Milwaukee). I guess I am going now? lol

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    2. Ito


      You guys are killing me. The entire reason I want to be in Colorado is because the mountains and the snow.


      I still need to listen to ACME's new album. I've listened to a couple singles and mildly enjoyed them.

    3. Biopanda


      I've been thinking about going to the con as well now that I'm like an hour away, but it feels bad to drive all that way for one day of a con.

    4. Ito


      @Biopanda Honestly, I really don't think that drive is bad. Perhaps I biased as I spent like 3 years where my commute to work was an hour one way lol. To me I feel like the main question is "is it really worth paying for $45 for a badge to just see a band." If you are planning on doing other things at the con or you really love ACME, I would say yeah. But otherwise, nah. I haven't been personally in several years to Anime Milwaukee (it's usually the same weekend as Katsucon, which is waaay better, but I am not going this year to save $$$), but my wife and friends have, and they will tell you it's a very average midsized con.

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