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  1. Eonn_McBlack

    I'm little too late, but anyway: Cd arrived here fast, very great condition (like new), and what to say, great seller. THANKS!
  2. Eonn_McBlack

    Ok i know I don't post almost anything on this forum, but i'm stalking everyday. today I want to post my band, maybe someone of you would be interested. SOVEREIGN We are a three piece band from Italy which plays some black and doom metal influenced post-hardcore, in the vein of Celeste, Amenra, Hexis, This Gift is a Curse, and so on. We have in hand our first album and we're searching for a label to print it and distribute it. In the meantime we have released a sort of promo with 2 tracks, that we count to print as cd-r. On our bandcamp there are the songs. If you like it, you can put a like on our facebook Thanks denn
  3. Another satisfied customer (second time indeed). The package arrived fastly and greatly today, and one deflower demo UNOPENED (N.O.S.). OLÈ
  4. Great transaction, good prices, fast shipping, and cds in very good conditions with obis and all. Like new tbh. Reccommended.
  5. So this was my reaction after receiving the tape: Nothing else to say. Thank you very much
  6. Eonn_McBlack

    Hey, someone could tell me if there are any other band in the vein of the god and death stars / the unknown forecast? I don't know if they're considered visual or not, but i found a great similarities with some bands posted here......but not quite there yet. I hope this is the right topic to ask this. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I just bought the Crescent single. I'm really into this band and if you can find anything else by this band, i could buy it on the fly. Great work with the site!
  8. Eonn_McBlack

    I really don't know who they are. welcom.
  9. Eonn_McBlack

    Hi and welcome, very nice introduction! D, what else?
  10. Eonn_McBlack

    I like very much post-rock, the problem with that genre is that is very closed i think. You see Mono, they made great albums until "you are there", but then they just stayed there for the last two albums, same thing for Explosions in the Sky. Of course they are masters of the genre so their's first albums are gems, but now they're quite meh. Other than the aforementioned bands (GY!BE, which made a great album this year; Caspian; Russian Circles, etc.) I think you should listen to: Jambinai, korean post-rock/folk band, they mix the post-rock with typical korean instruments http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M1Xvws6LRA Farewell Poetry Immanu El, they are more like ILikeTrains, but with a better voice and more dynamics (one of my favourite song in general) But it's just me or the post-rock bands are 1000 times better live than on disc? That happened to me this year listening to deadhorse, toe (which i didn't liked so much even live) and even Caspian.
  11. Eonn_McBlack

    Was that a ballad for Satan? Anyway, the voice was really good, lyrics were a bit out of place, for that style of song 6/10 It reminded me a little of a modern sounding /-apRCG2Nffc You know soft music, great voice and our lord Satan. Of course this is my song
  12. Eonn_McBlack

    CDs and lps are just in alphabetic order, If I had to divide for genre or jrock/non jrock I will become mad. I think 1/3 of my collection is japanese CDS. Some shoots at things that i love:
  13. Eonn_McBlack

    Maybe i would, but for some people and mostly some "age" everything you do it's a phase. Talking about myself, I don't think so. I started listening VK (or jrock) when I was like 22-23 and now it's 4 years i think. Obviously now I listen less bands than in the beginning, but that's natural because in the beginning you want to know most of the band you can, you have to know what you like, the example of Champ for listening to Versailles and Sug, I did it too, but then discarded Sug AND Versailles too (LOL). There are some periods in which i don't listen to VK very much, I'm just there on Edoh and "this new band is bad, this one also", but then I found a new, old or disbanded band which i like and I still believe I can go on with VK. Maybe I like Vk because I can listen to something more poppier or soft (which I don't do with western bands), but with a sense of music and singing that's just better than "ours" and unique, for me. In conclusion I'm with Champ, for sure.
  14. Eonn_McBlack

    I usually talk bad about bands who become too poppy and soft, but this time they walked the inverse path, becoming like a last-dir en grey cover band, to me they seems like "Look at me, I'm cool because I'm br00tal". I don't know why they did that, I mean, Mar Maroon (my favourite) and Seven was really good albums, maybe not so much new or fresh, but they were very solid albums with a lot of good songs. The problem is that Wataru cannot sing like Kyo, and the overall style seems very forced. And of course, the last Diru album was a very progressive and strange kind of album, 12012 was just a couple of fast and heavy songs with no sense and some mid-period-style 12012 songs just to fill the album. I hope you understand what i mean, I figured out I'm not so good in writing in english LOL
  15. Eonn_McBlack

    lynch. hands down. They had their nu metal RAAWWRR period and now they managed to get the best extreme pop-metal sound (what?) they could get, the voice of Hazuki is just 1000 times better than deathgaze (except for the first mini cd LOL). And did you listen the last lynch. single? The b-side seems like an old Luna Sea song, how could I don't love them?
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