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  1. Cover of Kizu's Tenchuu with a friend on guitar! Enjoy!
  2. My Kizu bass cover. Enjoy !

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. saiko


      I love Kizu, but the bass mixing is terrible. You can't hear a fucking arreange clearly in that weird mess of distortion.


      Hope for more stuff!

    3. reminiscing2004


      The switch between finger style and pick -- bravo !

    4. platy


      Awesome stuff, it sounds so good! 

  3. Haven't updated this in nearly 5 years but here's what lockdown made me do. Enjoy !
  4. Cristate

    Thx for this amazing romaji translation. So Kuroi Ame in Japanese, also Black Rain in English. My bad for sharing information. Also, as tonight was a big venue but not filmed for DVD or anything, they really let themselves go. Live was wild AF, and Reiki’s hairstyle was F’ed up after like 30 mins from headbanging. Maybe they did Encore but I had to leave before. 15 songs intense AF though.
  5. キズ announced and played their new single 黒い雨 (Black Rain) at today’s live at TSUTAYA O-EAST. Looks are white tuxedos, and song sounds like an anime ending, featuring Lime on acoustic guitar and Lalala’s. As as an extent to today’s simultaneous live, I attended O-WEST where they displayed a video about today’s concept. Then acoustic live of Lime (Solo). 4 or 5 songs. We were then invited to exchange our ticket for a surprise O-East full live, two hours later. Everyone was stunned lmao.
  6. Cristate

    Quoting myself but what a surprise to see that even in the MV Spot the bassist is not playing a single accurate note, her left hand is barely even moving, while the drums, guitar and lip-syncing is actually accurate. When did they schedule the big reveal of all of this actually being the best prank of 2k18 ? Please ?
  7. Kizu just released various announcements through a YouTube video and Twitter. Amongst them, today's live at Zepp TOKYO's DVD and their new single 「0」will be released on 2018.12.11 with two original songs 1.0 2.悪い夢 The band will also perform at Tokyo Kinema Club on January 11th, then go on with a one-man tour 「天罰」X「天誅」in Osaka (天罰) at IMP Hall on March 31st and Tokyo (天誅) on April 7th at Kokusai Forum C.
  8. Cristate

    Responding to off-topic, will delete if necessary. Any therapist will prescribe what you're asking for. I used マイスリー when in Japan for my semester abroad, for insomnia purposes, but they can get you really high. I once accidentally dropped the wrong plastic bag in a trashcan in Shibuya, so I went to the therapist again for more pills when explaining the situation, but nor the pharmacy or the insurance company did, even though I waaaaaay over the regular dosage. Consultation was free because the therapist belonged to my university. If a foreigner that barely spoke japanese at the time like I did can get more than enough pills, a well-suited native artist can definitely get wtv the f he wants. On-topic : This guy is a piece of a garbage anyway. If he doesn't f-ing retire this time, the system in Japan is REALLY biased. Innocent until proven guilty, yeah, definitely, but I hope the police will cease the occasion here to dig in all the crap he's done over his carreer. This guy needs to be stopped.
  9. Cristate

    Damm that sucks. Their OHP mentioned they wanted to tour Europe this year and I was eager to see them live. Too bad man, too bad...
  10. Cristate

    Here let me handle that Tweet translation : not enough preorders and I don't wanna lose money lmao fuck y'all There you go
  11. Cristate

    lmao @ all the bands not being able to choose between Decadence and Decadance so Sui be like fuck it Decadeance
  12. Cristate

    Has anyone heard about this release ? It seems to match their show schedule since their Ebisu show last week was called "Fireworks-01" but no info about a release schedule Wtf is going on EDIT : Please listen to the preview on the iTunes link. Koichi really is an earsore.
  13. Cristate

    And I assume it's a bangya that's being targeted, she can just change hairstyle and wear a mask and be someone else again, most of them look more or less the same anyways I don't see the point in widespreading this information anyway
  14. Cristate

    How do you ban someone from gigs though ? Staff at venues don't thoroughly check your ID lmao, you're just a numbered ticket Sounds like double-sided auto viral promotion imo
  15. 3500yen for 35 min footage of 7 songs ? Lmao Hizaki, Jupiter is not Versailles, even Versailles is not pre-2012 Versailles anymore, you can't just do that, nobody's gonna buy that especially through a homemade webshop
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