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  1. I'm looking for the lyrics of Deadman's walk from The sound bee hd. Thank you!
  2. Lily

    He really likes this look xD he was all over himself on twitter.
  3. Lily

    New look!
  4. Lily

    I felt exactly the same way.... Savage... Marblehead and now Damy.... the only ones I love and didn't announce disbandment (yet) are Dadaroma, Mamireta... idk what's going on with Scapegoat...
  5. Lily

    I just got into them.... well...
  6. Lily

    Yes and they played a few other songs too lately.
  7. Lily

    Actually not. Depain never disbanded, just went on hiatus and came back with one new member and changed name. They play "Depain" songs during their lives even nowadays.
  8. Lily

    I agree... i saw them twice and they were amazing!
  9. Lily

    I did... it was really noticeable in the last few months. I even told about it to my friends. I was prepared... still it's shocking and i would die to see them one last time...
  10. Lily

    To me it sounds like he definitely won't... but i really hope he will...
  11. Lily

    He won't. He said it's the end.
  12. I need this!!!!! One of the best bands ever!
  13. Lily

    I hope they will release something and it's not a "one night stand". I'm really happy to see Kaie around, but considering he retired in 2012 i doubt they will last long. Also happy to see Nao joining them.
  14. They found his luggage. The thief left it at Ikebukuro Edge and stole his iPod only... they realised his make up and stage costumes were useless. So gladly he got them back.
  15. I shared this post on twitter because i do have followers that could have seen something... i really hope they will find it.
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