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  1. (Photo) Malice Mizer, GACKT, Femme Fatale, L’luvia, and more appear in DVDs, magazines, and tour books just added to the store.  Come and get them while they last https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added


  2. Visual kei without context (See photo)


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    2. noseonme


      When I feel hungry.

    3. Valicious


      SuG - TOUR 2011 TRiP -welcome to Thrill Ride Pirates- tour pamphlet

    4. platy


      I thought it looked like Chiyu 😳 thank you

  3. DVDs of Phantasmagoria, Psycho le Cemu, uchusentai:NOIZ, NIGHTMARE, and more have rocketed onto the store!  Come see them all at https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  4. It’s a CHEKI INVASION!  We’ve added tons of cheki from MEJIBRAY, JACK CAPER, DEZERT, and Kuroyuri to Kage to the store. Get yours now at https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added


  5. We start the mystery VK unboxing stream in an hour!  What treasures lie in store?  How far into madness will Panda descend?  Watch and find out!


    Facebook event


  6. We’ve added CURE, SHOXX, Malice Mizer, Laputa, and more!  Come claim your rarez https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added


  7. New items on the store!  Come get X JAPAN, BABYLON, LAREINE, and Versailles! https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  8. More CDs and the return of cheki await you on today’s store update!  We’ve added DEZERT cheki, LUNA SEA, LAREINE, JILS, and more https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  9. Check out all these new goodies on the store!  We’ve added Sadie, AN CAFE, LEZARD, PENTAGON, and much more! (including several signed CDs) https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  10. It may be Friday the 13th, but fear not because RarezHut is back!  Come get newly-added DIR EN GREY, D’espairsray, MUCC, X JAPAN, and much more https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  11. We will return from hiatus and with our regular store updates on Nov. 12th. The RarezHub box is on its way to our shipping hub in Germany, and shipping invoices will be sent out once it gets there. Thank you to everyone for your patience these past several weeks, and we have some great things planned for the rest of the year.

  12. This week we're serving another piping hot bowlful of CD and DVDs! Come check out DANGER☆GANG, S, MUCC, VIDOLL, and more. https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  13. We’ve been busy adding more CDs and DVDs to the store, and it’s time for you to reap the rewards!  Come get DIAURA, Blu-BiLLioN, D, MIRAGE, and more https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  14. We’re serving up a tasty treat for new CD day!  Dive into Laputa, THE DEAD P☆P STARS, MIRAGE, 0.1gの誤算(0.1g no Gosan), and more https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  15. We've got another store update filled with CDs and DVDs.  Come get しゃるろっと(Charlotte), LEZARD, SuG, NEW SODMY, and more!  https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added


  16. Buckle in for today's batch of new new CDs and DVDs! Check out additions such as wyse, D, DuelJewel, HYPERM∀NIA, and more. https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  17. Brace yourselves for new CDs, demotapes, and VHS in this much-anticipated RarezHut update!  Explore additions such as MALICE MIZER, exist†trace, Act∫uə √èil, Mist of Rouge, and more https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added


  18. We've got another piping hot assortment of CDs coming right your way today! Check out Kagrra, RENTRER EN SOI, LUNA SEA and a whole lot more~ https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  19. We’ve put some great magazines and CDs on the store!  Check out Creature Creature, Janne Da Arc, DALIAN, and more. We’re still donating 15% of sales to struggling live houses through the end of Sept, so know that every purchase helps them out https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  20. Prepare your sweet-tooths, because we've got some delicious CDs and DVDs for you today!  Partake in the wonder of DIR EN GREY, rare NoGoD, 黒蝪蝶(Kuroageha), D, and many more. https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

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    2. Valicious


      They were snatched up really fast.  The best way to make sure you get them next time is subscribing to our newsletter.  I’ll try to list more soon!

    3. TheTrendkiller


      Can I ask what was their sales price?

    4. Valicious


      Generally between $10-$25 depending on which one

  21. We’re loading this update full of CD goodness!  Feast your eyes on KUROYUME, LUNA SEA, PENTAGON, RAVE, and much more.  Help save struggling live houses with 15% of every order being donated. https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  22. It's CD and demotape day today!  Come get your VIVARUSH, Dear Rouge, exist trace, Arc:g:noël, and even more rare (and not-so-rare) goodies https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  23. Today we have some truly excellent DVDs for everyone including Sadie, Kageou, TINC, Kain, and more!  15% of all sales are donated to struggling live houses, so know that your purchases are going to a good cause. https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  24. More CDs comin' at ya in today's update!  Feast your eyes and soothe your ears on AILE, deadman, Moran, Lycaon, and more! https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

  25. Who’s ready for new goodies on the store, this time more CDs and merch?  Come get アンド(AND), sukekiyo, PERROT, Kaya, and more https://magento.rarezhut.net/recently-added

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