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  1. Romlaw

    Man what a great way to make gauge what kinda of shit he can post in his profile, truly a visionary
  2. w-what??? but wasnt he on the series already?!
  3. Romlaw

    Kinda unrelated but does anyone actually recover from issues like this when its so extreme that affects their own wellbeing and the others around them? The amount of times I have seem people that seemed fine but went away some time after or got permanently confined to a mental hospital is quite scary I hope this is not another one of these cases
  4. Working out for sure, some of his recent lives I noticed some gains we are not too far from CHADNORI
  5. Romlaw

    Seems like the Richard money stop flowing...
  6. why while everyone looks sad/bashful here Die looks like he is angry because he is hungry Anyways love his shirt and the track although really feels like ningen wo kaburu the sound in itself is great, I specially love the first post chorus part, I fell like these are the parts that will shine in the final product
  7. 2020 is crazy While everyone is dying deadman lives! hell yeah!
  8. As much as I love his long blonde I all in for Super Sayan God Die to be back
  9. Romlaw

    Always thought their name was a play with the way james bond said his number but in this case is agent 12, 012
  10. Romlaw

    Fuki ascended to demon waifu status The hype is through the roof now
  11. Romlaw

    I have seen people mentioning this ITT already but I want to stress how your age when you started listening is really important. When you like something, you ask the question to yourself, "why do I like this?" The answer will be vague when you are young, because this is a point where you are a fickle being, because you are discovering a lot of things in a short spam of time, you kinda want to try it out and also depending in a lot of other factors in your life (social circle and even your OWN appearance influences this) you will be more fickle than most for that young part of your life. But there will come a point in your life where you will finally set you own "tier-list" of things that are important because you will have experienced enough things to know what you really like more. Of course this doesn't mean you are set for life in never discovering new things, but these things will not be that much different from what value the most by now. When you get to this point in life, you will be able to answer the question "why do I like this?" more precisely. Great topic btw, always like seeing discussion about this
  12. Best nagoya-kei band and legendary VKei band as well, wished they recorded any of their recent performances...
  13. Don´t know why I listened to this preview after almost vomiting listening to Bang! but we might actually have the first live case of a Vkei guy trying to become a pseudo kpop guy. At least I really liked TOKIO. need for speed and tomaranai was alright and perfect storm was really interesting in the way that for the most part it was really bad and he got my hopes up a little and then it went downhill really fast, all in one snippet! I hope he gets the audience he is going for because this is DEFINITELY not for me
  14. This song is definitely better than human error and kuroi ame, although it actually feels like a lot of ideas from their other songs put together in one, really hyped for the single now!
  15. Romlaw

    They couldn't sound more LUNA SEA even if they tried lol
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